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Why Patriot Maids?

We realize you’re busy, and that a dirty home is the last thing you want to come home to at the end of the day. That’s why we’re here to the rescue, we offer high quality, thorough and worry-free home cleaning services in Raleigh and the surrounding area. We take care of everything with transparent flat-rate pricing and simple online booking. You’ll like our one of a kind referral cleaning services and our borderline crazy commitment to your satisfaction for a sparkly clean home.

Patriot Maids is the highest rated home cleaning and maid service in greater Raleigh area. Our core principles make us who we are: We clean, you relax. We’re so sure you’ll love it that we’re putting our money where our mouth is with a 200% happiness guarantee

No contracts, estimates, quotes, or in-home inspections required. Let us know how many rooms are in your home. Find a time that works with your schedule, book your cleaning, then take the remainder of the day off! Our partnered independent cleaning professionals will do the scrubbing and make your house tidy! Give us a chance and book today! There’s nothing to lose with our 200% guarantee!

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Here at Patriot Maids, we take referrals as our #1 priority. As a referral agency for home cleaning services, we ensure that you are happily satisfied with the independent cleaning professionals we refer to you. We are located in the Raleigh metro area and the cleaning providers that we partner with can visit your home, apt, condominium, townhouse, and duplex from Monday to Sunday in Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

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Professional Home Cleaners

We only refer the most exceptional domestic cleaners in the industry. All domestic workers we partner with have numerous years of experience before we refer them to your house for professional cleaning services. We only work with qualified cleaners. If they’re not quick and meticulous, we do not refer them. Rest assured that all of the independent service providers we refer to you are same domestic workers that we would prefer to clean our own homes.

House Cleaning, Raleigh, NC – The Answer To Your All Your Questions

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If you’re looking for a city that’s known for its beauty and charm, then you look no further than the capital of North Carolina–Raleigh! The second-largest city in the state is famous for its beautiful oak trees and its favor of artistic sceneries. Whether you’re a growing artist searching for inspiration or looking for a muse of their own, then you’ll find family-friendly museums parked around the block with lovely residents to back you up. You can be a long-time resident in the neighborhood or someone who has just moved in, and you’ll immediately see how tight-knit everyone is. The strong sense of community never loses its charm as you walk down the streets. So, be sure to smile and wave whenever you’re walking by because you’ll be sure to receive plenty of them as you go on that morning jog.

It’s a great family-friendly neighborhood, one that is filled with laughter and smiles. Whatever you’re missing in its nightlife, you’ll surely find it in your day-to-day activities. After all, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Raleigh, North Carolina–especially if you’re an adventure-seeker. With high mountains and long trails, you’ll be busy for months. You’ll even find a few dishes that could warm your hearts and please your stomach. However, no matter how high you’ve climbed or how far you’ve reached, you still won’t be able to escape the to-do list that’s haunting you in your sleep.

That’s right. Your dishes wouldn’t be able to clean themselves! And your closets certainly wouldn’t be organized on their own. Plus, you still need to get your blinds dusted! However, it may be hard to pull yourself together with the scorching heat and think of a better way to deal with these things. You have other things to worry about, and keeping your house clean may be the last thing on your mind! However, there is a way around this, and it comes in the shape of your local house cleaners.

Clean your home without having to lift a finger here in Raleigh, NC! Already interested? Let’s tell you all about it.

The only guide YOU NEED to hiring your own Raleigh house cleaning services

Many wished they could enter into their sparkling clean home and forget about all their troubles. After all, they’d rather be riding a boat down Pullen Park rather than picking up the dirty socks under the bed. However, most of our wishes rarely transform into reality. If anything, residents of Raleigh, NC, realize how difficult it is to balance their jobs, studies, and workout routine, while juggling their more menial tasks for the day. Things are difficult enough. No need to add dusting and deep cleaning onto your lists.

However, you can finally take a break from those stressful rounds of your next cleaning. Cleaning companies are all over Raleigh and surrounding areas, and as long as you find the right one, you wouldn’t have to worry about the dirt and grime anymore! That is if you’ve picked the right one. With so many packages to choose from, it will take some time before you can reach your final decision.

With your most important valuables on the line, it’s obvious that you want to choose the best service in Raleigh. Luckily, you have us. Patriot Maids are going to give you a few tips and tricks that you can keep up your sleeves. By the time you’re done, you’d have no problem finding the cleaning company of your dreams.

How do you find the best maid service Raleigh, NC has to offer?

