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Why Patriot Maids?

We realize you’re busy, and that a dirty home is the last thing you want to come home to at the end of the day. That’s why we’re here to the rescue, we offer high quality, thorough and worry-free home cleaning services in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. We take care of everything with transparent flat-rate pricing and simple online booking. You’ll like our one of a kind referral cleaning services and our borderline crazy commitment to your satisfaction for a sparkly clean home.

Patriot Maids is the highest rated home cleaning and maid service in greater Cincinnati area. Our core principles make us who we are: We clean, you relax. We’re so sure you’ll love it that we’re putting our money where our mouth is with a 200% happiness guarantee

No contracts, estimates, quotes, or in-home inspections required. Let us know how many rooms are in your home. Find a time that works with your schedule, book your cleaning, then take the remainder of the day off! Our partnered independent cleaning professionals will do the scrubbing and make your house tidy! Give us a chance and book today! There’s nothing to lose with our 200% guarantee!


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Here at Patriot Maids, we take referrals as our #1 priority. As a referral agency for residential cleaning services, we ensure that you are happily satisfied with the independent cleaning professionals we refer to you. We are located in the Cincinnati metro area and the cleaning providers that we partner with can visit your home, apt, condominium, townhouse, and duplex from Monday to Sunday in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

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Professional Home Cleaners

We only refer the most exceptional domestic cleaners in the industry. All domestic workers we partner with have numerous years of experience before we refer them to your house for professional cleaning services. If they’re not quick and meticulous, we do not refer them. Rest assured that all of the independent service providers we refer to you are same domestic workers that we would prefer to clean our own homes.

Everything You Need To Learn About House Cleaning Services

Patriot Maids started its roots as a cleaning referral service in Boston back in 2018. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about the cleaning industry as whole and today we want to take a moment and answer a popular question that we always get from clients a lot: How do I know which cleaning service to hire?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to hire a cleaning service for one-off job, a yearly spring clean, or something on a more regular basis, there are a key things to keep in mind or inquire about before coming to a decision.

Bringing someone into your home who isn’t connected to a registered referral cleaning service company carries an assortment of risks for property owners and renters. “Buttt-buttt-butttt, it’s a lot more affordable to hire a cleaning lady that takes under-the table cash”  is a tale old as time that we often hear from clients. Hilariously enough, we always tell people that if price is their main concern when hiring a cleaning lady, and the cleaning goes well, keep the cleaner close. However, if things go south, that’s when it’s time to bring in a professional house cleaning services from Cincinnati. Sure, we understand it can be more expensive, but there’s a numerous benefits you can get in return for bringing on a professional company. So below, are some things you should keep top of mind when looking to hire a cleaning service company.

What Are The Benefits and Advantages of Hiring a Reputable Cleaning Service?
Who Needs Our Residential Cleaning Services?
What Equipment Do We Use?
Are Cleaning Services Worth It?
How Do You Ensure You Receive a Great Cleaning Service?
What Are Some Tips to Get Everything Your House Needs From A Cleaning Service?
Is A Home Cleaning Service Right For Me?
What Are The Benefits and Advantages of Hiring a Reputable Cleaning Service?

There are multiple benefits to hiring a professional home cleaning service. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages:

  • You will always have a clean home – need we say more? No one wants to come home to a mess, and with a cleaning service, you will never have to again.
  • You get time to work on other things – hiring a professional cleaning service gives you time in the evening and on the weekends to do what you enjoy, such as spending time with family and friends, working around the yard, finishing renovation projects, or even getting that vacation you deserve.
  • You can book for continuous, scheduled visits – not only is booking a cleaning appointment budget-friendly due to recurring service discounts, but it also gives you peace of mind. A weekly or bi-weekly visit from your friendly neighborhood house cleaning service will help you stay organized and on top of home maintenance, without breaking the bank.
  • You have a team of experienced and trustworthy professionals cleaning your residence – because independent cleaning professionals partnered with Patriot Maids are qualified and experienced, they can tidy up your house in record time. Not only do they do a thorough job, but they also won’t distract you while they work.
  • You can customize the service to fit your needs – the cost of the service depends on the size of your home, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, and that you want cleaned, so you can fine-tune the cleaning to suit your home and budget. Patriot Maids referral agencies also offers flexible payment tiers such as flat rate or hourly based pricing.
  • You will be healthier – did you know that Americans spend over $5 billion a year treating common colds? Residential cleaning services help you reduce the chance of getting sick by cutting down the germs in your home.

As you can see, there are several advantages to hiring a cleaning biz to take care of your household. But what about the downsides?

The only one that we can think of is that you don’t get to clean the house yourself—but who is going to complain about that?

Who Needs Our Residential Cleaning Services?

Anyone who needs a clean home can hire a Boston cleaning service to come in and handle tasks like:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Trash removal
  • Changing linens and bedsheets
  • Cleaning glass windows and surfaces
  • Cleaning flooring
  • Scrubbing the bathtubs, sinks, and toilets
  • Sanitizing the kitchen sink
  • Cleaning appliances, including the inside of the oven and refrigerator
  • Move out and move in cleaning
  • Special event cleaning

Furthermore, you don’t need to be living in a single-family home to hire a home cleaner! If you fit into one or more of the following, you need to hire a residential cleaning service:

  • You are living alone or with roommates
  • You have an apartment
  • You work long hours throughout the day or have overnight work
  • You have children and are always coming and going
  • You and your spouse or partner are busy throughout the day
  • Your house is too large to clean in one day, so you’re having a difficult time keeping up
  • You have an event that you will need help with cleaning up
  • You are moving in or moving out of your apartment or house

In short, anyone who needs some assistance with keeping their home spotless and tidy can benefit from a residential maid service.

What Equipment Do We Use?

Some cleaning services will bring their own supplies and equipment with them to your residence, while others may require that you purchase some of the items for the job to be done. Be sure to reach out to our customer support line if you have any questions about the equipment provided before you schedule service with us.

Usually, when a cleaner brings the equipment and cleaning solution with them, it will include the following:

  • Mops and mopping pads
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Cleaning caddies
  • Brooms and brushes
  • Cleaning cloths and sponges
  • Toilet brushes
  • Tile and grout cleaners
  • Carpet cleaning equipment
  • Garbage bags
  • Disinfectants and other cleaning solutions

The cleaner(s) that arrive at your residence will also be wearing identify themselves as being from Patriot Maids so you know who they are. Most independent cleaners also use protective gear, as well, such as gloves, booties, and so on. This ensures that your home remains spotless once we have done our job!

Are Cleaning Services Worth It?

Yes, cleaning services are worth every penny! While there are pros and cons to every service, having a clean home is a benefit in and of itself that shouldn’t be overlooked. A clean home is a warm and safe home, where everyone can live happily and healthily. Patriot Maids Referral Agency can tidy up your home with or without you there, so you can return time and again to the home of your dreams.

Cleaning services are also worth it if you care about the environment and lessening the damage done to our planet. Some cleaners even adopt a greener mindset. This means that the cleaning products and solutions used are much gentler for the environment but still provide your home with the complete clean it deserves.

How Do You Ensure You Receive a Great Cleaning Service?

When it comes time to select a trustworthy cleaning service, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each service on your radar and do some research. This ensures you hire a reputable company that is best suited for your residence and your budget.

