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Why Patriot Maids?

We realize you’re busy, and that a dirty home is the last thing you want to come home to at the end of the day. That’s why we’re here to the rescue, we offer high quality, thorough and worry-free home cleaning services in Orlando and the surrounding area. We take care of everything with transparent flat-rate pricing and simple online booking. You’ll like our one of a kind referral cleaning services and our borderline crazy commitment to your satisfaction for a sparkly clean home.

Patriot Maids is the highest rated home cleaning and maid service in greater Orlando area. Our core principles make us who we are: We clean, you relax. We’re so sure you’ll love it that we’re putting our money where our mouth is with a 200% happiness guarantee

No contracts, estimates, quotes, or in-home inspections required. Let us know how many rooms are in your home. Find a time that works with your schedule, book your cleaning, then take the remainder of the day off! Our partnered independent cleaning professionals will do the scrubbing and make your house tidy! Give us a chance and book today! There’s nothing to lose with our 200% guarantee!


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Here at Patriot Maids, we take referrals as our #1 priority. As a referral agency for residential cleaning services, we ensure that you are happily satisfied with the independent cleaning professionals we refer to you. We are located in the Orlando metro area and the cleaning providers that we partner with can visit your home, apt, condominium, townhouse, and duplex from Monday to Sunday in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

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Professional Home Cleaners

We only refer the most exceptional domestic cleaners in the industry. All domestic workers we partner with have numerous years of experience before we refer them to your house for professional cleaning services. If they’re not quick and meticulous, we do not refer them. Rest assured that all of the independent service providers we refer to you are same domestic workers that we would prefer to clean our own homes.

House Cleaning, Orlando, FL – The Answer To Your All Your Questions

If you are looking for a place fit for kids and those kids-at-heart, then look no further than Orlando, Florida! Known for its world-class theme parks and its comforting warm climate, this beautiful city should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Whether you’ve been a long-time resident or had just moved in, you know for a fact that there is always so much more to explore in Orlando. It’s like entering Platform 9 3/4–a different world awaits, one more magical and adventurous than any other state.

Whether you love the city for the chance of getting your long-awaited Hogwarts Letter or for the exciting nightlife down in Altamonte Springs, Orlando will always promise you the time of your life. You can even bring your kids! Its theme parks and water parks would surely keep them entertained. If you’re with your friends or your partner, you’d probably appreciate a calming boat ride down your local swamp–of course, if you aren’t afraid to spot the infamous alligators. If you aren’t one for the searing sunlight, then maybe you should cool down in your nearest shopping outlet. The city has a place for everyone!

However, despite your plans for crazy golf and bar hopping, you’ll see a mountain of to-do lists blocking your way. No matter how many times you wave your wand, the laundry basket still wouldn’t empty itself. And don’t get yourself started by looking into your bathroom! Just when things couldn’t get any worse, you’ll find a messy bedroom waiting for you at your doorstep. Your home should be an oasis, not a dungeon for dementors. The last thing you want is to punish yourself and your kids with chores on a beautiful Sunday.

Luckily, if there’s anything that Orlando has many of–it’s professional cleaning crews! With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about them.

The only guide YOU need to hiring your Orlando house cleaning services

Thinking of joining a block party in downtown Orlando at Wall St. Plaza? After that exhausting week you and your co-workers had before sealing the deal, you’d want to cool down by going bar hopping at all the seven themed pubs. Sadly, reality has other plans for you.

With a disorganized pantry and an equally disheveled living room, a dilemma sits on your doorsteps. To clean or not to clean–that’s the question, but you know for a fact that if you settle for the former, you’re welcoming stress and anxiety into your home. Not even the strongest drink from those seven pubs could make you forget all about them.

But why can’t you just check both from your to-do list? By choosing the perfect cleaning company to stand by your side, you can have all your chores checked out by the time the sun clocks out, and you can finally celebrate your free weekend with a healthy dose of the infamous Apple Sauce! If picking the right cleaner could solve all your problems, then we would love to step in with a list of tips and tricks in preparing you for your big decision ahead.

Finding the BEST cleaning services Orlando, FL, has to offer

Waving your hand and staring at your screen wouldn’t be able to organize all the pages under your search bar, no matter how passionate you make it sound. The force is just not by your side. Sifting through all those commercial cleaning services promising you a spotless office and a clean home can be more confusing rather than encouraging, especially when you do not know what you’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

Just like every other great amusement park, you’ll have to wait for a couple of minutes before you experience the ride of your life, and the same could be said in finding the service of your choice. With this being said, whip out your phones and place those yellow pages back to where they came from because you wouldn’t be using them for this process. As time-consuming and frustrating you may think this is, you’ll find that our steady process could have you wishing you had done this way sooner!

When should I start looking? 

As they say, there’s no time like the present! Finding the right cleaning services in Orlando can take a lot of time, and the information can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you do not know where or what to look. Trust us, we know the feeling of wanting to scroll down Instagram instead of looking at different companies available in the industry. Google can be hectic, even if it does have all the answers, and it certainly doesn’t do a good job in organizing them. Plus the booking process and the consultation involved–who has the time for that?

This was exactly the pain every single one of us had gone through, and it was why we all butted our heads and started Patriot Maids from the ground up. Not only are we determined in creating a seamless process for our new customers, but we are here to give the most top-notched service in the industry.

Our advice? Start now, to save later–you wouldn’t regret it!

What should I be looking for? 

Now that you have your phones whipped out and all ready to go, we can move on to the next step. The moment you start typing out the words ‘house cleaning services’, you’ll immediately see a thousand different advertisements popping up on your screen, asking you to book them now. Within each business you will click, you’ll find a dozen of services addressing your various needs like deep cleaning, regular cleanup, vacation rental cleanup–and by the time you’ve had enough of it, you couldn’t even tell them apart!

It’s like a never-ending funnel of advertisements. You don’t know where to look or whom to listen to! But don’t fret! There is a way out of this dreadful cycle, and it takes the shape of star ratings and strangers. Although some reviews can be more subjective than objective, it may be a great way to narrow down your list of choices. They say a lot about the company, from their punctuality down to their team members. Lucky for you, you can find these everywhere. HomeAdvisor, Yelp, even Facebook can assist you by reorganizing all the ratings and placing the most helpful and more important reviews up on top, aligning your best interests to the services you desire.

If you’re not comfortable with trusting strangers’ pieces of advice, then don’t worry, because you have your friends and family right at your side! Maybe they could suggest a business or two as well as share with you their experiences with their assigned cleaner. Reading their reviews and hearing their references could not only educate you as to what to look for in a cleaner with regards to their packages and pricing, but it would also help you learn from their mistakes and successes. It lessens the time you need in finding a cleaner, plus it keeps your stress at a minimum.

Trust is hard-earned, so picking those who have already been tried and tested, may make you more willing in inviting them into your home.

How should I start looking? 

Besides scouring through reviews, other factors lie in the open like their services and packages. Commercial services may offer to clean your home, but what should you expect from them? Will they be sanitizing your doorknobs and doing a general sweep of your apartment? Will you be expecting a deep clean, wherein they focus their attention on more problematic, hard-to-reach areas like the ceiling fan and the back of your fridge? Or are they more specialized in refurbishing your furniture and fixtures?

Don’t hesitate to ask them about their services and if there is anything more they could offer above that range. You will notice that the typical range to call in a maid service would be around $120 to $220, which could be rather expensive. It’s only natural to want your money’s worth! So, be sure to read the fine print. Although A may not cost as much as B, you may be paying more than what you’ve initially bargained for with all the hidden costs. This may take in shape paying for their transportation as well as buying their supplies!

Before you hit that booking button, be sure you’ve read these services from front to back. After all, the last thing you want is to say goodbye to bills you never expected to lose!

Who should I be looking for? 