Deciding that you need professional service is just the first step of making the best decision of your life. However, the next steps may not be a walk in the park. Not only do you have to figure out where to look for a company, but also what you’re looking for in the company–which may mean you have to scroll down all the house cleaning plans they offer here in Raleigh, NC. We know how you feel. You chose to hire a maid service just so you wouldn’t have to face the hassle of cleaning up. The last thing you want is to look through all those yellow books, trying to see which ones could clean your home the best.

It’s hard and you’d prefer to do far more interesting things than research. But you don’t have to worry about any of that. If you could chug your way through all those tap beers that one night with your friends, then you can sit your way through this. We’re not going to lie, it’s exhausting and a lot of work, but by the time you’re done, you’d be able to save so much more time and money that you wouldn’t even remember doing this at all!

The When

Raleigh, NC, is a city filled with friendly go-getters. If anything, you’d prefer to take initiative rather than just follow along. After months of walking the trail and being in touch with nature all around you, you know better than to mistrust your instincts. However, you may start doubting them as soon as you turn your head towards the yellow pages or your phone. By the time you’ve switched a page, you may already feel a bit grubby. It’s a worse hangover than chugging down a crate of beer! But don’t worry, that hangover can be short-lived if you start today.

Searching and deciding on your cleaners can take a lot of time, especially if you’re just squeezing it in between your schedules. It’s not going to be a walk in the park. After all, you’re literally handing over the keys to your house. If anything, that might make you even more cautious than anything. This isn’t some last-minute decision you make right off the bat. Rather, it’s something you sit with before actually picking your chosen house cleaners.

Don’t worry. Our tips would allow you to streamline the process so that when you’re done, you wouldn’t even notice the time that had passed.

The Where

Think that you’ll find all the answers in your yellow pages? Think again, because, by the time you’ve read this, you would’ve already thrown that book to the back of your shelf. For this task, all you have to do is sit down and grab your phone–yes, your phone! Google has all the answers to your problems, and they’re pretty great at spotting the best of the best when it comes to offering the cleaners you deserve. Usually, as soon as you type in say, ‘House Cleaning Service in Raleigh, NC area’, they’d start popping out like a bucket of popcorn. However, you may want to step back from this.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to see page after page of different companies offering the same maid service and promising the same fabulous job you’d expect from your first cleaning. Differentiating them could be a drag, and if you’re trying to squeeze in that afternoon canoeing with your buddies, it may not be the best to start going at it now. But, there is a way to make it easier. Try checking out sites like Yelp, Care, and Expertise. Not only have they based it on real-time experiences, but also on the cleaners they have. You don’t have to worry about scrolling through the pages, because they have already done that for you.

The What

Now that you already know where to look, it’s only a matter of what exactly you are looking for. Since you’ve already clicked onto those websites, you may be noticing a huge amount of star ratings and commentaries from the people who had tried them out. One of the greatest features of Yelp is that you could be hearing the experiences of their clients–whether they adored their services or hated it with a passion. You may be hearing complaints, tips for improvements, and compliments that could assist you in narrowing down your decision. Remember, try not to skip a bad review, because if anything, you may be learning a few red flags that could serve as a warning before making your decision.

If you’ve already narrowed them down through their reviews, it’s time to check their personal websites to see any service they offer for their clients and the prices for any of these monthly services. Maid service may cost around $100-200 depending on the number of rooms you need to be cleaned, so try to set a number beforehand before trailing into the neverending price tags.

Be sure to remember that just because you had people’s opinions and had a rundown of their services and budget, doesn’t mean that you have it all figured out! There are still some other factors you’d need to consider.

The How

Just because one is incredibly cheaper than the other doesn’t mean that you’ll be availing of their cleaning service right off the bat. You still have to look into the packages that they offer, because there may be chances of extra charges for the services that you’ve decided to go through with. The company that you are keen on choosing may have extra charges when it comes to the traveling expenses it had incurred. Plus, they may offer no consideration with regards to your opinion on the harsh chemicals that they’re using. Paying extra is not on your to-do list, especially if you’re planning on getting the least expensive option. That’s why you should read the fine print!

Don’t leave anything out! Although cleaning service companies in Raleigh, NC are pretty much always straight-to-the-point when it comes to their additional charges, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. After all, you’ve gone in looking for a tidy home, not an empty wallet.

The Who

Perhaps you’ve already considerably narrowed down your choices to two similar companies. Both of them had promised an amazing job in cleaning your house, and both of them have the same price offers with similar extra services. Tough, isn’t it? There may be things that could help break the tie and that’s by knowing the house cleaners that you’re working with!

Look at the company’s screening process. Has your house cleaner been background checked? Have they undergone any sort of training? If not, do they have any professional experiences or are they just starting? Knowing who you’re working with could decide the quality of the home you’re getting back to as well as your satisfaction throughout the entire cleaning process. If the cleaners are experienced, then you may have an easier time working with them given that they have probably gotten used to your concerns (if any) and are happy to adjust for them. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to ask.