The first step is deciding who you are going to hire. Some professional home cleaning services are a single person operating as an independent contractor while others are companies with an entire team to visit your house. Hiring an individual might be worthwhile if you have a small space, such as a studio apartment, and are looking to save some money. Most of the time, independent cleaners will adjust their service according to your needs.

Hiring a housekeeping service means dealing with competent professionals. Although companies are more costly than a single person, you get the benefits of flexible scheduling, cleaning guarantees, and more.

Of course, finding the right cleaning service is more than price and manpower. You should also consider what is included in the service packages, what equipment you are required to provide (if any), and the reviews other clients have given the company or housekeeper. Be sure to look at how the company interacts with other people, how responsive they are to your questions, and if they are receiving raving reviews. Do any of the reviews mention inconsistency? Lack of transparency? Breaches in conduct? Keep an eye out for red flags as well as positive traits.

Once you have narrowed down the candidates, you should then call the individual or the home cleaning business for a short interview. Here are some questions you can ask to learn more about the candidates:

  • Do you have a flat rate or an hourly rate?
  • Do you bring equipment and other cleaning supplies? Do I have to provide anything?
  • Does your company offer a satisfaction guarantee?
  • What services are included in the packages (if applicable)?
  • How long have you been in business? What kind of experience do cleaners have?
  • Do you use eco-friendly cleaning solutions? Are the chemicals fragrance-free?
  • Do you offer contracts?
  • What should I do with my pet? Are the cleaning solutions safe to be used around pets?
  • Do you cover event clean-up?
  • Can you provide anyone for a referral or two?

Think about the ideal answer to these questions before placing your call. This will help you single out the groups who are going to provide you with a winning home cleanup service. Lastly, you want to look at the company’s ethos—what their mission is and how they plan to fulfill that plan. Any company or individual cleaner who is worthy of your business is going to care deeply about maintaining relationships with their clients, providing quality service, transparency, trust, and teamwork.

What Are Some Tips to Get Everything Your House Needs From A Cleaning Service?

So, you are set on hiring a cleaning service to come into your home. As the saying goes, “time is money,” meaning that you are going to want to get the most out of the service in the limited amount of time you have with the cleaner. Let’s briefly look at some actions you can do to get the most out of the house a cleaning appointment, so you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Remove all the clutter and tidy up the best you can – this includes removing dirty laundry from the floor, putting shoes in their place, clearing counter spaces and tabletops, and removing objects that will hinder cleaning. Remember, it is not the house cleaner’s job to tidy up after your family—only to clean your home as best they can.
  • Communicate your priorities to the team – you always want to outline what should be cleaned, especially if there are time-consuming tasks that you might be unable to handle by yourself, such as flipping mattresses, cleaning window sills, scrubbing down the bathroom, or unclogging sinks and drains. Also, you should tell the cleaners what you don’t want to be cleaned, so they don’t waste time either.
  • Stock up on cleaning supplies – as we mentioned already, most companies and independent cleaners will have their own supplies stored in the company van and caddy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t run out or need extras. Also, if you have allergies or want them to use a certain solution, you should have the correct items on hand, rather than expecting them to provide that.
  • Provide instructions for pets – if you have dogs and cats, you should consider keeping them away from the places that are going to be cleaned. Let the cleaners know about the animals beforehand, what breed they are, whether they like strangers or not, or if you are going to have the animals in the house during the cleaning.
  • Be helpful and friendly but not too chatty – remember, the cleaners are there to make your home spotless. They aren’t there to chat. You can discuss the important things and let them know what you want to be cleaned, but don’t spend too much time having a conversation with the cleaner. This subtracts from the amount of time the cleaners have to complete the tasks.
  • Leave instructions if you won’t be home – make sure to provide a key if you aren’t going to be around during the service and provide clear instructions about what is expected. Provide an emergency contact number, as well.

Keeping these things in mind will help the professional cleaning service manage their time and provide the best service available. You will be more satisfied with the job done as well.

Is A Home Cleaning Service Right For Me?

So, should you hire a professional cleaning service for your home? Of course! A professional residential cleaning referral agency can refer independent cleaning professionals who can complete several days worth of cleaning in mere hours, whether you are at your house or not. From vacuuming to spring cleaning the kitchen, a professional company has everything you need and more. Never come home to a dirty and disorganized home again!

Cincinnati Travel Guide

With our Cincinnati guide for traveling, we will explain everything someone needs to know to enjoy a Cincinnati tour. This guide goes over the city’s top sites to see for tourists, places to eat, hotels offering best accommodations so you feel rested and ready to explore, and local activities where one can enjoy their time in the area while traveling with children. Cincinnati is a vibrant city with several hotspots for fun-filled adventures, both during the day and at nighttime. Museums in and around Cincinnati feature a number of historical events. Visitors young and old will quickly take joy when they get to relearn about the storied history of the United States if the effort is made to tour around Cincinnati. To take full advantage of traveling Cincinnati, we recommend using a travel agent to organize a tour package that let’ll you visit every part of the city if your vacation time there is limited. To ensure your travel to Cincinnati is full of adventure and never ending fun, you should glance over the Cincinnati travel guide below:

Fun Things to Do In Cincinnati

There are hundreds of towns and cities throughout the United States were tourists gravitate. Usually, Cincinnati is overlooked, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of fun things to do in the city on the surface. But that’s because you aren’t looking close enough. Cincinnati has gorgeous and historic neighborhoods, including Over-the-Rhine (OTR) and the downtown area, as well as fantastic family-friendly parks, museums, and other experiences. If you plan on visiting Cincinnati or what to show someone everything this city has to offer, then you are in the right place. Here are the top fun things to do in Cincinnati:

1. Take a Brewery Tour
2. Get Schooled in Art, History, and More
3. Try Blue Ice Cream
4. Visit The Famous Findlay Market
5. Find All The ArtWorks Public Art and Murals
6. Walk Around The Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
7. Read All Day at The Public Library of Cincinnati
8. Walk The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
9. Get a Bird’s Eye View From Carew Tower
10. Stroll Around Eden Park
1. Take a Brewery Tour

Since Cincinnati is a city with a large German population (and thus German influence), you cannot separate the city from its love of beer. There are plenty of pubs and restaurants around where you can get a beer, but you would miss out on over 30 craft beer breweries. There are pub crawls and brewery bus tours to get you around Cincinnati quickly and safely, so you can sample all kinds of beers.

The best breweries include MadTree, where you can sample a large variety of brews while soaking up the sun on a dog-friendly deck; Rhinegeist, which boasts a huge bar and rooftop; Christian Moerlein, a pre-Prohibition brand found at the Lager House at the Banks; and Urban Artifact, found in the basement of what used to be a church, where you can sample Midwest Fruit Tart beers.

There are plenty more where that came from, but you get the idea. Thirsty yet?

2. Get Schooled in Art, History, and More

There are hundreds of libraries and learning institutions in and around Cincinnati that no visit would be complete without, and most are ideal for adults, solo travelers, and couples. For instance, if you have a thing for cats and Asian culture, there’s a place you don’t want to miss: the Ohio Lucky Cat Museum, which boasts over 2,000 beckoning cats, also known as maneki-neko. It’s a small museum, but you can see a lot of variations and even pick up a little lucky friend as a souvenir. 

 Also, you can’t miss the famous American Sign Museum—a space replete with neon and history. The museum focuses on everything to do with signage and even has artifacts from the 1800s and beyond. You can see intricate designs from cobbers, druggists, and haberdashers. Since 2012, the museum has been operating out of a much larger space and features over 500 signs displayed on a “Main Street.”

