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We realize you’re busy, and that a dirty home is the last thing you want to come home to at the end of the day. That’s why we’re here to the rescue, we offer high quality, thorough and worry-free home cleaning services in Boston and the surrounding areas. We take care of everything with transparent flat-rate pricing and simple online booking. You’ll like our one of a kind referral cleaning services and our borderline crazy commitment to your satisfaction for a sparkly clean home.

Patriot Maids is the highest rated home cleaning and maid service in Boston and the surrounding area. Our core principles make us who we are: We clean, you relax. We’re so sure you’ll love it that we’re putting our money where our mouth is with a 200% happiness guarantee

No contracts, estimates, quotes, or in-home inspections required. Let us know how many rooms are in your home. Find a time that works with your schedule, book your cleaning, then take the remainder of the day off! Our partnered independent cleaning professionals will do the scrubbing and make your house tidy! Give us a chance and book today! There’s nothing to lose with our 200% guarantee!

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Here at Patriot Maids, we take referrals as our #1 priority. As a referral agency for residential cleaning services, we ensure that you are happily satisfied with the independent cleaning professionals we refer to you. We are located in the Boston metro area and the cleaning providers that we partner with can visit your home, apt, condominium, townhouse, and duplex from Monday to Sunday in Boston and the surrounding areas.

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Professional Home Cleaners

We only refer the most exceptional domestic cleaners in the industry. All domestic workers we partner with have numerous years of experience before we refer them to your house for professional cleaning services. If they’re not quick and meticulous, we do not refer them. Rest assured that all of the independent service providers we refer to you are same domestic workers that we would prefer to clean our own homes.

House Cleaning, Boston, MA – The Answer To Your All Your Questions

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Boston, MA–a populated city known for its food, bars, and healthy lifestyles. Be ready to see tall and looming buildings as well as incredibly busy streets the moment you step out of that cab ride. Whether you are residing there or visiting an old family friend, you’ll find that you can never get enough of Boston! While it may be a place where you can drink the night away, the city happens to be a hub for different kinds of people around the world! You can be a professional looking for some office space. Some of you may be prospecting employees applying for a job at a listed company. Others may be students attending the university of their dreams. Whatever your purpose is, Boston has prepared a home specifically for you.

A large population equates to a large number of apartment complexes, vacation rental, and even houses. In such a way, you won’t be adjusting to Boston’s busy lifestyle–no–the city adjusts itself for everyone! Whether you bought or rented an apartment downtown or in the urban areas, you’re bound to look at the space like your home, your territory. However, despite how comfortable your apartment may look, it may be difficult to feel at peace when you see wrappers at every corner of your room and smudges you can’t rub off. Is the feeling familiar, yet? That crippling frustration that eats you up? The desperation in getting to that cleaning to-do list of yours? And your ever-so-tight schedule that makes it hard to get any cleaning done?

With meetings happening left and right, and with your company piling your desk with that mountain of workload, you may have a hard time getting to that home cleaning. However, that does not mean that your apartment should be in that rowdy state for the rest of your stay! House cleaning can be quite easy, especially if you have a cleaning company you can contact!

With this in mind, here’s all you need to know about cleaning services in Boston!

The only guide YOU NEED to hiring your own Boston house cleaning service

It is difficult to keep track of everything, especially when you’re going to work with that twelve-hour shift just waiting at your doorsteps. It is even harder to come back to your apartment, knowing fully well that it looks more like a storage unit than an actual apartment with all that clutter lying around. Hiring a cleaning lady may be a solution to your never-ending nightmare, but with this, comes the task of picking out the right cleaning crew.

With this, we have prepared a few tips for you to know before going into that seemingly exhausting search for cleaners in Boston. By the time you’re done, you’ll have no problem setting that appointment with the house cleaning company of your choice!

How do you find the best cleaning services Boston, MA, has to offer?

Despite the continuous rise of technological development, searching for a trusted house cleaning service remains old-aged. Sifting through those numerous websites trying to find ‘the one’ may be more exhausting than you think. However, house cleaning in Boston doesn’t obviously have to sound so complicated!

Like many of you, we have experienced the same exasperations and frustrations in finding that quality service and looking as to where their service areas are. And that is exactly why we have started Patriot Maids–to be an answer to all our customers’ problems.  Let us help you get ready in getting the best cleaning experience you’ve ever had!

The Problem 

Even if you are in Boston, a city that some may say have all the answers, there may be the case of having too many answers to pick from. Sure, searching on Google may come in handy, but by the time those search results start popping up, you may have a harder time keeping everything together. What to consider? What not? The feeling gets even more overwhelming as you scroll deeper down the funnel of house services and a cleaning crew that fits your needs. Trying to find something that fits your professional liking may be difficult. Boston, MA, is filled with various independent contractors and cleaning crews that cater to different services like residential cleaning, deep cleaning, and more.

Finding a reputable team may not be the problem, but communicating to them as to what you’re looking for may be difficult and could very much lead to miscommunications on any future work. Confusion, disbelief, and doubt may crowd over your mind as you decide your next step, especially with so many factors to consider. However, you do not have to drown with all these types of questions running through your mind. Instead of getting into an agreement, you are still unsure about, why don’t we help you narrow all your preferences down?

By asking yourself only a handful of questions and keeping a few tips and tricks up your sleeves, you will be able to find the professional cleaner just for you. It may take a little of your time, but what’s that compared to the hundreds of hours you’ll be saving up when you already find the service you’re looking for? Convinced, yet? Give it a shot.