Now that you know where to look, what to look, and how to look, it’s only a matter of time that you also know who you should be looking for! Of course, this takes you to a deeper look as to what the business stands for and what safety measures they have guaranteed in sending a team of maids to clean your home.

You will need to hand them the keys to your house, and in doing so, you’d have to trust that they will use that key for professional purposes only. With this, analyze the company’s selection process when it comes to the maids under their portfolio. Have they been background checked and vetted? Are they experienced? Is an organized home truly a guarantee in picking them out among many others?

These factors are not just important to you, but it helps build on that trust aspect. The reason Rome wasn’t built in a day is not just because of the time it took for them to gather all the materials and put them all together, but also because of the time, it took for them to collaborate. Knowing who you are working with and what they stand for may comfort you during your agreement and could assist you in making the right call when need be.

Well, we’ve already summed up all the tips you need in finding your perfect cleaner! Now, all you need is to scroll through your phone and take some notes.

What are the advantages of hiring professional house cleaners?

Even as a kid, you’d go through thick and thin just so you could get out of those chores that your parents have assigned you to do. Whether you need to have great marks or a cute smile, you know in your heart that you have much better things to do than to organize that messy closet of yours! What more when you’re adults trying to get through life by working day and night to provide for yourself and your family?

With paperwork and maybe even graduate studies piling over your plate, the last thing you need is to complete that chores list. Don’t feel guilty! If anything, there are many of us out there who feel the same way. The exhaustion that comes with doing all that work may get you down, and you need to love yourself before you can start loving the things and the people around you. So, why don’t you take a walk down Leu Gardens and let our home cleaners shower your home with love in your stead?

Aiming for Sustainability and Consistency

Your appliances, carpets, and even furniture are very valuable. Not only are they worth a lot of money, but they are also things you would not be able to live without. The oven that you usually bake those delicious apple tarts your kids seem to always crave for. Or how about the carpets your visitors always compliment you about? They all bring a sense of individuality into your home, setting it apart from both neighbors and strangers. However, these investments could start swirling down the toilet if they aren’t being taken care of.

Did you know that not wiping your oven for a week could affect its food quality and could also decrease its efficiency? Did you know that washing your carpet takes a lot more than just pouring water and hoping that it works? At Patriot Maids, we aim for the sustainability not just of the planet, but also for your home. We make sure that all our equipment is made for addressing different types of textures as well as reaching all those hard-to-reach areas.

Lives up to The City Beautiful name! 

Orlando was called The City Beautiful a few years back by many reporters, giving the city its official nickname. Home to more than 100 lakes, you can tell that a city is a place for both nature and city lovers. With its amazingly tall skyscrapers and its equally towering trees, you’d be lying if you didn’t think that the city was overrated! Why don’t you live up to the city nickname by transforming your space into something beautiful as well?

Hiring professional house cleaners would ensure that all your house cleaning needs are met! The City’s as beautiful as they all say, so it’s only fair that its beauty extends deeper into your household, including that closet of yours. Let your maid give you the home of your dreams.

Fresh Air for a Fresher Mind 

You may not see it, but the air particles around you aren’t as clean as you might think. In fact, in such a humid place like Orlando, you’ll find the presence of dirt, dust, and allergens to be a normal occurrence in the air you breathe. Older homes may even have a risk of exposure to lead dust and asbestos fibers, which may damage not just your lungs but could overrule your focus. You need to be productive, however, the cloudiness of the air may affect not just your physical state, but also your mental state.

With this in mind, these cleaners can extend a helping hand. There are plenty of companies that offer air duct cleanings and even residential carpet cleaning to get rid of the dust hiding beneath the surface. Their brushes and vacuums could ensure that all the ingrained dirt and dust hidden all around you are gone within a wink of an eye. A healthier environment makes a happier family.

Why settle for less when you can have so much more?

A Cleaning To Remember

While Mandy Moore already had her walk to remember, you can certainly have the cleaning you can remember by availing your residential cleaning services. Whatever service you may choose to do business with, you can expect that you’ll be coming out of there with a smile on your face and a bounce on your step. Every business is more than invested in attending to every one of your home cleaning needs.

Your only hope of getting the cleaning you deserve is just a click away! By the time you click it, all you need to expect is prompt replies, an effective cleanup, and world-class service. Be prepared to be surprised and amaze, because this magic is something you have never seen before.

Say goodbye to your seasonal allergies! 

Allergies can be a pain, especially when it prevents you from getting the job done. Sneezing on your meetings may not be the greatest sight to see, especially when your entire project depends on it! Why don’t you call for maid services to vacuum all those allergens out of the way? You can say goodbye to your watery eyes and stuffy nose because by the time we’re done with the clean-up, you can breathe the cold, fresh air in relief.

Life should be enjoyed, and it shouldn’t be constrained and blocked. Despite the responsibilities blocking our way, we should also learn when to push them aside and reward ourselves with some bottle of citrus. After all, free time’s there not just for us to relax, but for us to discover more and more about ourselves. Leave the menial tasks in capable hands and continue with your day. We assure you that you wouldn’t even feel bothered to turn back.

Here’s the reason why Patriot Maids offer the BEST house cleaning service around Orlando Area

Let’s face it. A clean house not only keeps your environment in check but also refreshes your mind and your productivity. You definitely wouldn’t like to search for your briefings for the day by tossing and turning every single paper on your desk. Just the thought of turning on that stovetop and still smelling yesterday’s burnt pork can lower anyone’s morale for the day. A clean office keeps workers at bay. A clean home can make everyone feel safe. Luckily, Patriot Maids offer services in both aspects!

Looking through those advertisements can make you doubt a lot of things, especially if they’ve already been repeatedly promising the same thing–a hundred percent finish. We value our clients both new and old and put a high priority on not just our quality, but also on our reputation. With this being said, let us convince you why we offer the best service in the market.

Normal Cleaning vs. Patriot Maids Cleaning

You can expect that normal cleaning is what you get yourself into. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, all of these are done efficiently and effectively, and you would surely be entering your home feeling pleased with the results. However, what’s the point of hiring a house cleaning service if they are not offering something extra on the table?

The house cleaner assigned to you should not act as if they are just checking their chores list, but they must do it with their extreme dedication to keeping your home as spotless as glass. With this mission in mind, Patriot Maids make sure that every maid they are recruiting is passionate about their job and their customers. With their multiple cleaning supplies right up their belt and their incredibly detailed experience, you can count that they will do their best in attending to every single one of your preferences and specifications with utmost professionalism.

We value your time and your words, and as such, you’ll also be expecting an easy booking process as soon as you visit our website. Want a free estimate on the cleaning? No problem–you can get it in a heartbeat.

“Why should I hand over the cleaning to a bunch of strangers?” 

It’s understandable to feel cautious and hesitant, especially when you’re handing the key to your home. It doesn’t even have to be where you live. It could be a vacation rental that you’ve been renting out as an Airbnb, or it could be an office where you and your employees spend most of your week. Not only can this cleaning affect your reputation as the boss or as the renter, but it can also affect the entire mood of the place. Seeing clogged hair in the sink may not bode well for the guests. Seeing the leftover Macaroni stains in the microwave might make your workers lose their appetite. It’s not a pretty sight, especially when your reputation is at stake.

We get that. Having worked in such a cutthroat industry for some time, we know how important it is to maintain our presence, not just by getting good reviews but by also responding to our customers as quickly as we can. For every transaction or conversation we have with our client, we make sure to take specific notes of any concerns or suggestions that have been noted within the exchange. Whether it is something that we could work on or something that we could praise ourselves with, you can count that our team is browsing over these comments with our cleaners to decide on the best course of action.

We’re not just a bunch of strangers, but we are cleaners who are more than willing to prove our reliability and our trustworthiness in keeping your home in tip-top shape.

“I’d rather do it myself.” 