 Inside the recently renovated old Union Terminal, you can visit the Cincinnati Museum Center for an in-depth look at the history of the city and its surroundings. There’s also the fabulous Cincinnati Art Museum for those who love art history and more contemporary displays. There is also the Museum of Natural History & Science contained inside the Museum Center at Union Terminal, alongside the Cincinnati Historical Society Library. Besides, you and your travel buddies wouldn’t want to miss the old Union Terminal’s stunning architecture. 

3. Try Blue Ice Cream

There are multiple locations throughout the city where you can snag a one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor. But be warned: You are going to be dreaming about it once you leave. The famous blue ice cream was first served at one of the most popular amusement parks in America, Kings Island, during the 1980s. The blueberry soft serve was a tremendous hit with park-goers, and soon people could not live without it.

Since the 90s, blue ice cream has been popping up all around Cincinnati. You can find it at a number of ice cream parlors around downtown or at places like Putz’s Creamy Whip, Whipty-Do, or Norwood Delite. Locals recommend getting your blue ice cream as a blueberry-vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles.

4. Visit The Famous Findlay Market

Findlay Market has been continually operating in Ohio for decades now and is at the heart of the historic Over-The-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and has been visited by millions of people from around the globe for many years now. The Findlay Market has more than 40 vendors selling meats, dairy, produce, and more between April and November.

On select days, you may even be able to find 30-minute free tours being held or other public events, like live music, festivals, beer gardens, and performances. If you want to get the most out of your visit to Findlay Market, however, go in the morning, right when it opens. You can get fresh pastries from Blue Oven, snag a honey latte, and enjoy some quality people-watching. Don’t forget to pick up some goetta, a Cincinnati specialty, while you’re at it.

5. Find All The ArtWorks Public Art and Murals

Do you enjoy art but also want to enjoy all the fun things around Cincinnati? Then you should go a scavenger hunt for the dozens of murals scattered through downtown and other neighborhoods. ArtWorks Public Art and Murals is a citywide program that hopes to transform the neighborhoods with visual art. Right now, there are over 100 murals to be found, and many of them are site-specific works.

There are 10 must-see murals throughout Cincinnati to keep your eyes open for while doing other fun things, including the “Fresh Harvest” mural that adorns the outside of the Kroger supermarket headquarters; “Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon,” telling the tale of Martha, the final member of a now-extinct species; the singing mural on Central Parkway; the “Cincinnati’s Table” mural found on the side of the restaurant Jean-Robert’s Table; and “Ice Cream Daydream,” a whimsical mural in the OTR neighborhood.

There are two mural walks you can also schedule into your Cincinnati itinerary—the Soul of Downtown or Spirit of OTR walking tour. Or you can create your own!

6. Walk Around The Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

Looking for a scenic place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Perhaps you should visit the 733 acres of the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum. Since the 1840s, this place has been a tranquil spot for those both alive and dead. Ever since the cholera epidemic hit Cincinnati, the cemetery has been a popular spot for nondenominational internment, as well as a place with sprawling lawns and towering trees.

That is why you can find trees from throughout the world, lakes, footbridges, and winding trails. There are 12 ponds in total, as well as mausoleums and chapels. Since 2007, the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum has been on the National Register of Historic Places. If you visit, be on the lookout for the graves of many famous and influential individuals, including Joseph Hooker, a Civil War General; Waite Hoyt, a NY Yankees Hall of Fame pitcher; Salmon P. Chase, a Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, and more.

7. Read All Day at The Public Library of Cincinnati

Here is something fun to do in Cincinnati that will speak to the bookworms and introverts! The Public Library of Cincinnati has 42 branches throughout the area, including the central branch downtown that has been called one of the most beautiful libraries in the whole country. The downtown branch has been around since 1802, so you can imagine the stunning architecture, as well as the rare volumes of books found among the shelves.

In fact, the library has over nine million volumes, so not only is it lovely, but it is also one of the most expansive library systems in the US. If you have kids in tow, they will adore the 9,200 square-foot learning center made for children of all ages. There is also a permanent collection of sculptures found around the library.

8. Walk The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge

One of the most beloved landmarks in the entire US is the Roebling Suspension Bridge, designed by the iconic architect, John A. Roebling, who also designed the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge first opened up to the public in the winter of 1866 and was then the world’s longest suspension bridge. It spans a length of 1,057 feet to connect Covington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati.

Today, vehicles and pedestrians alike travel across the bridge day and night. By crossing on foot, you get remarkable views of the parks, the river, and the skyline. Multiple events are also held throughout the year, including the annual RoeblingFest, held in June.

The Roebling Suspension Bridge isn’t the only pedestrian-friendly bridge along the Ohio River, though. If you are feeling up for a hike, you can head to Smale Park and walk towards Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove. Go even farther and you’ll eventually reach Purple People Bridge, which brings you to Newport on the Levee.

9. Get a Bird’s Eye View From Carew Tower

Ever wonder where the inspiration for the Empire State Building came from? Believe it or not, Carew Tower in Cincinnati was the model for the famous skyscraper. Being able to see a panorama of the entire city of Cincinnati, as well as neighboring cities in Kentucky and Indiana, from the rooftop of the tower is something that you do not want to miss. Just make sure you get there early enough since the observation deck closes early on the weekends!

Erected in 1930, the Carew Tower is located downtown—you can’t miss it—and has been a Historic Landmark since 1994. Aside from being one of the loftiest skyscrapers in the city, it is also home to a hotel, offices, restaurants, and over two dozen shops. The observation deck is open-air, so you don’t have to worry about glass mucking up your Instagram photos. The only downside is that the old elevator servicing the building doesn’t reach the top floor, so you have to climb four flights of stairs to reach the phenomenal view. It’s worth it, though.

10. Stroll Around Eden Park

Eden is the perfect name for the sprawling park alongside the Ohio River and Walnut Hills. In fact, Eden Park is the best place to see flora and fauna in the heart of Cincinnati. Here, you can find winding walkways around ponds, clusters of flowers, rolling hills, and beautiful fountains and gazebos. The Spring House Gazebo draws a number of eyes who want a beautiful background for their photos, but you also don’t want to miss the statue of Romulus and Remus, those ancient founders of Rome, said to be raised among wolves.

Eden Park is also home to a number of cultural attractions, including the Cincinnati Playhouse in Park and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Other must-see landmarks throughout the park include the Bettman Fountain, the Elsinore Arch of 1883, and the Hinkle Magnolia Garden.

If you absolutely adore green spaces, you shouldn’t just visit Eden Park. Cincinnati has a plethora of recreational areas, including Mount Airy Forest, Washington Park, Ault Park, and the Fleischmann Gardens. All of these places are easy to reach on foot or by car and are as Insta-worthy as the rest of the city.