The Solution 

Just saying that you need a cleaning lady in Boston won’t cut it! Boston, MA, is not short of many impressive companies, and trying to sift through them would lead to all sorts of challenges and obstacles. Most professional independent cleaners are great at their job, but their abilities can only be maximized if there is communication between both ends. So, while you’re waiting for that subway to come along, get that crumpled paper out of your pockets and write these questions down!

What do you need?

Are you looking for someone to spruce up the place just because you’re having some visitors over? Or how about someone to clean that attic of yours that you seldom use? Or maybe you’re looking for a cleaning lady to organize your pantry just before you get back home? It’s all about knowing what you want. If a one-time cleaning service is what you’re looking for, then try asking for general cleaning services in smaller Boston companies that are more attentive to these specifications. If you are looking to maintain a working relationship with the professionals, then we suggest looking into the company’s mission statement and procedures to see if recurring services are a service they offer.

There are plenty of businesses out there that concentrate on maintaining a relationship with their clients. Offering discounts for customers is one way to keep their clients happy when signing up for a maintenance cleaning of their homes. This may be useful for those who are intent on keeping their apartments and houses sparkly clean. A smaller room may normally need a regular cleaning every two weeks, a larger room may need one for every week. These little details may be something to keep in mind in choosing your service.

So, if you are looking to get a cleaning job done, then sit back and reflect on what your space really needs. However, don’t think about it too much too! You can always change the frequency of your appointments to whatever you see fit.

What’s your budget? 

Boston’s one of the most populated cities on the East Coast. Finding a cheap cleaning service may not be the most effective. That’s why, before going onto any websites, sit down and write down your budget! You should know that every cleaning service has its own respective charges and discounts, which is why you should set your bottom line while you’re still early. That way, you will have a more objective view in categorizing the different businesses available.

Also, don’t forget to read the fine print! Although many cleaning companies would tell you that they have no hidden costs, that should not stop you from doing it all the same. For example, there may be companies who would charge extra for the number of miles they have traveled just to get there. While others charge per the hour, and there may be a couple of companies that charge a flat rate as well. Pay attention to them. Know the rate they offer and correlate it to the value they bring to the table.

It’s normally a rule of thumb to expect more when you pay more, so assure yourself that the more expensive maid service option may get you the better end of the deal. Ask questions here and there about the services you are looking to pick out. Here, at Patriot Maids, we encourage our clients to ask as many of them as they want. After all, we want them to agree with a clear mind and a trusting heart.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask for any discount options for frequent uses. You’ll have much more to lose if you don’t.

What should you look for?  

Got the budget and plan all set? Have you already narrowed down the Boston companies you like? That’s great. You’re halfway there. The next task involves looking out for a few factors in getting the cleaning crew of your dreams.


Reviews say a lot about a company and its ability to clean effectively, so if you’re looking for a more subjective view of someone who has used their service in the past, the internet is the place to go! Companies may have posted their own set of reviews, but you can also look for them elsewhere on different sites to get the real deal. However, you should note, that a bad star rating doesn’t always mean that you should let them go on the list of potential home-cleaning companies.

Make sure to read those reviews carefully, because some of their comments may even be up to your standards. For example, if a customer were to write a one-star review stating how he hated the fact that the company was using ‘greener’ equipment which equates to higher costs, this may mean much more to you if you’re the type of person who cares for the environment. A review–good or bad–may lead you to the company you’re looking for, so the star ratings shouldn’t mean everything.


Another way to gather information is by speaking to the people around you. Your friends or relatives may be able to lend you a helping hand in finding a team you can trust. Some may even point to a business straight ahead, saying that they’ll be able to give you a 200% happiness guarantee! Although you don’t always have to listen to them, their opinions and thoughts may be able to assist you in making that very important decision.


You have already sorted out what you need. What you’re looking for is a company that best suits your needs. With that being said, read over the services that they offer and what they do under those services. They may offer to dust the coffee table in your living room. Some may even be able to refurbish your furniture and fixtures. Ask about their services and maybe even inquire about some of your thoughts as well.

Every company is invested in making sure their client walks away satisfied, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

When Should I Get Started? 

The best part about being in such a crowded city like Boston is that you have many options. There are hundreds of businesses and professionals who could accommodate you in many different ways. Perhaps you’re looking for companies that only use environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment. Or maybe you’re looking for more considerable companies and understanding of any cultural or religious restrictions that you may have. Either way, finding the right company to work in your favor may take a lot of time, as such, there is no room for the delay!

Use your free hours to start with your research, and you’ll find that with this list, you’ll be finished without breaking a sweat. You’re just a step away from sifting through those available cleaning crews, and by spending a little bit of your time–you’ll be saving so much more in the coming years.

With this, we wish you luck!

What are the advantages of looking for Boston Professional House Cleaners?

Professional home cleaning services offer a sensible solution for people who are looking to save up on cash and time. Those deadlines that have been dragging you down in the past few days are not going to go away anytime soon, and the last thing you need to worry about are the mundane tasks on your to-do list. Your home should be a space where your worries vanish, but the piles of dust accumulating underneath your carpets have done nothing but add more to your stress in your life. A quick fix is all you need–and that is exactly why hiring a house cleaner is your best option.

Your Home’s Our Priority 

More often than not, homeowners concentrate on their home’s obvious problem areas. This may include their bathroom and their kitchen. However, as soon as they are done with these exhausting chores, they’d shrug and push the other chores for the next day. Later in the week, those mundane chores would be crowding with more important tasks that they’d need to get done. And by the time you’re finished, you’ll be too tired to do anything for the day!