We have no doubt you can, but we know how busy you can be. Driving your kids to school as well as picking them up for their piano recital can be tiring. Don’t forget to add the load of paperwork you’d have to get to that would most likely get you to overtime.  Organizing your bed and theirs may be the last thing on your mind, and it’s no doubt the very last thing you’d want to do to end the day.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to–especially if you are sacrificing the time you could’ve spent loving yourself and your family. For just a very small price, you can finally take your kids on the long-awaited Legoland trip or you could always go on a romantic paddling trip with your partner. Whatever you set your mind to, don’t let the chores stop you!

Keep calm, and let us handle your worries.

“Can I stay at home while they’re cleaning?” 

Definitely! We recommend that all of our first-time customers are present during their first cleaning, not because our cleaners aren’t trustworthy, but because they could have a first-hand experience of actually observing their procedures. Staying at home will allow you to double-check all the nooks and crannies of the place to give you the assurance you need in trusting them with any recurring services you plan on availing.

Although it is not advisable to micromanage our cleaners, as it could lead to procedural mistakes and left-out areas, you can still be there by advising them what to prioritize and what to leave alone. That way, you would have a much better understanding of your cleaner’s strengths and capabilities.

“What if I have more questions?” 

Patriot Maids have already collected all the frequently asked questions that any potential customers may ask down below, but if there is a question that hasn’t been addressed, then you could easily contact us through our email or chat support! It’s natural to still feel unsure despite all the tips and tricks you have up your sleeves, and we welcome you to communicate those concerns with our administrative employees.

We make sure that all your questions and concerns are addressed, assuring you a reply in a few minutes as long as it’s within our business hours. Everyone deserves to be treated well, especially as we’re in a business that ensures the utmost care for not just our clients but also their belongings–their home. So please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will always be happy to entertain your inquiries no matter what.

What’s included in a maid service cleaning?

You may have read and understood what the corporation is offering after reading through their services. From offering to dust the top of your cabinets to sweeping up your floors, you may think you have it all figured out. But how are they going to go about this? It may still be a bit vague as to what goes on in a cleaner’s mind when they arrive at your doorstep. Will they immediately bring out their utensils and start from the ground up? What will they do first? What will they prioritize?

It’s like facing the unknown, especially when you aren’t very familiar with our cleaning process. We want you to feel as comfortable and as knowledgeable as possible about our procedures. As such, we’ve prepared a list of our systematic cleaning course of action while also explaining all the major things we do during every general cleaning. That way, you may know more about what you’re getting yourself into!

The Planning

Every good book needs a good opening–you can expect the same for the cleaning services you’ve availed of. Whether you have a mansion or a duplex in the middle of the city, your cleaner would pay attention to their surroundings before actually starting with their cleaning. This time would be used in observing every nook and cranny as they figure out all the problematic spots they could start with. If your bathroom is in desperate need of a deep clean, you can expect them to get started there. Others might even leave balconies as their last place to double-check–given that they are normally more time-consuming than the others as they’re fighting against more outside elements.

If you have left any sticky notes to remind them what to prioritize and what not to, they’ll take note of that as they proceed with their plan. By the time they’re finished diagnosing, your team would be more assured as to how to handle all the stains, dust, and build-up they have spotted along the way.

You can expect that all their moves are calculated and analytical–all meant to give you a clean-up you deserve.

The Doing 

By this time, the diagnostic exam has finished, and the dirty work is about to begin. The cleaners have already zeroed in on all the spots and stains that they need to address, and they already know what brush or solution to use for every problem area. Cleaning on the first visit may take longer since they’re still getting used to the unfamiliar space as well as the pieces of furniture around them, but we promise that the job will only get easier with each recurring visit!

Now, what exactly goes on when we’ve spotted all the spots? Let us tell you.

Thorough Dusting

If your kids suffer from asthma or any other respiratory problems, the last thing you need to see is these specks of dust dotting across your coffee table. With the extremely hot weather, you can expect more pollen to stick into your windows, already contaminated by the population searing from the cars driving by. Not only could it cause breathing complications for the elderly, but it might even incite continuous coughing from the kids as well.

With the global pandemic not going away anytime soon, the last thing everyone needs to hear is a bunch of coughing and sneezing noises. Luckily, our microfiber cloths and vacuums are equipped to deal with all the small things our eyes couldn’t see. While the small fibers are effective at wiping all the dust and dirt down your windowsill, it’s still important to carry a vacuum for the dust that has already entered your home.

Now, you can breathe the fresh air as much as you please.

Frequent Sanitizing

After everything that has happened, we’re all aware of how important being sanitized is. Knowing the number of hands that had touched those doorknobs and knowing how many times or food touched those countertops can make you even more health-conscious than you already are. Why don’t we help lower the anxiety by ensuring you that we’ve wiped everything down and clean?

You can expect that we’ll be wiping and sanitizing those doorknobs and light switches till they are glinting in the dark! If you’re worried over the countertops, then don’t be, because your favorite cleaning team has already got that covered. Kids can be too much to handle, especially when they’ve reached the age where they’re touching everything they see.

Now, you can sit back and relax as they embrace their curiosity, knowing fully well that they’ll always be safe and sound.

Concentrated Mopping

They may be safe and sound on top, but that doesn’t mean they are when they start getting on their knees to crawl around. Not only would this invite a bunch of hazards with their heads bumping into every corner they see, but their hands and feet are touching everything on the floor! Not only does it make them prone to being infected by any viruses or parasites, but they could also spread the bacteria to everyone around them.

With this in mind, our team would make sure to mop every single corner of your room till they are glittering and spotless. Plus, upon request, the solution will be using the floor could also be 100% all-natural, just so it’s safe for your kids and your pets. Everyone should deserve to have some fun every once in a while, so let them explore in a more polished area.

The Finishing

Here at Patriot Maids, we make sure that we are offering quality service to all our customers. Whether they may ask us to clean their office or to sweep up their terrace, our cleaners would do that and even go above and beyond with regards to their job. All of them are not just determined in checking everything they need to do for the day, but they’re also passionate about giving you the home you deserve.

Everyone deserves a well-kept bed to sleep on. Everyone deserves not to run late at their meeting just because they weren’t able to find an ironed suit. Everyone deserves cleanliness and orderliness, and just because they couldn’t do it alone doesn’t mean it’s game over. The planning and the doing–those are what it’s all about. However, just because all the dirty work is done doesn’t mean that our team would just walk right out the door.

Every single one of them is required to do a thorough rechecking to ensure that they haven’t missed a spot! Not only are they efficient, but they’re also effective. Once we’re done, you can invite all your friends and family over to admire the handiwork. We can guarantee that they wouldn’t be disappointed!

Why Should You Hire Our Professional Maid Service?

Perhaps you’ve seen the cost of hiring a housekeeper and it made you a tiny bit hesitant as to whether or not you will be hiring us. That’s completely fine, especially under these circumstances. This is not just a decision as to whether or not you’d be buying that fast pass for Disney World. Instead, you are handing away the responsibility to a bunch of people you have just contacted through your phone or your laptop. It’s like you’re passing your home over for a blind date, one where you couldn’t expect the outcome.

However, you may be surprised by the number of benefits you’ll acquire upon hiring our services. Let us tell you all about it.

Our Commitment to Quality

A business can only ensure quality service if its employees or contractors are as dedicated as its management. Not only is it an essential factor in keeping the business sustainable and profitable, but it also helps better their relationship with their recurring and new clients. A good working relationship is hard to come by, especially when that trust has been broken at one point in their arrangement. That is something that we want to avoid. Here at Patriot Maids, we are proud to see that every cleaner that we have recruited has the dedication to do their job right and the compassion to listen to their client’s preferences and suggestions.