Best Hotels in Cincinnati for Excellent Accommodation

Cincinnati is not often included in must-see destinations in the United States, but it is one of the best cities for a Midwestern get-away. With the perfect blend of north and south, east and west, Cincinnati has enough flavor for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are visiting for a convention, conference, family gathering, weekend vacation with your partner, or traveling along, you can find several attractions throughout the city. Not surprisingly, the hotels are just as varied, ranging from budget-friendly to upscale luxury. But if you are looking for the best, look no farther than these top hotels in Cincinnati listed below:

1. The Westin Cincinnati
2. Hotel Covington Cincinnati Riverfront
3. 21C Museum Hotel Cincinnati
4. The Cincinnatian, Curio Collection by Hilton
5. Symphony Hotel
6. Hyatt Regency Cincinnati
7. Best Western Premier Mariemont Inn
8. The Inn of Hyde Park
9. Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza
10. Six Acres
1. The Westin Cincinnati

Long to be near the stunning Fountain Square? Then you should stay at the Westin Cincinnati, a massive hotel with more than 450 rooms. All the rooms have a sitting area, plushy beds, and even workspace, making this hotel a top choice for those in Cincinnati for business. Other amazing features include the floor-to-ceiling windows that give you phenomenal views of the city and the coffee and tea facilities. Every morning you can get fueled upright with a continental breakfast. For lunch and dinner, head to the on-site restaurant, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant.

Take a dip in the indoor pool or go for a walk around the area. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the Great American Ball Park are within walking distance.

2. Hotel Covington Cincinnati Riverfront

Although this trendsetting hotel isn’t located in Cincinnati but in Covington, Kentucky, right across the Roebling Suspension Bridge, that doesn’t make it any less awesome. This is a hotel that is all about the experience—for you and your furry friend. Aside from being dog-friendly, the rooms are impeccable in design and comfort. There are USB charging outlets, free Wi-Fi, in-room minibars, and more. You also get access to a 24-hour fitness center, business center, and other facilities for your convenience.

There are four places to get food and drink within Hotel Covington, including Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar, Artisan Coffee Bar, The Patio at Coppin’s, and the Walk-Up. The Patio at Coppin’s is where you can dine al fresco or pull up a chair to watch movies on the lawn. Or head to the restaurant for finer dining. These places were all designed with comfort and camaraderie in mind.

3. 21C Museum Hotel Cincinnati

Here is one example of how a hotel can also be a memorable part of your whole travel experience. The 21C Museum Hotel in Cincinnati has the makings of a wonderful stay, what with a rooftop bar and contemporary art gallery inside. The hotel is mere steps away from the acclaimed Aronoff Center of the Arts, making it the perfect place for those who love museums, visual and performing art. There is also a restaurant inside and event space.

The guest rooms at 21C Museum Hotel Cincinnati are also beautifully furnished. Each room has a coffee maker, a flat-screen TV, en suite bathrooms with toiletries, and comfortable beds. You can even use the on-site hot tub or full-service spa if desired. For those who want to keep up with their fitness program, the hotel also has a complete fitness center with everything you need to work up a sweat.

Additionally, the hotel is within walking distance of Sawyer Point Park and the Taft Museum of Art. 5 minutes away is Fountain Square. Talk about convenient!

4. The Cincinnatian, Curio Collection by Hilton

One of the most beautiful hotels in the Cincinnatian, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton. This place is the embodiment of luxury and elegance. Found in a nationally recognized building of historical significance, the Cincinnatian feels as modern as it does sophisticated and decadent. Though architecture from 1882 remains, the rooms and facilities all have brand new furnishings that are tasteful and refreshing. Some rooms even have balconies and spas.

Guests are welcome to use the business center and fitness center at their convenience, and there is even a valet and airport shuttle service to ensure your stay is hassle-free from start to finish. The hotel is also located near the Paul Brown Stadium and Duke Energy Convention Center. There are also several shopping centers and restaurants located around the area, but if you want to eat on-site, there are two great places—the Palace Restaurant and the Cricket Lounge Bistro—to try.

The Palace Restaurant has American cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meanwhile, the Cricket Lounge Bistro prepares a range of lighter fare as well as hearty entrees, whenever you want.

5. Symphony Hotel

A hotel with a fitting name, the Symphony is found in a restored mansion from 1871 that once served as a boarding house for musicians throughout the years. The nine rooms of the hotel are designed to honor notable composers, such as Mahler, Beethoven, and Mozart. Each room has a queen-sized bed, high-speed internet, and a flat-screen TV with Netflix and Hulu. Being located in the Over-the-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood, you can also find nearby attractions, such as the Cincinnati Music Hall.

There are an on-site restaurant and lounge with Italianate architecture that serves up scrumptious food and drink. Open four days a week to the public, the restaurant offers a five-course pre-concert meal that ends right when live Jazz performances begin. Once you’ve dined, you can then go to the bar, where you will find a fully-stocked selection of craft beers, wines, bourbon, and specialty cocktails and martinis.

6. Hyatt Regency Cincinnati

Located at the heart of the city is Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, a high rising hotel with an eye-catching design. Those who are looking to visit the Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ballpark are in luck because both sites are only about 10 minutes away on foot. Every guest room is furnished with the best comforts, including a safety deposit box, cable TV, a coffee maker, and a mini-fridge. Guests are also welcome to a 24-hour fitness center and an outdoor sun terrace.

Whenever you are feeling peckish, you can head to the Red Roof Tavern, the on-site restaurant, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There’s also the Market for grab-and-go drinks and snacks. At night, you can even hang out at the lounge. But if you don’t feel like leaving your room, you don’t have to. The room service menu is noted to be immense.

7. Best Western Premier Mariemont Inn

Heralded as “Cincinnati’s Premier Boutique Hotel,” you would be right to assume this place is incredible. Dating back to 1926, the Mariemont Inn resides in an upscale building with photo-worthy Tudor revival architecture that looks like it belongs in the Swiss Alps rather than Cincinnati. However, the inn has been at the heart of Ohio for many years, bringing the community together for meetings, banquets, weddings, and other celebrations. Now, you can be a part of history, too.

Every room holds true to the Tudor-style, with oil paintings, fireplaces, and even TVs hidden beneath tapestries that roll-up. The rooms are also spacious and comfortable, giving you plenty of space to stretch out, drink some tea or coffee, and enjoy the complimentary internet access.

The on-site restaurant, The National Exemplar, has won multiple awards for its pasta, ribs, and everything in between. There is also Southerby’s Pub, where you can quaff seasonal cocktails, craft beers, and wines from near and far.

8. The Inn of Hyde Park

Sometimes, the most luxurious thing you could have is a quieter, more intimate place to stay. Enter the Inn of Hyde Park (formerly known as Grace and Glory), a contemporary style bed and breakfast with a lot to offer. Found among the residential homes of historic Hyde Park, the B&B is surrounded by trendy cafes, eateries, and boutiques. Slightly farther from the Inn of Hyde Park are other popular attractions, including MadTree Brewing and the 20th Century Theatre.

Everything about it feels like home since everything is made to keep you comfortable, from the layout of the rooms with bed-side phone charges to the self-serve coffee bar. The blue and gray tones of the rooms are soothing, and the sparkling clean amenities will make you smile. For example, you get an en-suite bathroom, individual air conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi and hair dryers.

In the morning, a complimentary gourmet breakfast is served that multiple reviewers have raved about. Everything is fresh, delicious, and organic. Also, special diets and restrictions are honored.

9. Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Don’t you love it when a hotel is housed within one of the coolest places in the city to go? That’s right, the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza is housed within the famous Carew Building, where you find boutique stores, restaurants, and even a panoramic, open-air observation deck. As you would expect, a hotel within a historic landmark has all the bells and whistles that keep you coming back for more.

The Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza has stunning French art deco designs throughout the lobby and rooms. In the rooms, you get a flat-screen TV with video games and HBO, as well as a refrigerator. There is also an on-site indoor swimming pool and fitness center, barbershop, and beauty salon. Shoppers will also enjoy the gift shop, where you can find lovely souvenirs.