Now that you already got all the tips covered, you’re now already one step closer to a happier and healthier home.

What are the advantages of looking for cleaning services in Raleigh, NC?

Having a clean house to get back to is the dream. Imagine not having to worry about the laundry you’ve had scattered all over your carpet or the dust mites hidden in your couch. Just the thought of it could relax you, couldn’t it? That is exactly what you’re supposed to feel when you get back home. Whatever happens during the day, you can easily head back to your home and bask in the fresh scent and dusted countertops. However, your dream does not always transform into reality. Sadly, many of us don’t have the time to run through our regular cleaning list, especially when we have other errands to run.

Perhaps you have a paper due the next day that you’ve been planning to finish. Or, you’ve been preparing for a meeting with your team that you have no time to double-check your patio. Or, you probably still have to take your kids to their piano recitals. Whatever you’re planning to do, your menial tasks may go at the bottom of your list. Although somewhat easy-to-do, they take the most of your time, which could easily mess up your schedule. The last thing you need is to be late on your due date, and that’s why you’ll hire us. Make your stay in Raleigh, NC as easy as possible with maid service.

Need some more convincing? Let us take care of that now.

More Time

We know how important it is to spend time with your family and friends, and we know just how much life gets in the way. How many times have you canceled on your friends whenever they asked you to come down to Raleigh Beer Garden? How many more times would you cancel on that road trip you’ve promised your children? It’s far too long since you’ve spent your days with them, and it’s high time you start making up! Now that you’ve finally got that off-day from your boss, the last thing you want to do is worry about the dust that has accumulated in your ceiling fans or the stains on your bathroom sink.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to get a team to do the work for you? Besides, you surely wouldn’t be motivated to head home when you know there’s a ton of chores waiting for you from the moment you’ve opened the door. You might even start asking for overtime instead. We understand your frustrations! Your house cleaners will too. With them by your side, you wouldn’t have to worry about the basket of laundry by your bedside or the pile of dirty dishes in your sink anymore.

All you have to worry about is checking up on your friends and family. We’re sure they’d appreciate a call.

Greater Savings

Did you know that hiring a full-time maid could put a hole in your wallet? Figuratively, of course, but by the time you’re done, you would’ve already wished that it was meant literally. Although your maid may make sure that your house or apartment would be spick and span with a fresh and clean smell that could please you and all your guests, the price may not be worth the wait. We all understand that there are far too many expenses for you to worry about, and you don’t need another notch on your list.

Luckily, there is a more affordable way for you to go around this. Hiring a house cleaning service to do all the work may be a cheaper alternative as you wouldn’t be availing of them all the time. It’s whenever you need the work done! Do you have a party coming up later that you want to please all of your guests? Get an appointment!  Have you just moved in and are in desperate need of a deep clean? They’re perfect just for you.

They’ll always be there whenever you need them, plus it wouldn’t even cost you an arm and a leg. Get the same type of quality for that monthly cleaning for half the price!

Healthier Benefits

Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. If you’ve heard of bed bugs and dust mites, then you might never want to hear any of them again. Not only are they almost impossible to look for, but they’re also such a hassle. That’s the last thing you want to hear after that long, exhausting day you’ve had in your break. However, just because you can’t get rid of them yourself doesn’t mean that you’d have to get a new mattress! Your house cleaner could handle that–just make sure to tell them in advance just so they could come prepared.

The heat isn’t the only thing that could break you in Raleigh. You may want to pay attention to the fungi and viruses spreading across your walls. They usually grow in dry or damp places like the corners of your patio or right behind your shelf. Not only could they affect your breathing, but they could also lead to different respiratory problems in the future. Have a healthier home, and avail of your cleaning package. With their high-efficiency filter vacuums and their fiber cloths, you wouldn’t have to worry about seeing them ever again.

Higher Quality

It’s always all about the quality. When you pay for something, you’d expect to get your money’s worth. You’re not just expecting a rough clean-up as if you’re doing it yourself, no, you’re expecting a house cleaning that would consist of a complete rundown of your entire house. The top of your shelves should be dusted. Your window panes should be wiped. The molds you couldn’t see must never be seen again. The stains on your countertops must be scrubbed clean. The little details you’ve never really counted before should be finished and done with by your Raleigh house cleaner.

It’s not just about checking your to-do list, it’s checking it the right way, and that’s what hiring a cleaner would do! Usually, the people knocking on your door are professionals, meaning they have the training and experience to back them up. Those stains that you never really knew how to wipe off–they know how to do it with a click of the finger. The soap scum on your bathtub is something that they deal with every day. Hiring them would not just get rid of your headache, but it could also leave your home cleaner than what you’ve initially expected.