They are not just there to wipe the stains on your windowsill and scrub the buildup on your bathroom floor, but they’re also there to vacuum the space under your beds and sofas. They’ll even change your sheets in the bedroom. These professionals would always go above and beyond for their customers because they understand the benefits of having a cleaner home to rely on.

Our Adaptability

If you want all-natural solutions to be used for your home, then don’t be afraid to do so. Many of our clients are allergic to a specific ingredient–say, bleach–in cleaning products. While many companies would outright reject our clients, our team would always go out of our way to make sure that our customers get the reassurance they need for their homes. We are equipped with green cleaning supplies as well as any other supplies in our arsenal to adjust to your needs and wants.

Don’t be afraid to tell us in advance! Although there are limitations to what we can do, we promise that we will deliver our utmost best in everything we do, even if it means adjusting what we already have. Our assistants are trained to listen to you and to put your replies on top of everything else because you deserve nothing less!

Our Affordability

Did you know that hiring a 24/7 helper can sometimes be worth a thousand dollars? Even the price is enough to get you to double over and renounce all your other goals in the year! On top of getting your children to school and all the various expenses just piling up in your mailbox–the last thing you want is to add in another unbearable expense that might take the shape of a burden rather than a solution.

With this in mind, hiring a commercial service can be the best option for you. Not only will you be spending a few hundred dollars per month (you may also be in luck if the company offers a discount for recurring services!), but you’ll also be getting the same quality as getting a 24/7 maid!

Same results–minus the stress and the financial burden. What more can you ask for?

Our Professionalism

Our team is lauded over for its conduct and commitment. A cleaner home can not only lead to better productivity, but it could also brighten your atmosphere. Your kids will be laughing more if they could find all their toys sitting on top of their shelves. Your partner will be in high spirits when the scent of mint and pine enters their nostrils. If ever they do come to visit, your parents would be amazed at how put-together you’ve become. A home–your home–is an extension of your identity, and we are determined in maintaining the dignity of that identity by making sure it remains pristine and spotless.

Our Passion for the Environment

Although bleach and many other colorful bottles you see on the market have promised a ‘quick fix’ to all the chores in your to-do list, you might want to take time to consider using them by looking into their contents. Many of these cleaners are made up of harsh solutions of chemicals that could contaminate your airways and may even pose a risk to chemical burns. You don’t want your kid wandering around the house with these solutions sprayed all over your furnishings!

This is why we have decided that all of our cleaners should offer green cleaning solutions to keep families safe and help our environment. Did you know that by using all these harmful chemicals, we are impacting our ozone depletion? Do you see the smog around different cities? These chemicals play a part in them as well.

Save the environment and your home with just one service! You’re already hitting two birds with one inexpensive stone.

Why should I choose you?

I can see your thumb moving just a millimeter away from our booking option! So why don’t we show you why Orlando homeowners prefer Patriot Maids to any other businesses in the market. By the time you’re done reading, you couldn’t even wait to set your first appointment.

“I want it that way”

All you have to do is to tell us in advance of all your preferences, without needing to tell us the ‘why’. If you have a pet running around your duplex that we need to watch out for, you can bet that we’ll have our cleaners armed with the specific brushes they might need in addressing these problems. If you have a child that’s allergic to any products that we may have, our team is right on it in ensuring that we won’t be causing any problems for you and your family.

We want you to feel comfortable and safe in your homes, so please don’t hesitate to send any concerns or questions our way. All of our staff are trained and informed of all of our services, as such, they are more than happy to assist you in the process of booking your first and next appointment. They’ll also be taking note of anything you’d like to add.

Our Cleaners–the Cream of the Crop

All of our Orlando maids have gone through extensive background checks and have numerous years of experience to get to where they are today! You can rest assured that our administrative team is only partnering with the most experienced professionals out there. All our contract cleaners must have a minimum of 5 years of experience, so it’s common for many of them to have already worked for hotels and even popular establishments in the past. Not only do they have a great eye for the details, but you can bet that you’ll be getting the 5-star hotel experience!

Breathe the fresh air and lie down on your newly fluffed pillows, because you certainly wouldn’t be able to get this service anywhere else. Here, we pride ourselves on hiring the best to offer the best. By the time we’re done, your standards for a clean home would be through the roof.

Book it in 1-2-3 

You can book your appointment as if you’re subscribing to a Netflix account. It’s fast and easy. All you need to do is put in the number of rooms you want to be cleaned, and set a date as to when you want us to visit. We could send you the confirmation email, and you can forget all about it! Let us be the ones to remind you as you relax under the searing, hot sun. Turn on the A/C and spend some time with your kids.

Have the time of your life exploring what Orlando has to offer. Not only will you be able to get away from the city stress, but you’ll also be able to experience all of this with the people you love. Leave all the dust and dirt to us, and by the time you get home, you wouldn’t be seeing any of them ever again.

What Orlando Home Cleaning Service do you offer?

If you are looking for a team that always puts you first, then look no further, because Patriot Maids has come to save your day. All of our diverse packages have implemented guarantees that could protect even the smallest furnishings in your home, so you have no worries about getting along with your day. You may have a few doubts when it comes to making that big decision, but we can promise that you will have access to the best experience possible for an affordable price.

You don’t even have to fit a consultation into your schedule! All you have to do is to type it up on the site to get the free estimate you need! Now that we have all your attention, let us inform you of all the major services Patriot Maids has set up for our Orlando homeowners.

Residential Service

If you live in Orlando, you can affirm that big, fat ribs could fix up anyone’s day! Whether you’re having a family reunion or any other celebration, you’d be sure to take advantage of the sunny day at the patio and open up that grill. However, the last thing you need is for everyone to start piling up outside to see a bunch of stray leaves scattered around the pavement plus the number of stains charring the hardwood. It could certainly ruin anyone’s mood, couldn’t it?

Don’t forget the bathroom! Although you might have already gotten used to the grout and soap scum, your guests would surely not agree. With all of these being the first things they see upon entering your home, they surely wouldn’t be interested in eating your ribs. Why don’t you make their stay as memorable as possible? Patriot Maids offer residential and apartment cleaning services that could spruce up your place within just a few hours.

If your parents are coming in for a surprise visit or if your friends decided to come to celebrate with you tonight, then all you have to do is call up our phone and ask us in. We promise that by the time we leave, they won’t be spotting even a stray crumb lying in their midst.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Just because your renovation has finished doesn’t mean that your family could start moving back in. If anything, a newly renovated spot may mean more dust and debris hiding in every corner of your room. Hazardous materials may have still been left on-site, and the windows you’ve ordered may have been covered with fingerprints. With your kids’ excitement and curiosity, they surely would be touching everything they could see–and you wouldn’t want them to be touching any of that.

Luckily, our team has been trained to do a rough clean and a final interior clean with all of our post-construction cleanup. The rough clean usually includes just removing all the trash and debris on sight before cleaning the plywood to ensure that all the final installations have been made. You can expect that the walls would be scrubbed, the windows were wiped, and that surfaces were dusted. During the final touches, your housekeepers will be in charge of removing any scuff marks and smudges around the ceilings and doing one last vacuum on the carpet.

By the time they’re done, you’d think that you’re walking right into a feature!

Vacation-Rental Cleanup

Orlando, Florida is not just a place for residents–but also visitors. With the city being a popular place for theme parks, lakes, and even alligators, you can expect that a thousand families would come to visit the city every year just to see everything with their own eyes. That’s why vacation rentals can be an incredibly lucrative investment for many homeowners out there. However, you’d understand that one of your top priorities–if anything–is cleanliness. When people pay hundreds of dollars to stay at your place, they’d expect it to be spotless, and you don’t want to miss anything out!

Good thing we have the answer to that too! Most of our helpers have experience working in hotels and restaurants, so their eye-for-detail is top quality. From analyzing the sheets to see if there is any left-over debris to narrowing their vision to the floors and rugs, you can bet that they’ll be able to spot anything in sight.