Hungry? Try the Forbes Four-Star rated Orchids at Palm Court for fine dining. Breakfast and lunch are also served at the Grille at Palm Court.

10. Six Acres

Perhaps you want to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of Cincinnati but still want to be central to everything going on. Six Acres Bed and Breakfast is located on, you guessed it, six acres of stunning green just a mere 15 minutes from Cincinnati’s downtown. The grounds of the B&B are beautifully maintained, and the quaint butter-colored building is perfect for anyone looking for some real rest and relaxation. Each of the five rooms at the B&B is sunny, bright, and comes with a private bathroom.

Six Acres B&B also has a fascinating history. It was originally constructed by Zebulon Strong, a Quaker abolitionist, during the 1850s and played a role in the Underground Railroad. You can learn more about history during your stay.

Is Six Acres B&B all booked up? Don’t worry. You can try staying at the sister location, aptly named 7th Acre, just down the road.

Top Companies in the Greater Cincinnati Region

Cincinnati is an energetic city that has recently undergone a revitalization of its workforce. Now, there are hundreds of businesses blossoming up throughout the Cincinnati region that offer gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and a cornucopia of benefits befitting younger entry-level graduates and more experienced professionals. Whether you are looking for a job with a wonderful work-life balance in the financial sector, want to make use of your skills in sales or marketing, or have had a lifelong passion for counseling or consulting, there is a career awaiting you in Cincinnati.

In 2019, there were 126 companies and organizations that were recognized as some of the top workplaces in Cincinnati (and the world). While there are plenty of small, medium, and large companies to find work, here are the top 15 places to work in the Greater Cincinnati region:

1. American Modern Insurance Group
2. Fidelity
3. Fifth Third Bank
4. Medpace
5. Palo Alto Networks
6. Zillow
7. Lululemon Athletica
8. American Express
9. Cengage Learning
10. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
11. Procter and Gamble
15. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS)
13. Total Quality Logistics
12. Deloitte
14. Paycor
15. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS)
1. American Modern Insurance Group

Founded in 1938, the American Modern Insurance Group focuses on an array of insurances to protect their clients. The group offers residential insurances for specialty dwellings, manufactured homes, and more. People who own classic vehicles, personal watercraft, boats, and so on can also benefit from one of the many insurance types the company offers.

Those who work at American Modern Insurance Group report that the work they do makes an impact. Not only do they manage themselves, but they are given tasks that play into an individual’s knowledge and strengths. This means that working for American Modern Insurance Group comes with no ceiling and that you will be able to continuously strive to be better.

2. Fidelity

With more than 26 million clients and over 23,000 businesses of all sizes relying on Fidelity to assist with investments and other things, you know that Fidelity is a trustworthy company. Not only is the customer base of Fidelity diverse and expansive, but the number of programs offered means there is a broad range of jobs available at this company for those looking for a job in Cincinnati.

Employees of Fidelity enjoy benefits, fantastic work-life balance, and report that they like going to work—which says a lot. The workplace is also very women-friendly, since Fidelity provides astounding maternity and adoptive leave benefits, alongside wellness initiatives to keep their employees relaxed, healthy, and happy.

3. Fifth Third Bank

Sometimes job security comes in the form of working for a company that has been around since 1858. Fifth Third Bank has been within the financial industry for a long time as has, throughout the years, branched out into four specific businesses: wealth and asset management, consumer lending, branch banking, and commercial banking.

Working for Fifth Third Bank, according to employees, is excellent. Not only are the coworkers productive, efficient, and friendly, but the management is said to be highly supportive of their employees.

4. Medpace

Medical researchers are needed more than ever, and you want to make sure you are working for a company that strives to deliver the best pharmaceuticals and research to the public. Within the multiple departments developing new medicines and undergoing studies, every person will be treated like family—with respect and fairness. Above delivering life-changing medicines to the public, Medpace endeavors to become a community within itself, a place where employees are happy to be.

At Medpace, the primary focus is on Phase I-IV development of drugs, as well as biological programs and devices. The development programs work within the scope of oncology, infectious and cardiovascular disease.

5. Palo Alto Networks

With numerous locations throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, Palo Alto Networks is an expansive company that focuses on computer and network security. Between 5,000-10,000 people are employed by this company at any time and is highly rated by employees for having excellent coworkers and management. Flexible work hours are another advantage. Palo Alto Networks is also reported to be conscious of workplace diversity and equality, providing competitive wages and benefits to everyone.

6. Zillow

Anyone who has searched for rentals throughout the United States has at least heard of Zillow. This internet company has dozens of locations throughout Cincinnati and has been repeatedly named one of the best workplaces for parents, women, and men within technology. It also scored high on the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index in 2019.

Female employees rank Zillow extremely high for maternity and adoptive leave, so if you plan on starting a family, this is a good place to be. Furthermore, Zillow provides wonderful paid time off, allowing you and your family time to be with one another post-delivery, or during hardships and other unforeseen events.

7. Lululemon Athletica

Do you love health, fitness, and sales? Have a background in yoga or design? Businesses like Lululemon Athletica cover a wide range of careers and competitive pay that anyone, whether you are a college student or some seeking a fulfilling occupation, can benefit from. The company has been rated for delivering comprehensive wellness initiatives and has been noted for its female representation among the administrative bodies.

Every Lululemon store, as well as corporate locations, strives to develop a strong and positive culture to motivate and inspire employees and customers. You will be more than a store clerk. Teach yoga, become a health ambassador, a designer, a store manager, or an event coordinator. There are hundreds of jobs centered around the Lululemon lifestyle for you to discover.

8. American Express

Working for a credit card company as well known and accepted as American Express is bound to be a positive experience. There is more to AMEX than credit cards, however. Recently, the company has launched dozens of new options for customers and broadened their reach to incorporate technology into their services. This means that those who work in IT are going to be highly valued, especially after the acquisition of Mezi, a travel app.

American Express provides employees with great benefits, including extensive maternity and adoptive leave, and paid time off. You also enjoy perks of tuition assistance and programs for health and emotional well-being. American Express is also devoted to diversity and inclusion in all workspaces, meaning that your coworkers will be from across the globe and have a spectrum of backgrounds and experiences.

9. Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning is an e-learning company with a vast platform for personalized jobs, allowing for both on-site and remote workers to earn a living. The company calls itself a manufacturer of educational technology that can better the classroom for both teachers and learners. Most of the technology serves higher learning institutions, including professional workplaces or workforce training throughout the world.

Cengage Learning is highly supportive of its employees and offers things like maternity and adoptive leave. It is also noted to have a great company culture, full of supportive management and executives who are eager and willing to listen to their employees. Although Cengage is based in Boston, MA, it has a global team throughout the US (Cincinnati included) and 40 other countries.

10. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Adding another pharmaceutical company to the list, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a British company that is well-known around the world for developing a vast amount of medications. Notable contributions include developing the first vaccine for malaria. Other essential medicines have been produced by GSK as well.

The group as a whole strives to make increasingly better and safer drugs to provide relief to those who need pharmaceuticals the most. The company is noted for providing excellent paid time off and having a diverse and supportive company culture, as well as motivated and friendly coworkers. Presently, the company offers a bounty of benefits including health insurance, long-term disability insurance, group life insurance, and employer-financed pension plans.