It’s every company’s job to go above and beyond, and with the right company–you know for a fact that they’d be in capable hands.

Here’s the reason why Patriot Maids offer the BEST professional cleaning service in Raleigh, NC!

There are so many great cleaning companies in Raleigh, and many of them offer similar services. These times may call for hesitation and doubt. Who will you trust? Although the reviews may say one thing, their packages may relay the other, and just the thought of it could give you a headache. You do not need something else to hamper your day. And you certainly do not need another night of tossing and turning on your unwashed bed. There must be a simpler way to handle everything, while still keeping your furnishings safe from unprofessional hands. Luckily, hiring Patriot Maids can help you hit two birds with one stone.

After serving in cities like San Antonio, Houston, and even Orlando, we decided to expand our reach to Raleigh, and we don’t plan to disappoint! Our collective experience in the industry ensures our future and present clients that we offer nothing but the best in terms of our pricing, services, and even our cleaners. Think you need a bit more convincing before jumping aboard? We’d be happy to do so.

Asking someone over into your home is a big decision, and such decisions need time before they’re made. Let us make it a little easier for you.

“What sets you apart?”

With so many great cleaning companies around the city, you may give a double-take at our claim and ask us the one question all our previous clients had asked us before–what makes us so different? What sets us apart from such a wide industry? Let us explain what you’d be expecting from any regular maid service first. Usually, the housemaids assigned to your home would give a brief rundown of all the general cleaning on your to-do list. The mopping, sweeping, and the wiping–these chores are most probably the first things they’d do upon walking in. Most of them would even ask you to buy your cleaning products because they haven’t brought ones for themselves!

The extra expenses you may ensure during this process can be staggering. Plus, it isn’t worth paying someone just to simply cross out your list. You need to ensure that they’re also crossing off things that aren’t on your list too. This may include checking all the hard-to-reach areas, paying more attention to the cracks of each tile in the bathroom, and observing the corners of every room. You may not be able to get that level of detail from just any other company you see, but you can get that, and so much more upon hiring Patriot Maids.

With our cleaners’ experiences and our administrative team’s responsiveness, we make sure that your houses would be in safe and capable hands.

“Why should I trust you?”

Even with our experience, you may still feel uneasy with handing the keys to a bunch of strangers. After all, you’ve only seen them through their webpage and have only contacted them through their email. Although there are plenty of reviews on their site promising a fantastic job, you can’t say that you’re confident with reading these reviews from people you don’t know. Reviews, if anything, can be subjective, and miscommunications can happen in every working partnership.

You are not just handing the list to us, but you are also putting your valuable furniture under our responsibility. That includes the antique drawers that you may have bought from your trip to Europe, and the beautiful rugs you’ve bought from Southeast Asia. Either way, these are the items that you wouldn’t want to be stained by wax or any other harmful chemicals. We get that. We’ve worked in this cutthroat industry for years to know that with each client comes a different specification and a different priority, and we’re always ready to address that.

Our administrative team is fully prepared to handle any concerns you may have concerning your furniture. And our team is more than experienced to know how to address these stains while still preserving the beauty of your home. We want you to get home relaxed and happy, not stressed and anxious. We aren’t a bunch of strangers. We are cleaners who are wholly invested in your home and your happiness.

“What if I can do it myself?”

One of the very things we admire about the people in Raleigh is how independent they are. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or hiking down the trail, they want to do things themselves without the help of others. They’re incredibly strong and self-reliant, and there is no doubt in our minds that you intend to finish what you have started. After all, the city has housed plenty of popular names in the world of academia, the entertainment industry, and even politics to know how determined and ambitious many of you are.

However, while there is time to promote your willpower, there is also a time to just kick back and relax. Why worry about these menial tasks when you could think about something else? Something bigger than what the world had entailed? There are just so many things that you can do aside from going through that to-do list. Leave those chores to someone else as you work on something worth your time. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to. And there’s no shame in hiring someone else!

House cleaning can be tough, so let us do all the dirty work.

“What if I have more questions?”

Although Patriot Maids have already prepared a list of frequently asked questions, if you still have any concerns you’d like to bring up, then you’re free to ask them directly in our live chat function or our email address. There may be an additional service that you’d like to inquire about, or you may have a few questions about the free estimate you have received. Our administrative team is lauded over its ability to quickly respond to every single one of your concerns while reassuring you all the same. We understand that trust is integral for every working relationship to work out, and our response may play a factor in that.