The best thing about hiring professional services ensure that your home would always be their priority. Get back to the things you care about, like your meetings and taking care of the kids. Leave our home cleaners to address your more mundane concerns like organizing that pantry. After all, we are invested in keeping your home in tip-top shape before you get back.

The Pains of Your To-Do List 

Schedules may be hard to get around, especially when you’re living in a busy city like Boston, MA. Those numerous appointments may seem never-ending. Don’t forget to add in those errands your boss or professor had asked you to do! Either way, by the time you’ve gone back to your place, you’ll be too exhausted to check up on your personal to-do list. However, that does not mean that your list should remain unaddressed.

Your home should be an oasis for rest, not a dungeon to increase your anxiety! Independent cleaning professionals partnered with Patriot Maids will ensure your house or an apartment into a place that could appear on the front covers of Home and Garden magazine. Work that night shift and burn the midnight oil, because you’ll know for sure that you’ll be returning to a place where you could unwind and get that well-deserved rest. 

Equipment is for the Pros 

Independent cleaning professionals arriving at your doorstep will be fully equipped with the right cleaning tools necessary for all the tasks you may have in store. With eco-friendly cleaning agents and sprays in their arsenal, they are prepared to address all the areas of your house or apartment without needing any additional assistance.

Set an appointment and choose from a list of cleaning services that suits your needs. That way, we’ll be able to get everything ready before knocking on your door. Whether you’re looking for a brush that cleans your sink, the spray that solves all the icky yellow stains in your stove, we have it all. You’re the boss today, so feel free to sit back and relax while we do all the hard work in taking care of your beautiful home.

Affordable Services

Hiring a maid can be a bit more expensive than cleaning your apartment yourself, especially in Boston. However, what’s spending a few bills to have a sustainable space where you can earn more money? As they say, a clean home makes an even cleaner mind, especially with quality service. As soon as you breathe in the fresh air and see the clear windows, our team can say for certain that you’ll be more encouraged to be more productive.

Spend a few dollar bills to earn a thousand more! Invest in our services, because you would surely not be disappointed. Get the rate and perhaps even negotiate–it never hurts to ask.

What Cleans Your Home, Cleans Your Problems 

Our cleaning service team is determined in offering only the best quality for our clients. Our team knows how hard it must’ve been for you to actually trust us enough to invite us into your home, and the last thing we want is to make you regret it! Reading the reviews and comments by our previous clients may give you an idea of what we put on the table, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking any questions you may have about us.

Whether you’re asking us or already booking our services, you’ll find that our website makes the process easier. All you have to do to get started is book a cleaning, receive a confirmation email, and wait for your cleaners to arrive. It’s just that simple! Client satisfaction is something we hold very dearly, and we’re sure our professional cleaning services will go above and beyond your expectations for the job at hand.

All The Little Things 

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean our home services will look the other way. Like most major cities, Boston is a crowded place, as such, it may be prone to pollution, dust, and the like. That air conditioner you haven’t cleaned in a long time? The vent that you never touched? Your professional cleaner cleans them from front to back!

That way, you won’t be suffering from asthma attacks or allergies anymore. Not only do we address the smudges you can see, but we also air out the dust you don’t notice! Our cleaners work hard so you can finally enjoy the home that you deserve. We strive to meaningfully improve the quality of your days by taking over seemingly ordinary cleaning tasks, giving you peace of mind and body.

You may be facing many obstacles right now in your life, but we’re here to show you that cleaning shouldn’t be one of them!

Here’s the reason why Patriot Maids offer the BEST house cleaning service in Boston!

You can count that there is no shortage of company cleaning services in Boston. With different maid services available in your area, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed, even with a list in your back pocket. With this, we are here to tell you why we are the best choice in finding maid service around Boston–not just because of our professionalism, but because of the quality of our cleaning.

Normal House Cleaning vs. Patriot Maids Cleaning

With normal house cleaning, you can expect a brief rundown of your entire apartment. From getting rid of the laundry basket in your house or just disposing of the trash, these little chores are enough to keep your mind at bay. However, there are still thousands of things that you couldn’t see–or wouldn’t want to see. How about the counter by the sink where you’re too afraid of opening up the cabinets? The pantry by the stairs that’s practically scattered with different bottles and containers?

Our team of professionals can assist you in that area. You don’t have to come to your home with nightmares as to what lies underneath your couch, because by the time our team is done, you’ll be seeing an entirely different home–200% cleaner than the state you have left it.

What makes our professional cleaning so different? 

In our cleaning business, we value our customers and make sure to listen to all their concerns and requests. If ever we had a batch of reviews about the maid service that we had offered, you can bet that our team is sitting down and sifting through them one by one, trying to find any points of improvement. We take our jobs seriously, because not only have we been in your position before in trying to find the right residential cleaning service, but we also understand how important this is for you.

You are not just ordering some pizza or asking us to deliver some furniture into your house–no, you’re handing us the figurative keys to your home and trusting us that we do it justice. Every person in Boston deserves a right to a clean home, whether that may be an apartment, a house, or even a mansion.

And our cleaners are determined in reaching that goal every single day.

“I can do it myself.”  

We don’t doubt that you can, but we value your time more than anything! Keeping a home clean, and maintaining it, can take a lot of hours out of your time. These are hours where you could spend studying for your next finals. Or where you can finally work on that project you’ve been meaning to finish which could seal the deal on the promotion you’ve been aiming for at work.  A good, deep cleaning can be a daunting task for any student or professional.

And if you’re a parent, then you can bet that keeping a home clean is a task that is close to impossible! Stains on the curtains, vomit on the tiles, rubble on the floor–just the thought of it can be enough to let the headache set in.