11. Procter and Gamble

Take a look around your household. You are bound to find something that has the Procter and Gamble (PG) seal on it. Or, you may remember having appliances from the company in the past. Procter and Gamble have been around for over 180 years! This global business is far-reaching, and thus is a wonderful place to build a career. PG is committed to social change and innovation, so it makes sense that the company is committed to gender equality, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

Not only will you feel like a member of a global community, but the work you do will make a difference in the lives of millions throughout the world. Procter and Gamble have opportunities for everyone, whether you want an internship, are entry-level, or are an experienced professional looking for something more. Aside from comprehensive benefits, world-class training is available to elevate your skills and strengths.

15. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS)

Found in 1974, this nonprofit organization has been helping the less fortunate in and around Cincinnati get back on their feet. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services ranks high inequality and pay within the human services sector, making it ideal for both young professionals and those with many years of experience.

Presently, GCBHS is a $45 million organization employing around 700 staff members and reaching around 30,000 clients every single year. GCBHS is currently the biggest behavioral healthcare provider in the area and has clients of all ages. The team consists of primary care physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, care managers, nurse practitioners, and much more.

Employees of GCBHS state that the management cares not only for them but also for the clients. Working in this sector is highly rewarding, and everyone gets the same amount of support. The benefits of working with this company include assistance with planning for retirement, a complete health insurance package, paid time off, tuition assistance, and more. This is the place you want to work if you believe in a greater good and have an interest in mental health or healthcare in general.

13. Total Quality Logistics

Ranking second in the transport and shipping division as one of the best workplaces in Cincinnati, Total Quality Logistics stands true to its name. The company was founded in 1997 and has seen paved the way for other logistic businesses throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. The company uses years of experience within the industry as well as innovation and technology to ensure that imports and exports, as well as statewide and interstate cargo, gets to where it has to go.

Employees say that Total Quality Logistics has an amazing workplace culture. Everyone collaborates and works together towards a common goal. If you are looking for a company where you are part of a welcoming team and receive competitive pay, then Total Quality Logistics might be the right fit for you.

12. Deloitte

Management consulting sounds like an interesting career? Then take a look at Deloitte, a company noted for caring about the overall employee experience. Furthermore, the history of the company is long, beginning in 1895. Since then, Deloitte has spread throughout the world, becoming a global entity that employs thousands of people. The main service offered by Deloitte continues to be tax services, consulting, and audits. However, the company also provides risk and financial advisory services and assists with mergers and acquisitions.

For those interested in joining the global team, Deloitte has a unique hiring process. You can example the perfect match online. Students and experienced professionals alike are invited to apply. Career advancement is possible, and there are education opportunities to help you reach your goals. There are also international opportunities, which are ideal for those who are seeking to travel.

14. Paycor

Those with an interest in technology and the sales of products and services would do well to consider Paycor, a Norwood-based company that was founded in 1990. Paycor presently assists over 25,000 small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Cincinnati and beyond with intuitive technologies, including a cloud-based HR program and payroll software. Paycor has solutions for all kinds of businesses, whether they deal in retail, education, manufacturing, or other professional services.

Because Paycor focuses on more than one industry, it needs experts for a vast number of jobs. Working at Paycor means employees can manage themselves. You can find a career-focused in finance and legal practices, human resources, marketing, IT and technology, sales, or customer service. The administration does not micromanage, enabling coworkers to solve issues creatively and further the workplace culture. Paycor is also known for supporting career growth and holding offsite employee experiences, such as socials and ping-pong battles.

15. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS)

Found in 1974, this nonprofit organization has been helping the less fortunate in and around Cincinnati get back on their feet. Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services ranks high inequality and pay within the human services sector, making it ideal for both young professionals and those with many years of experience.

Presently, GCBHS is a $45 million organization employing around 700 staff members and reaching around 30,000 clients every single year. GCBHS is currently the biggest behavioral healthcare provider in the area and has clients of all ages. The team consists of primary care physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, care managers, nurse practitioners, and much more.

Employees of GCBHS state that the management cares not only for them but also for the clients. Working in this sector is highly rewarding, and everyone gets the same amount of support. The benefits of working with this company include assistance with planning for retirement, a complete health insurance package, paid time off, tuition assistance, and more. This is the place you want to work if you believe in a greater good and have an interest in mental health or healthcare in general.

Best Restaurants in Cincinnati Where You Can Eat

Cincinnati is a city that is historic and modern, blending flavors from all over the world and throughout time. With a city so glutted on the amazing cafes, eateries, and restaurants, how do you choose? That fact is that Cincinnati, OH has dozens of award-winning restaurants and each as a menu that boasts some creative fare. Each restaurant also has a legion of loyal customers.

The good news is that you can dine rather fine without wasting a dime because Cincinnati is also cheaper than some more popular travel destinations. Whatever you are craving, such as Southern-inspired offerings, international cuisine, or even the old Cincinnati favorite—chili—there is someplace for you. Some of the best restaurants in Cincinnatti where you can enjoy quality dishes include the following:

1. Phoenician Taverna
2. Haru
3. Jeff Ruby’s Precinct
4. Cozy’s Cafe and Pub
5. Boca
6. Salazar
7. Abigail Street
8. Orchids at Palm Court
9. Sotto
10. Please
1. Phoenician Taverna

When you need sustenance, head to Phoenician Taverna. This is one place where a quick bite can quickly become a smorgasbord of flavors. Everything is just too good, and the portions are made for sharing. You and your party will be well-fed because the meze (falafel, muhammara, and hummus) just keeps coming—along with masterfully crafted entrees. 

Owner and Head Chef Wassim Matar prove that the main ingredient in any fantastic dish is a pinch of creativity and a spark of the soul. Whether it is using guajillo peppers for harissa or cauliflower in lemony tahini, there is an element of surprise hidden in every familiar dish. You will be wowed by how every item on the menu can be paired with another, such as the hummus and falafel, or the tabbouleh and baba ghanoush. 

This is one restaurant where drawing from the roots is by no means predictable. Bring your friends or family and delve into culinary tradition and innovation. 

2. Haru

628 Vine St., Downtown, (513) 381-0947,

If you are craving something different, then Korean is your next flavor adventure—and Haru is going to help you set sail. Located Downtown, this fantastic little eatery will introduce you to a slew of Korean meals, including a solid offering of noodles, stews, and barbecue. The interior is bright and airy, and there is plenty of seating for every occasion. 

Every meal comes with the usual condiments and accompaniments, including fish cakes, kimchi, pickled vegetables, and other tasty treats. Repeat customers speak highly of the japchae, a sweet potato noodle dish that comes blended with stir-fried vegetables and a rich sauce. Don’t forget to add a little gochujang—fermented chili paste—to the noodles to get the full effect! If you’re not in the mood for noodles, Haru also offers some of the best bibimbap around.  It’s so good, you will be coming back for more. 

3. Jeff Ruby’s Precinct

311 Delta Ave., (513) 321-5454,

When you crave steak, you head to Jeff Ruby’s Precinct, the local favorite since 1981. Ever since this steakhouse graced the scene, it has gotten the attention of celebrities, athletes, and other famous faces, helping it generate a steady stream of fans. That is why you can see the walls covered with photographs of Jeff Ruby hanging out with all the people who came to visit. The rest of the building is covered in memorabilia from Cincinnati’s mounted police patrol, so you can learn a little about history while you chow down on perfectly cooked steak. 