As long as the question was sent during our business hours, you can rest assured that we’d be able to get back to you within the day. Most of you may even expect a speedy reply within a few minutes! We understand that all of our clients had a long day, and none of them deserve to wait that long for an answer. Our team firmly believes that our service reaches above and beyond the regular cleaning companies, and we’d be happy to touch base with you on that. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What’s Included in Our Maid Service Cleaning?

We do not doubt that you’ve read what our packages have to offer. You may also have an idea of what we are planning to do to the corners that we plan on cleaning out. However, if you aren’t present during the cleaning process, you may start to wonder what goes on in our contractors’ minds as soon as they step into your home. You don’t want to keep checking your CCTV to see what they’re up to, and you want some peace of mind as soon as the appointment begins. What will they prioritize first? Will they start with the knobs? The living room? Will they listen to your suggestions?

Well, there is no secret formula here in Patriot Maids. This is your home, and we want to be as transparent as possible about what we are planning on doing and what we have already done with the houses that we’ve worked in. This is why we have prepared a list just for you. That way, you know what you’re getting yourself into, even when you’re not there to see it all step into play.

We assure you that your home will be spick and span by the time you’ve reached the gates.

The Rundown

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cleaning. Every house comes with its own set of problems. While Person A may worry over the accumulation of dust hiding from dozens of bookshelves at the back of his home, Person B may be more concerned about the molds growing in their basement. While your team will make sure that the general chores would be done, there may be a few factors that they need to take into consideration when planning for this appointment.

As soon as they step into the room, their experienced gaze would switch from one corner to the next as they try to find any overlooked spots that they could inspect and double-check. If you have a few post-it notes lying around the room, this may also be the time for them to check it out and add it to their list of considerations. Perhaps you’d want them to start with the bathroom first or to inspect the basement. By putting these, they’ll be able to plan for a more efficient process while they’re doing all the dirty work.

Although this may be done on their first appointment, it may be less prioritized in every succeeding appointment as your assigned cleaner has already grown familiar with your home and your specifications.

The Sanitizing

Bacteria and viruses are still ever-present in your household. You may not care for it that much as you’re not able to see them but think about your children or pets. If your child is entering the toddler stage, you’d be in for a headache with the number of times her curious mind would take her out of her playpen and into corners of your household that you have never seen before. Not only are you worried about babyproofing the tables, the chairs, and even the cabinets, but you’re also worrying about whether or not the tiles have been mopped properly. Just the thought of them putting their dirty hands into their mouth may already cause so much anxiety, which is something that no first-time parent deserves.

Our team ensures that every spot you see in your hallway is wiped and sanitized. With our effective solutions and our equally efficient cleaners, we assure you that our processes could promote a cleaner and more bacteria-free environment. Now, you don’t have to worry about your child exploring their surroundings anymore or your pet licking the floor, because everything has already been well taken care of.

The Dirty Work

During this time, our team isn’t only just concentrating on disinfecting and sanitizing the area but also making sure that no dust or stains are left behind. The assessment done beforehand assures that we already know what places to address and what corners we need to check out. They also already know which brushes and solutions they need to use to address every single one of those problem areas.

They will first zero in on the dusting. When they aren’t wiped regularly, your shelves can develop cobwebs. They can also be the primary spots for the accumulation of dust and dirt. If your kids suffer from asthma, these places may be less than ideal for them, given that it could induce a coughing spree that neither of you may want. Another thing you may have forgotten is the stains hidden under your sink or the grime build-up in your tiles. While dusting you can do, these details may be better off at the back of your mind. Not only do they take so long to clean up, but they’re also the most frustrating!

Impossible to get rid of, they may take hours of your day, and that’s certainly not on your list! With our team, you can bet that we’ll be getting down on our knees and scrubbing them away. The dust on your shelves will also be gone within minutes of our entrance. And all you have to do is sit back and watch.

The Double Look

Raleigh’s heat can be dizzying, and it may be enough to cause you to forget a few things along the way. Knowing that this could prevent us from giving you the cleaning that you so, well deserve, our team has integrated a few measures just to make sure that everything checks out before we leave. The corners that we’ve mapped out in our heads before would be thoroughly addressed during the dirty work, but there may be chances that we’d miss a spot or two along the way. As such, your assigned cleaner would be responsible for getting back to all the spots while still ensuring that the rest are sparkly clean.

Our cleaners have years of experience notched up their charts, so if there’s anyone you’d like to trust for a brighter home, then it’s them. Their eye-for-detail is incredibly accurate, and you’ll be sure to get the clean house of your dreams by the time they’ve left your gates.

Why Hire Our Raleigh House Cleaning Services?