Impress your guests with us, because by the time they’ll leave, you’ll be expecting a five-star review under your belt.

Office Cleaning

An office can be your second home, especially if you’ll be there five days a week. That’s why having unclean floors and stained walls can affect anyone’s enthusiasm as soon as they step out of the elevator. Not only do you want to encourage your workers to increase your productivity, but you also want to appear more trustworthy to any client who’d step into your workplace. That wouldn’t happen if the first thing they can’t stop coughing from all the accumulated dust behind those filing cabinets.

Our team has been trained to deal with that too! Our daily cleaning procedures would be to vacuum the area and wipe up any stains on your baseboards to ensure that your clients and employees would see nothing but shine and sparkle when they enter your company.

Inspire your employees and convince your clients–it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

How Can You Get The Most Out of Your Experience?

We understand that this is something you would’ve preferred to do yourself. However, your busy lifestyles may prevent you from doing the deep cleaning your home and your kids deserve. When you have some free time in your hands, you’d be wanting to use that upon spending time with your kids or taking shots with your friends. Getting down on your knees and scrubbing every single one of those tiles may be the last thing clouding your mind, and we get you! After all, we’ve all been there, and that’s exactly why we want to help you!

Despite being the more inexpensive option, hiring a service isn’t cheap. As such, you could expect efficient and effective procedures that are 200% better than the cleaning you normally do yourself. Everything must be checked out–from the bottom of your bed to the top of your shelf. With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about ensuring a comprehensive cleanup and getting your money’s worth.

DO Organize, DON’T Clean

When we suggested organizing your home, we didn’t mean that you should pick up a mop and start swinging it all over the floorboards. If it’s in the kitchen, we insist that you put all the condiments in one corner just so we can concentrate on the countertops themselves. If it’s the bedroom, we encourage you to throw all your clothes in the laundry basket so we could focus on the floors first. Although you don’t have to, this is just something you can do to help us in doing a run-through of your home and see all the problem areas as soon as we step in.

Cleaning would’ve taken so much of your time, and it may be counterproductive to your goal of hiring service in the first place. Seriously, when you called us in, all we insisted on is that you relax and let us do all the work. After all, that is exactly what you have paid for us to do.

Communication Is The Key! 

Many of our clients leave a list on the countertop of things they want us to pay close attention to. Some may want us to change the sheets while they’re gone. Others would want us to concentrate on the bathroom rather than anything else, and we are more than willing to listen! Although it’s better that you inform us earlier when it comes to getting the equipment we need, our team could adapt to your instructions as they’re doing the first assessment of your homes.

Please, don’t hesitate to tell us or ask us any questions. This is your home, and the last thing we want is to make you uncomfortable in it. As such, if you have any preferences or any instructions in mind, let our team or administrative assistance know while you’re securing your booking. That way, you can get the very best results from our service.

Leave a Review! 

If you have spotted a problem when our cleaners have already left, don’t think that all hopes are lost. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call our number so we can address your concerns. If ever you’ve seen that our contractors have not addressed a problem spot within 24 hours, you can expect that we’ll call them up and send them your way. If you’re satisfied with our service, don’t forget to leave a review.

Please know that we read every single one of them in hopes of improving our service for all our future and present clients. Know that your words can brighten all of our days.

Do you use employees or contractors?

Your home rests on our cleaners’ hands, so it’s only natural for you to ask for their credentials. Many of you may ask whether or not our cleaners are hirees and have undergone training by our management. In fact, from what you have probably seen and heard on many company websites, they may even call for something as absurd as employees being better than contractors.

At Patriot Maids, we can say that our portfolio of independent contractors is the best. Not only do they have around seven years of experience in the industry, but they have also worked under popular establishments as well. Before even entering our recruitment process, they have to submit three personal and three professional references for our administrative team to verify. We make sure that every single one of our contractors is not only good at their job but also open and considerate to their clients. Whatever stain or dirt they may face, they’d know how to get rid of it just as much as any normal hiree.

Your happiness and satisfaction would always be our utmost priority over anything else, so you can bet that your house would be in very capable hands.

Do you bring your supplies?

Yes, we do! There is no one-fit solution for everything, even if those stains look the same. There are brushes for tiles, rugs, and even one made specifically for hardwood floors. Before you get too overwhelmed, don’t worry–because this isn’t something we expect anyone to memorize right off the bat. That’s why we expect all of our contractors to bring their equipment instead.

Not only would this lessen the hassle for you, but it would also ensure that we will always be using the right products. No need for unnecessary errands and anxiety as to whether or not you’ve bought the right thing, because we already have you covered.  If you’re more specific as to the use of environmentally-friendly equipment or have any allergies that may prevent the use of a solution, then please don’t be afraid to inform us.

Our contractors can come equipped with natural solutions that could clean a surface just as well as any other bleach solution they have in the market!  

What guarantees do you have?

We aren’t just giving a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but a 200% guarantee that the services you’ll be receiving would be nothing short of amazing. If ever you were dissatisfied with our service, you can easily call up our landline and ask our maids to redo the spot that you didn’t feel was addressed during the process. However, you can bet that you wouldn’t be experiencing that because our business prides itself on offering the best for all its clients. By the time we’re done, you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself as you book for your next maintenance appointment.

Plus, we guarantee that you’ll always be paired with the same housekeeper you had on your first visit. Remember when we said that the first visits always take the longest? By having the same helper for all your recurring visits, you can rest assured that they already know your specifications and preferences like the back of their hand. Trust is hard-earned, and we appreciate the trust that our cleaner had built with you.

Can you cater for disabilities or illnesses?

There may be situations that prevent our clients from accepting any deep clean procedures for their homes. Please don’t be afraid to tell us if the situation ever arises. We make sure that the team assigned to your space is well-aware of your condition so that they could easily work around you, while still sticking to your instructions. If there’s anything that their years of experiences have taught them, it’s that they should always place their clients’ words first. As they say, the customer’s always right!

How do I schedule my cleaning service?

If you look at all the other websites, you’ll see that you have to call up their landline and set up an appointment. It’s troublesome, especially if you have to hear that jingle a thousand times before customer service even picks up! Luckily, we made a booking that could fast pass your process in getting the cleansing your house desperately needs. All you have to do is set a schedule up on our website and click the shining ‘Book Now’ button to secure your appointment. Then you can expect an email confirming your log-in information where you could type in your specifications–if any before your scheduled date.

Fast and seamless. Some might say it’s just like ordering take-out!

Contact Details

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t call us! If you have any questions or problems during the booking process, feel free to email us at service@patriotmaids.com. You can even use our live chat function to speak to one of our service representatives just so they can guide you in what to do.

Do you accept rescheduling? 

Yes, we do! If anything does come up, feel free to reschedule the date for your next appointment. Everything is done through our very efficient website so that you wouldn’t have to go through the efforts of calling or emailing us. Your time is valuable, and as a business that promises to make the most of it–we surely don’t want you to be wasting it on us.

What is the average time for a home cleaning in Orlando, FL?

Your time is very valuable, and we understand that the moment you leave your keys to us, you’ll be expecting our team to be fast and efficient. If anything, we pride our contractors on being quick-on-their-feet while still maintaining the quality of their procedures. Despite this, every spotless shine takes time.

While our team promises to be quick, we can say that our average time to ensure a clean, pleasant-smelling space is one hour per room. If you’re racing against the clock, then don’t hesitate to inform us. We’re in this boat together, and the last thing we want is for you to stress alone.

Share the burden with us, and we’ll do our best to make it work.

How much does this generally cost?

You can expect cleaning services to be around $120-$220 around Orlando, and it can only go up from there depending on the number of rooms or bathrooms you want to be cleaned. Luckily, in Patriot Maids, you wouldn’t have to fret about estimates, because we’ll be giving you one for free!