While the steaks are the main draw, other meal options are just as popular. Shellfish, chicken, seafood, and pork tenderloin also grace the menu. These are usually paired with simple sides, such as a hearty macaroni and cheese, salad, baked potato, and the like. However, simplicity doesn’t mean that you will not be wowed by the flavors. 

Overall, Jeff Ruby’s Precinct offers up amazing food while remaining casual in the atmosphere. You, family, friends, and even business colleagues will have a great time here. 

4. Cozy’s Cafe and Pub

6440 Cincinnati Dayton Rd., Liberty Township, (513) 644-9365,

There is something to be said about the interior at Cozy’s Cafe and Pub. It’s beautiful. With the exposed beams in the ceiling, the low lights, and rustic accents, this place is indeed very cozy—and that makes it perfect for a casual date with friends and family. Aside from the atmosphere, this place is well-known for offering up new takes on old favorites. You might just rediscover something from your childhood. 

For example, Cozy has a delectable fried chicken that is tender, light, and without any grease that is paired with mashed potatoes and beans that is to die for. Or, you can go a little Southern and opt for that buttermilk fried filet with the same fluffy waffles at lunchtime. 

Of course, there are plenty of other nostalgic treats for you to discover here. But you will also find that there’s just a bit zest, a kind of magic, that makes Cozy’s Cafe and Pub a great place to dine. 

5. Boca

114 E. Sixth St., Downtown, (513) 542-2022,

Sotto, a more casual spot, you can think of Boca as stepping into a time where dining and grandeur went hand-in-hand. Boca has everything it needs to make anyone feel like royalty, such as chandeliers, draperies from the floor to ceiling, and the atmosphere of going to the opera. The presentation of dishes hints to the same aristocratic feel, with every dish coming to your table looking like a piece of edible art. 

For instance, you see drama in the cocktails, the dynamism of tartare and fried parsnips, the subtle breathlessness of salmon surrounded by a delicate sauce. While most of the cuisine is based in Italian and French, you will see elements that make it seem new and novel. The hamachi crudo, for example, is done with ponzu and wasabi, blending in the sense of Japanese umami that is presented with flair.  Anyone who enjoys looking at their food as much as they like eating it will find that Boca gives them something to talk about. 

6. Salazar

1401 Republic St., (513) 621-7000,

There are hundreds of ethnic restaurants through the Cincinnati region that deliver up both traditional and innovative masterfully, but few places do it as well as Salazar. With the main focus being a casual atmosphere partnered with artistic presentations and the finest ingredients, you know you are in for an experience. Executive Chef Joe Salazar and Chef-de-Cuisine Andy Hiner work seamlessly together to acquire fresh-from-the-farm ingredients that weave together beautiful dishes. 

The intimate dining atmosphere makes the experience all the better. Taking no reservations and offering only 42 seats, Salazar is ideal for more romantic outings. Plus, the menu has something for everyone. For instance, there are both artfully layered burgers and vegetarian risottos on the menu. The integrated bar whips up delicious drinks, as well. Next time you are wandering the OTR, be sure to peek into Salazar’s and see if you can pull up a seat!

7. Abigail Street

1214 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 421-4040,

As soon as you walk into Abigail Street, you will be astounded by the scent of spice, along with the airy interior and the ceiling adorned with beautiful lights. Then you see the simple bar, the handcrafted drinks, and the heaps of fragrant dishes on the tables and realize that you are about to have an amazing meal. 

The menu is full of North African and Middle Eastern flavors, such as falafel, chermoula, fattoush, and hummus with pita. But while these sound familiar, you will be delighted to find that Abigail Street is all about the finishing touches, meaning every entree is tied together with robust seasonings and ingredients that change slightly throughout the year. That is why the latest offerings, like duck leg confit, are just as tasty and highly rated as old standbys, like the mussels chermoula. 

Even if you have never had Middle Eastern or North African before, Abigail Street is the place to get acquainted with these flavors, because every dish is so beautifully presented and delightful, that you will be craving more. 

8. Orchids at Palm Court

35 W. Fifth St., Downtown, (513) 564-6465,

A quintessential favorite in Cincinnati, Orchids at Palm Court within the historic Carew Tower’s gorgeous Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel continues to doll out surprises. Aside from Art Deco elegance and lavish amounts of French china, silver, and other touches, the restaurant continues to win awards and raving reviews for some of the most mouth-watering cuisine in the whole city. 

Executive Chef Todd Kelly and the rest of the teamwork hard to find the best ingredients for their entrees. Sometimes, when they can’t find what they want, they will do it their way, such as harvesting their own caviar or making their own cheese. This level of dedication is what makes Orchids at Palm Court timeless. Aside from the quality, the creativity employed by the chefs is superb. 

The menu changes according to the seasons and availability, but some menu options are so popular that they have become permanent. If you want to try one of the most raved about meals, select the Main Lobster Salad for your second course and the Red Snapper en Papillote as your entree. You won’t regret it. 

9. Sotto

118 E. Sixth St., Downtown, (513) 977-6886,

Sometimes you aren’t up for trying something new. Instead, you want comfort and satisfaction. That is exactly what Sotto offers up. And with such familiar flavors, it is no wonder that Sotto is often overflowing with diners waiting to eat. The warm atmosphere feels like home, and while the restaurant can get loud, that too is an added treat. If you decide to sit at the bar for your meal, you will also be able to see the chefs working their magic. 

That magic happens to be the dishes. From classes like scallops and Brussels sprouts tossed in a flavorful brown butter vinaigrette to wood-fired halibut, porterhouse steak, and perfectly done pasta, you will certainly not be leaving hungry. Even the desserts, like the panna cotta paired with cherry sauce, is soothing and soulful. Diners speak highly of the quality of the pasta, calling it silky, buttery, and tender. Some may even go as far as it calling the dishes here “addictive,” but we’ll leave that decision up to you!

10. Please

1405 Clay St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 405-8859,

 When Please first opened, Chef and Owner Ryan Santos grabbed a lot of attention for his mind-blowing culinary creations that were unusual, unheard of, and often perfectly balanced between fascinating, bizarre, and scrumptious. The space in which this is all crafted adds to the intrigue because the restaurant is small and feels in many ways like an apartment. 

 Now, Please have gotten a much more centered menu, and the chefs are making their service more and more perfect. Every dish that exits the kitchen is exquisite and hits the mark every single time. That is why Please is one of the most talked-about restaurants in Cincinnati right now. 

 But what is it about this place that makes it so great? First off, the ingredients of every dish are hand-picked international and seasonal favorites that are blended uniquely. For instance, you might find oysters covered in a citrus mignonette or cedar-rosemary custard. There are also things like rye gnocchi tossed in black truffle cream. If you consider yourself an adventurous foodie, then you need to try Please.

Family Friendly Activities Near Cincinnati

When people think of Cincinnati, they might think about the Ohio River, baseball, barbecue, industrialism, and other facets of American culture. Recently, the city is also seeing an increase in bohemian cafes, upscale restaurants, high-rise hotels, and much more to attract people from all over the world.

While all this might entice adults to visit, Cincinnati is also an amazing city to bring kids. There are dozens of family-friendly museums with educational programs for kids of all ages to enjoy, plenty of parks and outdoor space to enjoy the fresh air, and even major sporting events. There are so many things to do in Cincinnati with the kids, but if you are looking for the best, check out the recommended places to go with the family below:

1. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
2. Kings Island
3. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
4. Coney Island
6. Miami University Museums
5. California Woods Natural Preserve
7. Behringer-Crawford Museum
8. Smale Riverfront Park
9. Loveland Bike Trail
10. Highfield Discovery Center at Glenwood Gardens
1. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

No trip to Cincinnati with kids is complete without visiting the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. The zoo, which opened in 1875, is one of the oldest zoos in America. In 1987, it was named a National Historic Landmark. But what is there to see? The Cincinnati Zoo is a bustling and varied kingdom featuring over 500 animals and more than 3,000 plant species.