“But…is it even worth it?” 

We make sure that the work we put into your home brings a level of satisfaction and contentment that no other cleaning company can match. All of us at Patriot Maids, from independent cleaning professionals to front office customer service understand the importance of clients wanting to get their money’s worth for a job well done. We do our best to make sure that the quality and effort we bring to the table is every double the amount you’ve paid.

Our maid service is determined to clean and wipe every nook and cranny of your apartment in Boston. By the time you enter your house again or give it a second look, you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed.

“How can I be so sure?”

Not only can you look over our reviews, but you can also contact our team. Whether you want to ask any questions with regards to the rates we offer or as to what services we have in store for the people in Boston, our team is more than willing to answer them! The trust you have placed in our services is appreciated, and we will respond to that by making sure that you’ve made the right decision.

Trust is earned, and our team is very much eager to earn it.

Why Hire Our Maid Services?

Deciding the best options for your house cleaning needs? Well, Patriot Maids offers plenty of benefits that may suit your choice! Find out about them now.

Save Your Time, Save Your Wallets! 

Getting the cleaning done yourself can be expensive, especially if you don’t know what brushes or sprays you can use. Do you know that there’s only a specific spray that could be used on leather or satin? By investing in professional cleaning services, you are investing far more than just cleaning, but also in maintaining your furniture and equipment. Many people take pride in every piece of furniture in their house as they resemble a memory for them that they’re not too fond of forgetting.

With this, our team will help you maintain your memories as well as your pockets with our cleaning services in Boston. Spend some time with your family and friends! Go ahead and watch that Netflix party while you’re at it, let us handle the rest.

Check Your To-Do List the RIGHT WAY 

Cleaning your home for the sake of checking it off your to-do list may not be as productive as you have thought. In Boston, it wouldn’t be a surprise that many of us have busy lifestyles–not just with our work, but also in our personal life. As such, it’s only natural to scan through that to-do list and do the bare minimum. You don’t deserve the bare minimum.

Your experienced referred cleaning professional knows what needs to be done to whittle your to-do list down to zero. They make it their business for each task to be given 110% of their undivided attention. Rest assured that the cleaners partnered with us will ensure that your condo, apartment, house, or duplex will be left spotless.

Background Checked and Experienced

All our Boston cleaners are vetted with extensive background checks and have numerous years of professional experience to get to where they are today. Since we only partner with the most experienced professionals possible, satisfaction is guaranteed from the minute your maid steps into your home. As we only partner with cleaners who have a minimum of 5-7 years of experience, it’s common that they also have experience in cleaning hotels and rental homes in the past. With this kind of experience, you can bet that you’ll be getting the cream of the crop around Boston!

Professional and Detailed 

You may think that your house is clean and fresh, but you’ve never really tried looking under your couch, have you? How about under your bed? It’s those places-that-must-not-be-named! But you can bet that our professionals would find them all! With years of experience, their attention to detail and thorough work ethic will ensure that they uncover anything and everything.

You can bet that they’ll see and clean between every crack and crevice of your home. That could include window blinds, vents, baseboards–anything they could see, they can clean. With our 200% satisfaction guarantee, all you need to do is sit back and relax!

Fast and Easy 

In Boston, delivery isn’t the only thing that’s fast and easy. You can expect that picking out home cleaning services can just be as easy as 1-2-3! We understand your busy schedule may prevent you from communicating with the schedulers. That’s why we offer customized services and flexible scheduling options. Whether you’re looking for one-time service, or a recurring cleaning with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments, you can be sure that your busy lifestyle stays uninterrupted with a clean home.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that our professional service offers nothing but the best. When we’re finished with your apartment, you’ll see the results of not just our attention-to-detail, but also our dedication to achieving your satisfaction. If you come across anything a cleaner has missed, simply contact us within 24 hours of your most recent appointment and they will come out to your home and fix the issue for free! You wouldn’t be able to wait to recommend our company to your family and friends so that they’ll also be living less stressful lives. By request, house cleaners are able to bring hypo-allergenic products to ensure your pets and little ones aren’t exposed to allergy-ridden chemicals.

Cleaning may look mundane, and may not be as important as getting those reports and Powerpoints done, but they can have a lasting positive effect on improving mental health. We offer sustainable fixes, not just for your home, but also for your productivity. Once you see a clean apartment, we are certain that you’ll be more motivated to get on with your work and day.

What’s Included in the Maid Service Cleaning?

Being a little bit curious as to what to expect when our team knocks on your door is understandable. After all, our service may remain slightly vague as to what specific procedures we will be following the moment that we would enter your home. As such, we provide a summary of four major activities that our cleaning services are tasked to undergo in keeping your rooms all spiffy and gorgeous for that next parental visit or your next relaxing downtime after a long day at work.

If you want to see how our services work, especially when you are not at home, then you’ll be glad to know that your home will always be in safe hands. Why? Because our Boston maid service hasn’t let anyone down yet, and we certainly would not let you become the first.

Detailed Check 

Before we get started on your cleaning appointment, the assigned cleaner will first analyze your home. Whether you have a small or large apartment in the middle of the city, you can expect that the maid that will be assigned to you would take the first visit mulling everything in. From the corners that were initially blocked by the refrigerator to the cabinets that are left unaddressed, that makes it their responsibility to ensure that they list out everything they need to dust and clean during the appointment.

By the time they are finished with their normal home ‘check-up’, they will be able to address what needs more attention than other areas, and what other problem spots may have been left ignored for quite some time now. Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures that all corners of your home stay spotless, leaving the state of your home feeling fresher than the time you left it.