If you’re also looking for discounted offerings, then we offer that too depending on what recurring services you were to choose. If you click a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance service, you’ll be able to avail of a discount of 25%, 20%, or 10% on your next visit. No need to waste your time haggling for the right price, because we already got it all settled on our website.

What are you waiting for?

Book with us now. You surely wouldn’t regret it!

Orlando Fun and Travel Guide

Orlando, Florida–a city known for its mix of thrill, magic, and a little flick of adventure. While many of you may choose to take your kids here for a day trip because of its theme parks and alligators, you could find that there is more to Orlando than just its famous Universal Studios. This guide gives you a run-through of everything you need to know before walking down the streets of the City Beautiful. What to do, where to eat, and where to stay–you’d find that this guide has the answers to all your questions. 


 From the bright colors and heaps of spices, you’d see that Orlando offers a mix of cultures with its variety of dishes and restaurants. Not only do they offer unexpected twists on the old-aged American classics like burgers and steaks, but you can also see Asian cuisine coming up on all of their lists. Whether you’re in for the classic tasting menu or the amazing seafood, you can bet that you and your friends would be having the time of your life. Without further ado–here are ten restaurants you won’t want to miss as you’re heading down Central Florida.

 1. Ravenous Pig

This Euro-American gastropub would surely turn into a ravenous something as soon as you look at its menu. A must-visit for the tourists with a soft spot from the locals, you can bet that this restaurant is nothing short of extraordinary. Feeling a bit parched after that extremely long day paddling down the lake? Their craft cocktail menu could help you out. With their ingredients grown and raised locally, you can tell that their chefs and owners have nothing but respect for the state. 

Plus, you can never really tell what they’re saving that day. Just because you think you have it all figured out doesn’t mean you do! Although a few dishes remain all-year-round, you can expect that their chefs would change it up from time to time depending on the seasons. If you’re in for good food and great beer, then this is the perfect place for you. 

 2. Mamak Asian Street Food

If you’re looking for a food trip to Malaysia, then this conditioned restaurant should be at the top of your list! Hidden in the neighborhood of Mills 50, you can find this restaurant hidden behind many other affordable Asian eateries. From their famous use of Malaysian spices and their love for spring rolls and fish balls, Mamak Asian Street Food can make you feel as if you’re walking in the streets of Asia’s famous night markets! However, this time, you get the delicacies without the humid air and the crowded areas. 

Once you’ve reserved a spot, don’t forget to order the Roti Canai. Although this circular flatbread may seem nothing out of the ordinary, there’s a reason why this dish has become a staple in many Asian countries. With the perfect combination of puff and flakes that could turn your insides to mush, you certainly wouldn’t be able to live without it! This crowd-pleasing dipping dough is a sight for many Asian food lovers, and it deserves to be at the top spot of our list.            

3. Slate

Orlando is home to around a hundred lakes and swamps. Walking around Lake Eola may even invite you to see their photogenic views and their abundant fishes. The famous red snapper could even be seen swimming along the waves. Looking for inexpensive, yet quality seafood? Take a stop at the Slate where you’ll instantly be greeted by a fresh smell of wood-burning oven and a dozen spices. Staying true to their city roots, they make sure that all their dishes bring a personalized experience for their local and foreign guests.  

Whether you’ve walked in because of their outstanding Roasted Red Snapper or their famous Southwestern Wagyu Tacos, you will eat rest assured that you wouldn’t be disappointed with the results. Plus, they even have vegetarian options for you too. Putting a twist to your favorite meals, Slate stands out as one of the memorable restaurants on the list. 

4. Domu

Craving for ramen? How about curry? What if you put the two together–wouldn’t that hit two birds with one stone? By the end of Orlando’s East End Market, you’ll find Domu, a hotspot for many ramen lovers. With its phenomenal handmade noodles and its savory broths, you can ready yourself for the embracing warmth as soon as you get that first sip! 

This fast-casual concept has grown into the hearts of many locals, earning its place in the top spot for restaurants around the city. If you’re a spicy lover, you might want to try that spicy tonkotsu ramen to relieve the ache in your heart. Level up your bowls with braised pork belly and fried chicken thighs, because you surely wouldn’t be able to get enough of them. When you choose to eat here, you better pack your bags and line up early, because this place doesn’t take any reservations! 

 5. Prato

If you’re a pizza lover, you know the difference between pizzas being cooked in the oven to the ones prepared in an open fire. There’s just something about wood ovens that adds texture and flavor to the dough you’re warming up. Luckily, along Park Avenue, you can find a place that will satisfy not just your stomachs but also your aesthetics. This upscale venue is known for its Italian classics like its hand-stretched pizzas and its continuous experimentation like its pretzel-crusted calamari and mustard spaghettini. 

Whether you’re a foodie or a pasta lover, Prato would not disappoint! Celebrate your well-deserved promotion or take your friends out for a night of wine and laughter. With large plates meant for sharing and a bar right up the end, the restaurant can reassure you that by the time you leave this place, you would’ve already forgotten all your stress and worries.

6. Morimoto Asia

Taking your kids out to Disney Springs can be a lot of fun and a whole lot of work. From dragging them down to the retail shops and entertainment centers, you’re bound to be panting and heaving by the end of it. The burning sunlight isn’t helping either. Why don’t you cool down with some shade and a plate of delectable ribs? Located right down the street, the restaurant always packed with tourists and locals alike. The finest of Pan-Asian Cuisine, you can feast your eyes at the glittering chandeliers, private dining spaces, and even the stylish lighting as you wait for your food. 

Although the place offers lovely meal options like its Peking ducks and its famous Dim Sum, you can never go wrong with its pork ribs. Braised for several hours, these ribs have been dusted with cornstarch and glazed to the utmost perfection. Make sure to order two, because, by the time the ribs are out, your children wouldn’t be able to get enough of it. 

 7. Bulla Gastrobar

Planning a trip to Spain? Maybe you can get there a bit quicker upon visiting this little restaurant down Dellagio Way. After learning from various talented chefs word wide, Chef Diego Solano had focused all his attention on fostering his love for the complexities of Spanish Cuisine, developing it to the point of opening his restaurant. He wanted something fun and energetic, something that could easily capture the business of Spain as well as the country’s enthusiasm. 

Although this may not be the place for kids, you can easily enjoy it through a night out with your friends or partner. Enjoy these gastronomic creations with hand-crafted cocktails and its amazing wine list. Here, you can bet that one glass would never be enough.

8. Capa

If you’re looking for a place to eat with a spectacular view, then all you have to do is head up to the top floor of the Four Seasons Orlando and book your reservations at Capa. Another Spanish-inspired restaurant, Capa is a space where you can find it all–amazing service, great food, tantalizing drinks, and calming atmosphere. A five out of five, it’s no wonder the place is always packed with not just Disney lovers, but also professionals and locals. Overlooking the gorgeous scenery of Walt Disney World, you’ll immediately find yourself transported into your favorite Disney Princess–eating and dining in your castle. 

With the caviar and the A-5 Wagyu beef just waiting for you at the kitchen door, you can eat and act as the Queen herself as soon as you’re seated at your table. Don’t forget to also order the pork loin on the menu. With the mix of fresh corn, red onion, and huitlacoche, you’ll immediately be transported to another world. 

 9. Pizza Bruno

To know more about the restaurant, you have to know a lot about the owner. Chef Bruno Zacchini had grown up in Florida, spending his childhood slinging pizza slices and cheesesteaks to every beachgoer he’d find. As the years go by, his dream became much clearer–he wanted to be a chef, and he immediately got started working. It was hard to make a name for himself, but that didn’t stop him from persevering. Taking consulting jobs and even being an executive chef, he practiced his skills as well as did experiments on his own until he was ready to open a place he could finally call his. 