Being an accredited zoo with multiple successful breeding programs, you can also rest assured that all the animals are healthy, happy, and taken care of. There are African exhibits featuring cheetahs, servals, lions, wild dogs, zebra, gazelle, and many more animals. You can spend hours wandering around the enclosures while learning about all kinds of environments and the animals and plants found there.

Looking for something to do indoors on a rainy day? You can try the Newport Aquarium instead. The aquarium is also at the heart of the city, along the Ohio River, making it within reach on a rainy day. There are dive shows, touching areas, and much more.

2. Kings Island

Did you know that Kings Island welcomes over 3 million visitors a year during spring and summer alone? Yes, this place is popular. Just a short 25-minute drive from Cincinnati’s downtown, Kings Island is one of the most visited amusement parks around and boasts tons of amusements for kids of all ages. For instance, if you have several kids of various ages, you can drop the little ones off at Camp Snoopy, which was rated one of the Best Kids’ Areas in the world by Amusement Today.

Beyond that, you and your older children can check out the main park, where you will find jaw-dropping attractions like The Beast, Banshee, Diamondback, and Mystic Timbers. The latest addition, a giga coaster called Orion, will leave you breathless and wanting more. On the hottest days, don’t forget about Soak City, the water park. Since admission to Soak City is included in the ticket price of Kings Island, you should definitely take advantage. Most of the rides in Soak City are suitable for all ages.

If you happen to miss Kings Park spring and summer seasons, don’t despair! The park opens again for a short time in October for Halloween-themed festivities. You don’t want to miss it!

3. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Slightly older children will love the immersive interactive experience at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The museum opened up in 2004 along the banks of the Ohio River, which is a fitting location. In the past, thousands of slaves risked their lives to cross the Ohio River to reach Cincinnati. Now, the museum is here to tell their tales through several detailed exhibits.

You will see collections of relics from the times of slavery and abolitionism, along with a slave pen installation. Being that this is a “conscience” museum, you can expect exhibits to be thought-provoking.

Near the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is another family favorite—the Great American Ball Park.

4. Coney Island

Hankering for some more excitement? Then you need to head to Coney Island Amusement Park. Just 10 miles east of Cincinnati is an amusement and waterpark like no other. Though small, Coney Island has been around since 1886. It features several mind-blowing rides, including The Twister, Cyclone, and Pipeline Plunge. There is also Sunlite Pool, the largest recirculating swimming pool in the entire world. Once your kids get tired of roller coasters, bring them to the Challenge Zone, where they can try running an obstacle course full of monkey bars, rock walls, and balance beams.

The park also hosts several festivals during the summer months, such as the Cincinnati Celtic World Festival, the Summerfair Arts Festival, and the Cincinnati Flower and Farm Festival. All of these parties are kid-friendly, so check out when they will be held next.

6. Miami University Museums

Not just for college students, the museums at Miami University on the outskirts Cincinnati are perfect for children and charge no admission fees. Though they do take a short drive to reach, it’s worthwhile. There are three that are particularly fun for little ones: the Art Museum & Sculpture Park, the Hefner Museum of Natural History, and the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum.

The Art Museum & Sculpture Park is located at the south of Miami University’s main campus and has five galleries that continuously change. There are also over 10,000 items in the permanent exhibits. The Hefner Museum of Natural History has all kinds of ecological exhibits that aim to teach children and adults about biodiversity. Lastly, the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum has a vast collection of ores, meteorites, and a 16-inch fossilized trilobite. Children who love rocks and fossils will love this place.

5. California Woods Natural Preserve

Time outdoors is essential to raising healthy, happy kids. Cincinnati has plenty of parks and playgrounds, but one of the favorites happens to be California Woods. With over 110 acres, the forested area features 53 tree species and over 200 plant species. You can see plenty of wild animals along the Lick Run Creek too. Snapping turtles, fish, kingfishers, mallards, and plenty of others live here.

Several winding trails are leading to picnicking areas and amazing sights. Some of the trails take less than 30 minutes to complete while others may take a couple of hours. Among the sycamore trees, you might spot great horned owls and pileated woodpeckers. At the front of nature, preserve is a hummingbird and butterfly garden that kids will love. So put on your hiking boots and get moving!

7. Behringer-Crawford Museum

A hybrid of a playground and a park, a playscape is one of the best places you can bring energetic and curious kids of an adventure-filled day. The Behringer-Crawford Museum is an excellent place to visit because it combines education with outdoor fun. The museum covers life in Ohio and Kentucky and includes replicas of cars, steamboats, and even objects like a shrunken head and a two-headed calf.

Next, NaturePlay. This section of the museum has playground equipment, such as swings and slides, mixed with rock walls, boardwalks, boats, and gravel pits. The best part is that the park is usually open even when the museum isn’t; but if you do go during operating hours, ask the reception desk for a Science and Art Park, which will add even more adventure to your family outing.

Looking for more playscapes? The Nature PlayScape at Summit Park is a favorite among locals and visitors. It also has a path for bikes and plenty of green space for a picnic.

8. Smale Riverfront Park

Headed downtown? Then you need to stop by the Smale Riverfront Park. Here, you can find an entertaining arrangement for children of all ages. During summertime, the park has a sprayground, where kids (and kids at heart) can get cooled off. There are also sections where the little ones can run, hide, climb, slide, play a humongous piano, and ride a flying pig. You can also check out the swings facing the river and admire the incredible view.

If you are up for a walk, there are several winding paths. While you are here, be sure to take a spin or two on Carol Ann’s Carousel, which has characters like a praying mantis, a flying pig, and a Bengal tiger. The carousel happens to be one of the many artistic landmarks around Cincinnati. Another landmark you can see from the park? The enormous Roebling Suspension Bridge.

Bring your camera, some water, and get walking together. You will love it here.

9. Loveland Bike Trail

Do your kids need to blow off some steam? Grab your bikes and take the Loveland Bike Trail. The route is perfect for beginners and those looking for an easy-going ride. Start in Downtown Loveland at the picnic area (where there is also a playground) then take the trail from there. You will find that the trail has plenty of shade and is wide enough for families to navigate without issue. Best of all, you can go as far as you want and turn around at any time.

Other family-friendly bike trails include the trails in Pioneer Park, the Ohio River Trail, and the 1.4 mile long Voice of America loop.

10. Highfield Discovery Center at Glenwood Gardens

Glenwood Gardens is one more example of the many fantastic parks and recreational green spaces found throughout the city. This park has 335 acres of wetlands, forests, gardens, and prairies. You can enjoy a 1-mile paved path for walking or even go for the longer 1.6-mile Wetland Loop to see beautiful nature and animals. But if your kids are feeling adventurous, bring them to the Highfield Discovery Garden.

The garden is designed to feel like a fairyland, with trains, gardens, and even a preschooler friendly water park in Parky’s Farm. You can also enjoy a small petting zoo. There are also plenty of hiking trails to check out, so be ready to spend most of your day here, enjoying the bountiful nature.


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