Dust up-down-everywhere! 

Say goodbye to the specks of dust dotting across your bedside table, because after we’re done, you won’t be seeing them again anytime soon! With the populated traffic here in Boston, the moment that you push your windows out to breathe that fresh air mixed with that little hint of diesel from the busy streets, dust is sure to enter your home from the outside.

That can be a pain, especially if you or your kid is suffering from asthma attacks or allergies. Dust is something that you and your family could live without, especially if you’re looking to avoid any potential lung or breathing problems in the future. With a global pandemic still up-and-about, coughing and sneezing is not the answer to your problems. Our microfiber cloths are a must-have for any cleaning arsenal.

These small fibers are effective at grabbing the dirt and dust under any crevice that cleaners may face in your home. Plus, they are also easy to clean under the sink. Every piece of equipment that our teams have manned themselves with is effective in not just wiping the dust away, but also ensuring a safer environment for you, your kids, and your pet.

Cleans everything you see and don’t see 

Remember what we said of getting that detailed check done on the earlier part of the process? That procedure is done to catch the dirt that you may not be able to see. That includes the dust being accumulated behind the wires for your television. It also includes the top of your shelves that you just can’t reach because of the lack of a stepping stool. We make sure to go the extra mile in moving furniture around just to ensure that even the bottom of the carpet or the couch is dust-free–perfect for your exploring kids who are barely a year old!

Now, you don’t have to fret about them being exposed to cobwebs and splotches of dirt wherever they go, and all you have to worry about is baby-proofing the house! Not only are you giving a safe, clean space for your kid, but our services ensure that you’re also giving them the best of the best!

Our service includes treating your home as if it is our own, ensuring that cleaning it would always be on the top of our priority list. Whether it be wiping away the hard-to-reach dust or excessively rubbing the stains that had marred the stovetops, all our efforts are aligned with keeping your apartment in pristine condition!

Sweep, mop, vacuum–you name it, we do it! 

A spotless apartment doesn’t just mean wiping the dust away and scrubbing all those hard-to-reach areas! No, the work also comes in when our team starts sweeping the house from the bottom-up! Our cleaning service assures that we are keeping everything balanced.

Those floorboards that need a hard mop after a couple of weeks of being left alone will be taken care of. Those curtains that need a good wiping down from all the particles it had accumulated from keeping that fresh sunlight in will be dusted and wiped. Our service includes sweeping, mopping, and even vacuuming. We already provide everything on your to-do list, and more! We don’t just give you a spotless home, but also deliver an oasis where you could finally free your mind and focus on more important things in your life right now.

There’s no need to shy away from inviting your friends and family over for some drinks and bonding, because not only is our cleaning child-proof, but you can bet that it’s criticism-proof as well. Avoid their criticizing gazes for just one night because they surely wouldn’t find any fault with our services.

What Boston Home Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

If you’re looking for a no-hassle, stress-free cleaning company that always puts you first before anything else, then Patriot Maids is the perfect place for you. Here, we have implemented guarantees that will impress you and your family. Choosing our service would be a decision you wouldn’t regret as soon as you step into that pristine bathroom and organized closet. Our maid service ensures that you’ll have access to the best cleaning service for just an affordable price! With flat rates available per room, our services pay attention to your needs and want while also keeping the quality of our services.

Your cleaner would be looking at all the rooms in your house, making sure to scrub the tubs and showers as well as wiping those window sills. They could even go as far as emptying and washing your trash cans, just to ensure that the stench of garbage doesn’t waft over to any of the rooms.

With this, we have prepared a more detailed list as to what you will be expecting in utilizing our services–whether that may be house, office, or even vacation rentals. Intrigued? Read on, and by the time you’re finished, you won’t be able to stop yourself from calling our company phone number.

Residential Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Service

Any home cook would know that the kitchen gets messy faster than any other room in the house! That one large meal you’ve prepared for the night will include hours of your time washing and scrubbing the dishes. Sometimes, cooking can become exhausting because of all the post-activities you and your family would have to do right after. Not only does this take the excitement out of enjoying the fruits of your labor, but it might also remove the will to even cook in the first place! For college students and many single professionals, they would rather eat some take-out for easy throwaway. Although it’s efficient, it may not be healthy in the long run. So why don’t you allow our housekeepers to carry that brunt for you?

You can expect our services to include cleaning your appliance surfaces, stove drip pans, and even burner gates! The microwave that you have trouble wiping out–we’ll clean that too! Those cupboard knobs that need some shining and dusting? You got it! Your kitchen will be left smelling fresh, free from the scent of yesterday’s dish!

Bedroom Cleaning Service

Your bedroom is probably the most important room in your apartment, especially after a long day at work. It should be a pristine place, meant for unwinding and getting a good night’s sleep. However, that task may seem impossible when you look around and see all those left-over crumbs of popcorn that had been left lying about after that night binge-watching Netflix.

The good news is that we can help you with this! We understand that a cluttered bedroom does not only remove the essence of your peace, but it may even distract you from having a restful night. This may lead to being unproductive and frustrated in the morning. We want you to have a safe, clean space, for you to wake up knowing that there is a brighter day ahead. As such, our services include dusting end tables, television stands, or any other furniture that is displayed in your room. We make sure to wipe everything down, and even go as far as changing the bed linens as well!

Go to sleep feeling safe and sound, knowing fully well that your sheets are known and your pillows are fluffed.