Despite our reassurances, there may be a little voice disagreeing with us at the back of your mind. We completely understand. You’re not just asking someone to deliver some barbeque take-out to your place nor are you asking someone to deliver a package. You’re asking our team to enter your home while putting you and your family’s health at our hands. It’s a big deal, and there may be times when you feel like backing out. However, before you click on that ‘Book Now’ button, why don’t you allow us to say a few words that could lighten up your day?

After all, it’s not your job to immediately trust us, but it’s our responsibility to earn it. To have our clients’ complete confidence, Patriot Maids offers a lot of benefits that could suit their needs. Raleigh is a city filled with great options, but we can say that you couldn’t be getting a service like this anywhere else. Let us tell you why.

We Value Your Time

Time is of the essence.

Perhaps you’re already tying in on your next due date for your paper. Or perhaps you’re already preparing for that big meeting that you’ve been working on for weeks. Everyone has only twenty-four hours in their day, and just the thought of even wasting one minute can be daunting. After all, if you finally got some free time on your hands, you’d rather give your parents a call than scrub your toilets. However, the more you push that to the back of your mind, the more those stains could get worse.

You need something quick and easy–something that’s worth your time and worth your bills, and Patriot Maids already have that right up your corner. The reason you’ve called our team in is that you don’t have much time on your hands, so we surely wouldn’t waste another minute. No need to wait for our replies in setting up an appointment. All you have to do is type in your information on the website and click the ‘book button’. Then, you can forget all about it! Let our administrative team handle all the nit and grit of partnering you up with one of our contractors, and we’ll be sure to inform you of the transaction.

Fast, efficient, and effective, our process makes sure to save every minute you have.

We Value Our Team’s Experience

Patriot Maids teams up with the cream of the crop of the cleaning industry. We make sure to partner with those who have a minimum of three years of experience, with professional and personal references to verify their past jobs. Plus, they have already undergone the vetting process of being background checked before being added right under our portfolio. This means that the maids that are entering your home have already been tried and tested with the times, and as such, they’re only aimed to please.

Our team values our clients, and we know that building a sustainable relationship with them would mean that we have to up both our service and quality. In fact, with this level of experience, it would come as to no surprise that some of our professionals have also worked in the hotel industry–also known as the ‘Bootcamp of cleaning’. Having to deal with different types of stains while keeping every detail neat and tidy, they’ve dealt with all the pressures that go along with the business.

No need to worry because your home would always be in capable hands when it comes to them. Have a concern? They will be sure to address it.

We Value The Environment

The residents of Raleigh care about their environment. From keeping the Oak trees as mighty and tall as they could to keeping their trails as spotless as possible, they truly admire the nature around them. If you’re a nature enthusiast or even a thrill-seeker, you might have already grown to love the long trails and the high climb. That’s why you may be concerned if someone else were to affect the environment that you’ve lived in all your life, especially if that someone…is you. Did you know that your cleaning supplies can be based on many harmful chemicals? Agents like phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia happen to be in around 40% of your detergents. And after draining them down the sink, those liquids need to go through water treatment facilities before they’re safe to return to the wildlife. Even then, there are still many contaminants that fail to run through said facilities and end up harming the wildlife.

Scary, isn’t it? Patriot Maids aim to address that as well. Many of our contractors have already supplied themselves with green cleaning products that could lessen the impact on our environment. Some say you’d have to commit to making large changes for you to have an impact on the problem at hand. We say that these large changes start with the small decisions that both of us make. All you need to do is specify your need for our environmentally-friendly solutions in advance so that they’ll be better prepared for the next appointment.

We Value Your Words

We don’t just care about the environment. We care about you too!

If you want us to stray away from a specific product, then all you have to do is ask! If you want us to prioritize a certain room in the household, then don’t hesitate to give us a call or even send us a message. Our professional cleaners already have enough experience in the industry that they’re able to walk into your homes with an open mind and a flexible plan. Tell them if you want things to be changed up, and they’ll make sure to listen. Although there are limits to our abilities in following your requests, we still ensure that all our clients would get a compromise that is still fitted to their needs.

If you have any comments about your experience in working with our company, give us a call. We make sure to answer all your questions and clarify any concerns you may have. If there are any points of improvement you may give, we’d make sure to have them sent to your last assigned cleaner so that they’d know what to fix and what to adjust on for their next visit. If you were pleased, don’t forget to leave a review. Your points of improvement and words of praise can surely brighten up all our days.

We won’t know unless you tell us.

What Raleigh Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

Have we already got your full attention? If we already have you convinced, then it’s only natural to be a little curious as to what packages we offer for our potential Raleigh clients. We know that every house is different. You may have different priorities than the next housekeeper, and you certainly may not need to have the same level of cleanup. Some of you may prefer that we focus our attention on the tubs and faucets, while others would like us to pay more attention to the living room because their parents are coming over. Whatever your purpose is for getting us, we’ll be happy to help.