If anything, Pizza Bruno prides itself for its fire-kissed crust and its equally chewy texture. A friend to families and couples, you’d find that their halls are always packed with new and recurring customers from around the country. While some may admire the complexities of their toppings, you can order their pizza Margherita and admire their style all the same. 

As they say, you can always tell how great a pizzeria is with how rich their dishes are–even the simple ones. 

 10. Christner’s Prime Steak and Lobster

If you’re searching for a place to take your special someone out on a date, then this fine dining restaurant can take your breath away. With live piano music every night and maybe some tableside tricks if you’re going out on a Saturday, you and your loved one can relax and enjoy your night with a bottle of wine and a little bit of magic. Of course, you aren’t just going here for the entertainment, but the great food. 

A piece of advice–order their fillet mignon! Not only are their cuts perfect, but you’ll immediately be greeted with fireworks as soon as the meat hits your tongue. Nothing beats a romantic night like steak and wine. By the time your night ends, your second date has already been guaranteed. 


Orlando, Florida–a mix of thrill, magic, and adventure. While the city is mostly known for its crazy boat rides and Disney wonders, you’ll find a whole lot of other things to do than just wearing your Mickey Mouse cap! Whether you are a young single looking for an escape from city life, a history lover with eyes for portraits and national achievements, or even an artist who is looking for a muse, you’ll find everything you need to spark that joy in your eyes here in Orlando. 

However, it’s pretty overwhelming to see hundreds of activities for you to partake in, especially when you’re here for just a limited number of days. Why don’t we help you out? Patriot Maids have narrowed down our top 10 activities that could satisfy your risk-taking hearts or your logical mind. What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and type everything in, because you wouldn’t want to miss any of the sites we’ve mentioned below.

1. Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

Looking to have fun and to learn at the same time? Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures has just the right package waiting for you at their website. Being one of the best airboat tours in Florida, all their customers are welcome to cruise down the lakes and swamps from sunrise till sunset. With an expert to guide them around the wetlands as well as educate them as to what’s ahead, all your kids would surely be on their best behavior. While you’re there, make sure to look around and take some pictures. You may be lucky enough to spot exotic birds and turtles along the way. 

You may even have the chance to visit a Native American Village where you’ll be told of their roots as well as their techniques in tool making and weaponry. If you have kids, then they’ll even be excited to know that they could mine for gemstones at the end of their trip. Not only can they learn about fossils, animals, and people, but they could have some fun while they’re at it.

2. Kennedy Space Center

If you’re interested in space travel and space exploration, then all you need to do is take a one-hour drive from downtown Orlando to Florida’s East Coast. There, you’ll be able to learn about the dawn of space explorations to all their ongoing missions. Do you know what it means to be a hero? Discover and learn all about NASA’s space pioneers and find out what and how they’ve gotten their spot in the Astronaut Hall of Fame. 

You can even learn more about the space race between the U.S. and Russia by looking at the Saturn V moon rocket and many other trinkets and devices they’ve used during their famous race. Whether you’re trying to inspire your kid to dream even higher or you’re looking to learn a bit more about the shuttle yourself, you’ll be sure to learn a lot in this fun and exciting trip. 

3. Orlando Balloon Rides

Wanting to look at Orlando from a more…unique perspective? Then you might be excited to see Orlando Balloon Rides. Floating across the skyline, not only will you be able to enjoy a bird’s eye view of all the famous landmarks and attractions, but you’ll also be able to admire all of Florida’s natural preserves. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise as you ascend into the skies. Whether you’re with your kid or just your partner, this would offer a unique experience for every single one of you. 

With a pilot to guide you for lift-off, you’ll surely be able to catch all the points of interest across the vast land and even share the stories of their own experiences during this exciting one-hour flight. Get those Instagrammable pictures! Laugh at the top of the clouds. Grab your binoculars. Whatever you do, you can forget all your problems on the ground and enjoy what the entire city has to offer above. 

Here, you can relax and forget. 

4. Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

If the balloon ride doesn’t get the sweat going, then this ropes course would surely challenge you mentally and physically. They have around 97 aerial challenges that are way up the trees. You can bet that you’ll be testing your balance as you swing through those Tarzan Ropes and leap into those hanging nets! Hopefully, you aren’t afraid of heights, because this obstacle course would put you right up to the test. 

If you’re worried about your kids, don’t be! The team has prepared two children’s obstacle courses that could equally excite and challenge them. You can bet that by the end of the day, your muscles would be sore and your throat would be strained from all that laughing, screaming, and even yelling. 

Don’t forget to try the giant zip line right at the top as well! By the time you’re done, you’d be too exhausted to think about your problems and too busy laughing about the time you’ve slipped and fall face down onto the net. Perfect for friends, families, and even couples, this place should be at the top of your list. 

 5. iFLY Orlando Indoor Skydiving

If you want to experience skydiving yet are afraid of heights or even just jumping out of the airplane, then iFLY is the perfect place for you! You wouldn’t have to wear any parachutes, and you certainly wouldn’t need to fear for your life as you rise a few feet up the air. With a vertical wind tunnel to take you up and a wall-to-wall cushion of air to guide you, you can safely float without any worries of dropping or falling. You’ll even have someone to assist you this entire time! 

Safe for kids and fun for adults. With a dream in your mind and maybe a little bit of pixie dust, you can turn your dream to fly into reality. All you need to do is step into the vertical tunnel and let the currents take you to new heights. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be quick to ask for another round.

6. Bok Tower Gardens

Edward Bok had just one dream, to make the world more beautiful. It was a dream of an immigrant, something that he had never really thought of achieving. With no one believing in his goal, he found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. That is until he was inspired to do something about it. Awed by the tranquility of Florida, he purchased land and transformed it into a landscape of beautiful gardens featuring the majestic Singing Tower we all know today. 

It was a gift to the American people for giving him all the opportunities he could’ve ever wanted, and it was a way to leave a lasting legacy under his long list of achievements. Now, his garden still stands with its famous Pine Ridge trail and many other beautiful habitats. If you’re a fan of jogging and enjoying the scenery around you, you’d find this garden to be the perfect place for you.

7. Orlando Museum of Art

Home of a wide range of art collections, the Orlando Museum of Art stands to be a place to go to if you’re one for history and art mixed together. Not only can you learn more about the Ancient Americans, but you’ll also be able to see African Art and contemporary pieces scattered across the halls. Being one of the region’s main cultural institutions, the museum continues to grow even larger. You may even find its architecture to be just as beautiful as the paintings you see on the inside. 

Before you even enter the building, be prepared to see different sculptures blocking your path. Don’t forget to bring a guide as you stroll down those majestic halls if you want to learn more about the history of each painting and pottery displayed in front of you. 

 8. Old Town

One of the most historic places in Orlando, you can find a collection of shops, amusements, and even culinary options. Not only will you be able to enjoy the weekly car cruises, but you’ll even be able to enjoy good ole music from those oldie songs you know and love. If you’re a car lover or a foodie, you’ll find tons of sights and attractions to see and enjoy in this little town. 

By the time you’re done, you might not even want to leave.

9. Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando 

Want to see Gringotts Bank up close? Do you want to see the famous Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and get those love potions and puking pastilles? Well, look no further, because the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is just a drive away from Orlando! In Universal Studios, Florida, not only would you be able to see all these unusual creatures up close, but you can also now proudly sport those cloaks and wands. Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, you wouldn’t be disappointed as you stroll through Diagon Alley with a butterbeer at your fingertips. 

A little bit of magic can go a long way, and you can see that here. It’s like stepping into a new world as soon as you see the Hogwarts Castle right in your sights. Think you have what it takes in choosing your first interactive wand? Or are you looking for a thrill-seeking ride around Hogwarts grounds? Well, this world has something for everyone, even a muggle! 