Bathroom Cleaning Service

Another room that you’ve used often happens to be the bathroom, and it may be the most daunting task that you’ve ever taken up in your to-do list. As a professional cleaning referral agency, we know that getting down on your knees to clean the grout out of the dirty tiles can be a drag. And, what about the soap scrum that builds up around the tub? If that thought exhausts you more than it comforts you, then relax. Because we got you covered! With all these tasks just waiting for your arrival, you may feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, but that doesn’t mean you should face those chores alone.

Our services include scrubbing and rinsing sinks and showers as well as removing all that built-up dirt hidden in your tiles. Disinfecting your toilets as well as cleaning the lights and fixtures is no problem for our professional cleaners. By the time you go into the bathroom for your number 1 or 2, you can bet that you’ll be breathing in a fresh scent and seeing glittering tiles the minute you step in.

Living Room Cleaning Service

Looking to invite your family and friends over? Well, your living room’s your best bet in getting that good first impression. It’s where everyone goes to relax and unwind after a long day, and it’s a moment meant to be cherished by many. What you don’t want them to remember is seeing the dust on your baseboards and blinds. You also certainly don’t want them to see any socks you’ve left lying around after that incredibly long day in the office. Floors can attract crumbs and dirt, and they need to be mopped regularly. However, even if you mop them, there may be corners and crevices underneath sofas and chairs that may prevent you from reaching in too far.

Luckily, you have us. Need to prep your living room before a party or a surprise visit? Or perhaps you’re looking for a maintenance cleaning that could assist you along the way? Well, let our cleaners relieve your burden by sweeping your family room! Here, we make sure to implement our techniques in reaching those crevices and areas that may not be seen by the naked eye at first glance. Invite your friends and family over and know that they won’t be spotting a stray crumb anytime soon!

Organizing Closet Service

Clothes are a messy bunch, especially when you’re putting them all back in your closet again! Catch your breath, because you definitely wouldn’t be finding that white shirt you’ve worn a week ago, especially not in that clutter. Being late for your meetings all because you have to get a pair of matching socks that finally fits you is unnecessary, and it’s the type of mess that you wouldn’t wish on anybody. However, organizing your closet may take the most of your day than all the other chores combined. Just color-coding those clothes, finding out where to put them can be overwhelming and confusing.

We have all the tips and tricks you may need to put up your sleeve, but when the work is getting a little bit too much, we’ll be happy to take over. Although our cleaners are not professional organizers, we can assure you that this additional service can leave your closet spiffy by the end of it! No need to search for that lost shirt anymore with our house cleaning services, because you’ll know just where to find it!

Organizing Pantry Service

When was the last time you’ve cleaned out your pantry? Nothing to be ashamed of if you haven’t cleaned it since you’ve moved in, because that could speak the same for many of us here in Boston. When cooking almost becomes nonessential given the large number of businesses scattered across the city, your pantry may have some cobwebs and expired goods by the time you’ve actually looked at it. There’s just so much stuff in there! And that sticky goo from the containers–definitely ruins the whole mood. Sometimes, it’s better to just shut your door and never speak of it again…at least, until today.

Let us handle the cleaning and organizing by wiping away the debris around the containers and throwing out the expired cans. By the time we’re finished, you wouldn’t have any problem finding your herbs and spices. And you might even find the inspiration to cook again.

Office Cleaning Service

Your home isn’t the only thing that contributes to your overall productivity. Your office may provide some insight as well! People who are still working at home may find it difficult to work around with that mountain of papers just scattered across your carpets. A clean and organized office is essential for your work ethic, and it definitely doesn’t hurt the fact that you’ll know you have a great background for that Zoom call you’re about to have in the next couple of minutes!

Here, our services include dusting your desk, picture frames, and even your monitor to ensure that everything’s all fixed up and ready for your day at work. Disinfecting and wiping the debris in between your keyboard keys is also essential in ensuring that there would be no grime buildup for the next few weeks. Our plan also involves throwing out the trash and recycling any materials that need be. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything else but accomplishing the paper works you need by the end of the day.

A clean office equals a productive day in Boston, so let us make you more productive!

Deep Cleaning Service

The difference between a general and deep cleaning service is that we spend extra time in those often-neglected areas. That toothbrush holder that has all that excessive buildup, the base of the toilet that you rarely touch, the back of your refrigerator that you’ve never thought of looking at–our deep cleaning services focus on all the problem areas that have never been spotted on your to-do list because it’s too much of a hassle.

Let us take care of those tasks for you. By making sure that there are no clogs in the sink, removing any crumbs in the toaster, and checking to see if there are any greases in the microwave–cleaners pay attention to all the details so the small stuff stays at the back of your mind. As we’ve always said, give us the generalities, and we’ll take care of the nitty-gritty.

Do you use employees or contractors?

Home cleaning–a step to freedom. However, the only way you could ever be free from these mundane tasks if the Boston cleaning services you have hired fit your ideal. This brings to a discussion as to whether or not independent contractors are as good as employees. In Patriot Maids, we have independent contractors. As soon as you book a session, we make sure that you are connected with one of the contractors under our portfolio. That does not mean that the services we offer are subpar as compared to those other companies that are employee-based.

All our contractors are background checked and vetted. We make sure that the professional maid knocking on your door has verified training experience check with 3 personal and 3 professional references, but also has the necessary professionalism to carry it out. We ensure that everyone walking into your front door is professional and trustworthy.  Your apartment will be in great hands.

How Can YOU get the most out of your house cleaning service?

Boston services aren’t cheap! As such, it’s only natural that you get the most out of the service you are essentially paying for. Although you’ll have no problem in getting a comprehensive clean-up from our team, we’ve still prepared a few tips to help ease you in the process of getting your money’s worth!