Not only are we very much flexible with your specifications, but we are also very focused on getting the job done. All of our diverse offerings have integrated guarantees and practices that could protect every single spot in your home while ensuring the quality of our work. With this, here’s everything you need to know about the maintenance and services that we do offer.

Residential Cleaning

There are many reasons why you’d want a team of professional cleaners to enter your home. Perhaps you wanted to deep clean the attic after not touching it for years. The accumulation of dust piled up in those boxes may prevent you from reminiscing with your kids, and who knows what other molds and grime lurk there in the shadows? Or, you’re hosting your children’s birthday bash that you just have to clean to impress. After all, your home is an extension of you and your family’s identity, and you certainly don’t want anyone to have an icky time. Or, maybe you’re just itching to get started on that to-do list.

Whatever your reasons may be and whatever rooms you need to be spotless, we have just the solution for everything!

Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the first thing you see when you start your day, and you certainly don’t want to start it by staring at all the unkempt laundry bunched up in your basket. It’s your day–your time to grab the opportunity, but a dirty bedroom can just be enough to drain your enthusiasm completely. The cobwebs on your shelves, the wrappers under your bed,  and the mites crawling under your mattress can give you the creeps even in your sleep. With all of this in mind, we make sure that our team is right ahead of you!

Not only do we sweep up all the accumulated dust under your carpets, but we even make sure to check the top of your shelves and the corners of your room to see if anything needs some wiping. We’ll even change your sheets if you let us. We understand the importance of having a great scene to start the day, so we do our best to make sure your pillows are fluffed and your floors are mopped just before we go.

Your Bathroom

If you’re thinking of the most used room in your house, you may want to take a look at the bathroom. After what we’ve put them through every single day, they deserve a bit of love from all of us. If you haven’t been cleaning in a while, you may see the shower and tub marred with soap scum and hair products. Other aspects you may notice are the toothpaste dribbles and hair products staining the edges of your sink. Sure, a little bit could barely be noticeable, but after not doing the dirty work for over a month, it can be a gamechanger. Too stressed to handle them? Let us help you.

Our maids will be using soft-scrub and abrasive brushes to scrub the hardened deposits. We’ll even be using our effective solutions to remove the dribbles and even sanitize the countertops. Bathrooms have always been known to be the breeding place for mildew and mold gave their damp surroundings, so we make sure to get on our knees and scrub everything down from top to bottom.

By the time you get home, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered a whole other bathroom.

Your Living Room

When you’re looking to impress your guests, your living room is where you put in all the work. It’s the very first thing your parents see, and it’s also the place where you entertain your guests. Whether you’re gathering for a dinner party or some late catch-up, you know that you need to leave a good impression. And you’re not going to get it with unkempt rugs and stained pillows. Not only do you need to dress to impress, but your house needs to be cleaned to impress–and we have just the thing for you!

Our team would be handling everything from scratch. You can consider that your windows would be bright and clean and that your curtains have been vacuumed and dusted. Your guests wouldn’t be experiencing any allergy reactions upon stepping into your home. They may even be in awe at how well-kept everything looks. Surprise your mom with a great living room, because we certainly won’t be leaving your home until it looks like a model structure for Home and Garden magazine!

Your Kitchen

Still smelling that leftover stench from that lasagna you baked the other day? Although the sweet scent may have allured you while it’s cooking up in the oven, you certainly wouldn’t say the same in a few days. No amount of perfume can get rid of it, and the deposits in your oven make it all the more difficult to clean up. Who has the time for that anyway? However, if you leave it alone for a couple more days, not only can they affect the taste of your dishes, but they can also affect its efficiency. If you’re looking to save up, you certainly don’t want any of your appliances to start breaking down. Luckily, all you need is some inexpensive cleaning.

The professionals coming into your home are more than capable of cleaning up that oven for you. The stench that you were smelling just before you went out would be non-existent by the time you head back. All you can smell is the fresh lemony goodness from your countertops and your sink. No need to worry about the hassle of cooking, because we already got you covered.

Extra Services

Your house may need a little more extra work than you’ve expected. If you’ve experienced the incredibly dry and hot weather in Raleigh, then the last thing you’d find yourself doing is sweeping up your patio or even your driveway. A few chores you’d find yourself skipping are the horrors that lie behind your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Out of sight, out of mind–as you may say, but they won’t stay out of sight for long if you keep ignoring them. Don’t worry, because Patriot Maids offer just the thing to keep that out of your mind.