10. Drive Shack Orlando

Think you’re good at golf? Maybe it’s high time you test your skills at the Drive Shack Orlando! Keep track of your swing speed as you test this augmented reality golf with your friends and family. Not only can you mix golf with darts, but you can even swing your golf club at monsters to save those baby dragons. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll be having the time of your life with a sport that you love. It’s creative golf! What more can you possibly ask for? 


Planning a getaway trip to Orlando, Florida is easy–especially if you already know what to do and where to eat. Now, all you have to do now is figure out where to stay, the easiest part of the planning process. Wherever you may go, you can tell that Orlando’s hospitality has always been known to be as warm as their weather and as enthusiastic as their nightlife. While some hotels may pride themselves on their beautiful architecture, others may pride themselves on their staff and set-up. 

It’s no lie that whatever you choose, you’ll already be in for the best of the best–but why not choose something that’s more fit for your personality. Looking for a quick and simplistic getaway may be something you wouldn’t be able to find when you stay at the Four Seasons. If you want animals to pop into your room, then you might want something more than just staying around jet skis and lakes. To help you find the hotel of your dreams, we listed ten of our favorites: 

 1. Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

The moment you enter Four Seasons Orlando, you will immediately feel as if you’re being transported into a different world. Ever thought of what Belle felt like as she rode her horse down the Beast’s castle? That is exactly how it feels–minus the fear and anxiety, but adding more onto the anticipation and excitement. It’s like entering a private island of your own with its perched-up umbrellas and its towering pillars of palms and cypress. Their leaves would wave back and forth, blocking the entire area from the sun’s searing rays. 

Just when you think you have the resort all figured out, you enter their 17-story building towers and immediately feel as if you’re being blown away all over again. The high ceilings, their beautiful chandeliers, their intricate columns–everything about Four Seasons Orlando feels like a castle that had just newly popped out of its storybook. Don’t even get us started on the spacious suites and one-of-a-kind views. When you’re here, don’t forget to play some golf and take your kids out to Explorer Island. 

 2. JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes

Recognized as being Trip Advisor’s 2020 Travelers Choice Hotel, you can immediately tell that JW Marriott Orlando does not lack when it comes to their luxury accommodations and outstanding hospitality. As soon as you step into this 500-acre land, be ready to be greeted with a smile and a wave from their staff as they immediately welcome you to your home for the week. Here, you’d have more adventures up on your to-do list. 

With a mountain bike trail and eco-tours just waiting for you down the Florida Everglades, everything about Grande Lakes would nourish not just your mind, but your muscles. They even have master classes and guided workshops where many of their guests may receive one-on-one time with expert chefs, winemakers, jewelers, and so much more. A learning experience mixed with a quick getaway can satisfy anyone’s taste for curiosity.  

When you’re here, take every opportunity you can get!

3. The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

This Italian-inspired resort would blow you away as their staff welcomes you into their arms with a glass of sparkling wine. Is there any better way to be welcomed? Delighting itself for its ability to create life-long memories in all its guests, you can tell that Ritz-Carlton is not short on its array of facilities. Be ready to be amazed by their spacious guest rooms with their private balconies and soft beddings. You may find yourself admiring the terry-cloth robes and large towels they have displayed in your marble bathrooms. 

Explore and enjoy, because you’ll surely get the quick getaway that you’ve always wanted within these closed doors. If you’re a golfer, you may enjoy the championship-level golf course designed by Greg Norman himself! Don’t forget to get a relaxing massage in our treatment center. They weren’t voted as #1 in Best Hotel Spa for nothing! 

 4. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Do you want to see one of the largest collections of African art in the United States while experiencing a quick getaway yourself? If you’re an art lover and an adventurer, you may enjoy Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge more than any other guest! Home to around 200 hoofed animals and birds, you may find that entering this resort is similar to stepping foot into Africa’s lush savannas. Inspired by the traditional African kraal, you can tell that its architecture pays homage to its roots while still bringing a little bit of fun into its concept.

If you want to wake up with a giraffe peeking through your windows, then you might want to secure your booking right this minute! Learn more about their beautiful animals and their ecosystems through all the fun programs that this resort holds. Plus, don’t forget to cool off in the Uwanja Camp, where you’ll find water cannons, squirting Venus flytraps, and even a rope bridge. If you’re looking for something to drain your kids’ hyper energy, then this may be the place for you. 

 5. Villas of Grand Cypress

Although it is still currently undergoing expansion, the Villas of Grand Cypress Orlando is certainly a hotel you wouldn’t want to miss. If you’re a professional golfer, you may appreciate this simple retreat. Play the 45 holes of award-winning Jack Nicklaus Signature-designed golf, and explore all the classes at the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf right down the block. Not only would you be able to swing that golf club to your heart’s content, but you’ll even be able to enjoy the warm weather and cool breeze. 

If you’re not a golfer, then you can still enjoy the lush sceneries with your private terraces and large-screen televisions. Adjacent to Walt Disney World, you’ll find that magic is just a walk away. 

 6. Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando

Located at the bayside and on the grounds of Universal Orlando, you might start thinking that you’re at the seaside town of Portofino, Italy. Inspired by its cobblestone streets and Italian cypress trees, you’ll see that this Italian-themed hotel may be worth your visit. Sip an espresso, or in fact, enjoy their creamy gelato as you listen to and sing along to their live music. Whether you’re a traveler or an enthusiast, you’d find Loews Portofino Bay hotel amazing with their festive harbor piazza and their three-themed swimming pools. Once you’re there, don’t forget to try out the giant Roman-aqueduct slide!

7. Hyatt Regency Orlando

Completed in the late 2010s, Hyatt Regency Orlando is as modern as it is exquisite. The moment the service car drives along the entrance, you’ll immediately be blown away by their beautiful interiors and top-notch restaurants. Its pools are complete with waterslides and waterfalls, so prepare your swimsuits once you come for a visit.

8. Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

Whether you’re in it for their golfing course, their world-class swimming pools, or their ice cream, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is a place for everyone! Admire the photogenic sceneries as you roast marshmallows in an open fire or enjoy a movie with your bag of popcorn. If you’re looking for a quick getaway for your family, this may be the perfect place for you. Not only would you be able to grab your binoculars and explore the great outdoors with them, but you can even turn them into a foodie of their own with restaurants like La Luce and Zeta Asia right around the block. 

All of their rooms allow you a breathtaking view of the scenery, while still having much to offer indoors. With a comfortable sitting area, workspace, and even elegant marble countertops, you’ll see that their facilities are the best of the best. Stay, relax, and enjoy with your family–because, in Hilton, you can trust them to create beautiful memories while ensuring your experience. 

9. Walt Disney World Swan

Modern, sophisticated, and elegant–the Walt Disney World Swan gives a twist to the Renaissance with their clamshell fountains and their graceful twin swans. Their swaying trees, beautiful greeneries, and gleaming shores would immediately give their visitors a sense of peace and relief, while still maintaining Florida’s subtropical style and climate. Although located at Walt Disney World, you can bet your Mickey Mouse hats that they offer so much more than just their location.  

Enjoy their pools equipped with waterslides as your kids play around in their floaties and noodles. Their laughter could be just the right medicine to cure you of all your problems. Thinking of planning a getaway trip for you and your partner? At Mandara Spa, not only will you be treated with the highest quality, but you’ll also be able to experience a Balinese theme spa and salon. By going through treatment therapies like massages, body wraps, and even facials, you’ll be getting out of that spa with a relaxed mind and a peaceful heart.  

10. Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Pools, lagoons, spas–they have it all in Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Let your kids see a life-size shipwreck as they explore Stormalong Bay–a 3-acre water wonderland filled with waterslides, currents, and even a tanning deck! Let your kids swim around the main pool as you close your eyes and allow yourself a more tranquil experience. Once you’re here, don’t forget to try out the Disney Skyliner Transportation! Not only will you be having a more unique perspective of Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but you’ll be able to take pictures on their whimsical themed Gondolas. 


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