Communicate, communicate, communicate! 

Make sure to communicate your expectations to the cleaning company of your choice. Although we are very mindful with what products we use, you may have preferences or needs that you might need us to listen to. If ever you do, don’t be afraid to let them know. Of course, every team has its limits. There may be a few companies that may not be able to adjust, but it would not hurt to try!

If ever you need hypoallergenic solutions or would like the use of green cleaning techniques, then don’t be afraid to speak up! This is your home, and as such, every Boston service-offering business should be mindful of any of your cultural, religious, or personal preferences. Communication is the key to every successful working partnership, and to ensure the home of your dreams, our cleaners should be aware of them–if any.

Evaluate your cleaning package; Evaluate your needs! 

Just because you’ve already selected your cleaning plan doesn’t mean it’s all over! Your needs might change over time, and you might decide that you’re not entirely satisfied with the current package you’ve picked out. Patriot Maids is incredibly flexible to your requests, whether you are asking for additional services or asking us to concentrate on a more problematic area.

Your needs can be answered and adjusted to, so don’t hesitate! Here, we are very much invested in keeping ourselves up to date with every single one of our customers and staying connected to their needs and preferences. Your satisfaction is our priority.

It’s all about the quality! 

Quality is what makes a service, so as a customer, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask about quality checks. We recommend to clients that they be present on the first cleaning job for a final walk-through to perform quality checks before your cleaning team leaves the home. Quality checks may mean examining random areas around the apartment to make sure that nothing is amiss! If the company you’ve picked out does not require its employees to perform quality checks, then perhaps it’s time to make that necessary switch to somewhere else.

Trust can only be given once it’s earned and taking the opportunity to double-check their cleaning services from their clients’ hands–that might not be the right way to earn it.

Inspections are the best way to go! 

Even if there are quality checks put into place, that does not mean that you shouldn’t take some time to inspect your home every once in a while. Perhaps you came across that same old spot that still had smudges on it! Or maybe you see that the couch still has those breadcrumbs that you’ve left over by the time you walked out of your apartment! Contact your cleaning service and speak about your concerns. They won’t know unless you tell them.

Give them the feedback they need and perhaps ask the cleaners to do little things differently from then. Usually, the management takes these concerns up for them to address and improve on in the next visit, as such, it’s best to let them know. If you’re also satisfied with the service you’ve received, don’t hesitate to give them a phone call or leave a review online. Either way, it would help them improve the company and may even brighten their day.

Additional Service? We got you! 

Many home cleaners do a lot more than just vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing. There are a few cleaning businesses that also offer carpet restoration, backyard cleaning, and even waxing the floors for your apartment. Ask the company you’re currently working with, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even catch a discount in the process.

At the end of the day, the right cleaning company focuses on your wants while maintaining the quality of their service. Your cleaner would transform your home into a more welcoming place where you can breathe the fresh air and take some free time off your schedule to actually enjoy life. Life in Boston can be stressful, so let us share your burden.

Do you bring your own supplies?

All professional cleaners have their own supplies, including paper towels, vacuums, mops, and many more. You are really getting the best by booking an appointment with us. There may be other companies in Boston that require you to provide the supplies, mostly to cut costs on their end, but we don’t do that here at Patriot Maids. Instead, independent cleaning professionals bring all the necessary equipment that fits your preferences. If you’re looking for something a little environmentally friendly, then tell us in advance so that we can prepare for it.

Although we do have our limitations, that doesn’t mean that we won’t try our best in fitting our equipment with your preferences.

Why should I choose you?

Five-Star Hotel Quality Cleanings

Do you know that many of our independent contractors have undergone training experience in working in many well-known hotels and businesses? You can tell that our professionals have already gotten used to the pressure that comes with cleaning a client’s home, ensuring that you won’t be having any complaints about your apartment by the end of the road.

Be ready to love your cleaner! 

As we said earlier, we strive to make sure that all our contractors have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience and have a professional attitude. However, it doesn’t stop there. Every single cleaner that we have partnered with to be under contract is understandable and open-minded to many of our clients’ conditions and specifications. They are always up and moving, and they are always prompt with regards to answering any of our clients’ concerns. Whether they have any religious or cultural restrictions, cleaners from their own experience understand that they must put the preferences of the client and work around from there. The cleaning team that will arrive at your home is competent and amazing, and clients certainly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Schedule a cleaning, and Forget the Hassle! 

No need to pre-clean, because we all have it covered! All you have to do is leave the key and let us do the work. If you prefer to be there, then that’s no problem as well! We can easily work around you, making sure that we don’t cause much ruckus for you and your kids.

Let our Boston team adjust for you.

What guarantees do you have?

Know that we have a 200% guarantee with our cleaning service. We can confidently say that the services you’ll be receiving the moment you agree with us are nothing short of exceptional. By the time your appointment is finished, you’ll be wanting to schedule your next cleaning and share it with your friends and family. It may be a little bit ambitious for us to say it, but that is how sure we are with the quality of our services. You certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.

How do I schedule my maid services?

How do I contact you?

Think ordering pizza is easy? You haven’t tried setting an appointment with our professional service just yet.

Give us a phone call at (617) 925-7171 or email us at  Want to get a free quote of our services, then you can easily input how many rooms we’ll be servicing in, and you’ll receive an immediate price within seconds! If you have any questions and concerns with regards to what cleaning services we offer, you may also go through our live chat and talk to one of our service representatives. We’re open from 7 AM to 9 PM, so you can expect an immediate reply!

All of them are trained and educated with every single detail of our packages, so you won’t have any problem getting the answer that you need.

Can I have the same cleaner assigned to me? 

We value the trust and relationship that you’ve already built with your cleaner. As such, if ever you were to avail of any of our recurring services, we will be assigning you to the same person you’ve worked with in the past–unless you have any objections. Trust is hard-earned, and it is something we appraise after being in the cleaning industry for quite some time.

We value both our cleaners and customers, so this arrangement is a win-win situation for everyone!

How long does the cleaning take?

Patriot Maids is efficient and effective concerning the usage of time. However, quality takes a lot of work, and it certainly isn’t immediate. We could give you a rough estimate of one hour per room more or less to guarantee that every crack and crevice is cleaned and that every corner of the room is dusted.

Can you cater for disabilities or illnesses?

We know that there are circumstances in which some people may have disabilities or illnesses that prevent them from availing of any deep cleaning procedures for their home. Our team is considerate of these situations, and we will be ensuring that your cleaner would be educated beforehand. This could prevent any mistakes from happening as well as ensure the safety of our clients.

As such, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

How much do Boston home cleaning services generally cost?

Our prices are very competitive with the market price, and you can check for the valuation of your cleaning services on our site as well. For our recurring customers, we also offer a discount of 10%, 20%, or 25% depending on which maintenance appointment level you choose!

What are you waiting for?

Consult with us, and book a cleaning with us today! Let us help you.

Boston Travel and Fun Guide

If you’re looking for a city that combines the vibrancy of a bustling metropolis with the charm of a small town, then you’re going to fall in love with the City of Boston. With its rich history, diverse peoples, and cultural legacy, there’s always something to do, someone to meet, and somewhere to go in Boston.

Boston’s historic roots, globally famous universities, proud natives (and equally proud transplants), never ending list of things to do, make Boston a metropolis that can only be fully experienced first hand in person. So dive into Boston how you choose. Whether that’s going through the city’s highlights with kids along for the ride, traveling for a break from the humdrum of daily life, visiting friends, or keep it solo, our travel and fun guide is everything you need and then some get the most of your trip if you’re just stopping by temporarily or looking for things to do if you already live here. Either way, you’ll have a wicked fun time.

Let the spunky, tenacious spirit of the city take you to places you’ve never been to before. Explore the “Cradle of Liberty” and learn more about Boston’s role in American history. Marvel at the world-class infrastructure and facilities. Broaden your horizons at one of the city’s renowned universities. Or party the night away with the city’s thriving nightlife—the choice is yours!

Do You Live In Boston?

Keeping your home clean and tidy is a huge undertaking, especially if you have a family or a full-time job. And as one of the most expensive cities in the country, Boston cleaning services aren’t always accessible or affordable.

We at Patriot Maids want to change that. We provide a wide range of deep cleaning and housekeeping services—all for a bargain price.  Get your Boston home cleaning done by the professionals. Call Patriot Maids at (617) 925-7171 and schedule today!

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Boston, MA

“Where should I eat?” It’s a question that many visitors to the great city of Boston often ask. In a place like Boston, you don’t have to look far for luxury. There are hundreds of award-winning, upscale restaurants that bring unrivaled service, jaw-dropping presentations, and ineffable flavors to your table. There is a fine-dining restaurant for every kind of craving in Boston.

But if you are looking for absolute perfection, here are the best high-end restaurants in Boston to satisfy your hunger:

Top 10 Historic Attractions to Visit in Boston, MA

Boston is one of the most American cities in the United States and also one of the oldest. Founded in 1630, Boston has undergone changes that reshaped the city from the inside out. Everywhere you go, the air of revolution continues to ring true. In present times, the city is a scintillating blend of history and modernization, where historic establishments from the Revolutionary War stand beside skyscrapers. Whether you are interested in the Tea Party, the Boston Red Sox, historical trails, shopping, or a rich maritime history, there is something in Boston for everyone to enjoy.

If you are planning a trip to Boston, you will find plenty of entertainments and attractions to explore. To get your itinerary started, here are the most fascinating historic places to visit in Boston:

Top 10 Family Friendly Activities in Boston, MA

Planning a family vacation to Boston is easy. There is so much to do in the beautiful metropolitan area of Massachusetts. Boston has fantastic, state-of-art museums; sprawling green spaces and beaches, and plenty of zoos and parks to keep kids and kids-at-heart entertained for days on end. Not only does Boston have excellent opportunities for fun in the sun, but there is also history to discover. Here are the top 10 family-friendly activities in Boston that everyone can enjoy:

Top 10 Luxury Hotels In Boston, MA

Boston is a place that marries innovation with tradition. The same applies to the numerous luxury hotels in Boston. Many boast historical significance and stunning architecture, while others more contemporary and new. Hotels also have award-winning staff who are always professional and courteous. No matter which upscale hotel you decide on, you are bound to choose a winner. To help you find the hotel with all the luxuries and conveniences you could ever want in a home way from home, we have listed ten of our favorites:

Top 15 Universities in Boston, MA

Boston is more than the largest city of Massachusetts and a place of immense historical significance in the formation of the country. Apart from playing roles in the settlement, the American Revolution, and the founding of the United States, Boston has been at the epicenter of higher learning for hundreds of years. With several renowned institutions located moments from the downtown area, Boston is an ideal place for college students from near and far.

Two of the world’s best-ranked universities are in the greater metropolitan area, and another five within the top 100 are found among the outskirts. Not only that, but the quality of life and learning environment makes Boston a fantastic place to live and work.

Let’s have a look at the top 15 universities and colleges near Boston.


Top Neighborhoods in Boston for House Cleaning

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