We offer things like cleaning your garage, washing your dishes, and even organizing your closet. All those other menial tasks on your to-do list–you can bet that we have them right up on our list. If we missed something, then you can even ask us if we offer it. Having been in the industry for years, our maids are nothing short of adaptable and flexible when it comes to your request. Although it requires a little extra pay, we’re sure that the results make everything worth it.

Office Cleaning

Your office is where your successes are made and lessons are learned. It’s where you spend most of your days when you aren’t relaxing in your bedroom. Although you may love your job, it may be difficult to pay attention to your tasks when all you could see are cobwebs under your desk drawers and dust on the corner walls. Not only should you ensure that the room is healthy and safe, but it should be an area for productivity to flourish. That’s hard to do if the state of your office is anything but spotless.

Now, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Our team makes sure to filter out the air in that room while dusting up its surroundings. Don’t worry, we won’t be touching any of your documents unless you ask us to. We’ll just be wiping things down and sprucing the place up for the next day. There are just some things that you can’t compromise, and your motivation shouldn’t be one of them.

Why Should I Choose You?

There’s a reason why our Raleigh house owners prefer Patriot Maids over any other cleaning business. Find out why below!

We Respond

No need to wait for hours for a response, because we already got you covered. Every single one in our customer response team has been instructed to prioritize any concerns or points of improvement that our clients have for us. If you’ve communicated with any of our old or present clients, you may see how our response time has been highly regarded by many of them. The live chat on our website isn’t just there for fun and games, so don’t hesitate to try it out. If you have any questions regarding any package we offer, all you have to do is ask. Our team is not just efficient when it comes to the response time, but all of them are knowledgeable of the packages that we do offer.

You don’t have to worry about not getting the answer you need. Patriot Maids value its clients, and we know how important your time is, which is why we never want to waste another second by delaying any answers we have. As long as you message us during our working hours, then you can even receive a reply within seconds after you’ve sent us a chat.

We Adjust

Not only do we respond, but we also adapt.

Have pets in your home? No problem! Our team would come prepared with the proper brushes to take care of any stray fur lying around your couch or your countertops. Have allergies? Sure! Our team can have alternative cleaning supplies right up their arsenal if ever the problem does come up. Need some green cleaning supplies to help sustain the environment? We’d love to accommodate you. With our 100% all-natural solutions, we’d still be giving you the same quality while also sending you back a healthier home.

If you’re worried about your kids, then this is the perfect reason why you should hire us

We Provide

Many of our independent contractors have had the experience of working in many well-known hotels and establishments. It’s only natural for them to have these types of works done given their years of experience in the business. That means they’ve worked with the worst of the worst and the best of the best. They’ve already handled the pressures of working against the clock, plus they’ve already dealt with stains that could only show up in your nightmares.

Don’t be ashamed of the state of your home, and you certainly shouldn’t be shy about the state of the dust and stains haunting your closets. Trust us, we’ve dealt with far worse. And, the reason you’ve hired us is to scrub and clean those up. Our capabilities are out of this world, and we guarantee that you wouldn’t be disappointed by the time we’re done with our appointment.

Tried, tested, and true, the maids coming into your home will be nothing but professional

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Experience?

Your home is a space where you should feel comfortable. After that long day you had at school or in the office, you deserve someplace where you can finally fall asleep or watch that series you’ve been promising to reward yourself with. However, your busy lifestyle may prevent you from getting the clean home that you absolutely deserve. That is what we’re here for–to clean the dirty work and to help you live your life the way that you would want to.

Although we’ve already assured you that the quality of our work is incomparable, there are still ways for you to get the most out of the service that you’ve availed. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want any additional headaches from a cleanup, especially when you’ve hired us just to lessen it in the first place. While it takes two to dance, it also takes two to form a great working arrangement.

So here’s everything you need to know in getting your money’s worth.

Communicate With Us

It’s your house, so it’s only our job to do as you say. Our professionals are instructed to ensure that their clients would enter their homes feeling comfortable as possible. To achieve this, their houses need to be thoroughly cleaned and their instructions should be followed. Completely taking over the cleaning process is something that we’d advise against, given that our maids operate with more ease without someone shadowing over them. However, they would love to hear your preferences with regards to any cleaning products they have or any priorities you plan to add.

Our team would always be ready to listen, because as much as possible, we want to take the heaviest weight off your shoulders. If it’s the bathroom that you rarely clean up, then that’s the first room that we concentrate on. If your drawers are barely opened, that’s where we’re going to start. Let us do the hardest dirty work so you wouldn’t have to even think about them. It’s our job to make you feel at ease, so your input is incredibly important to ensure our goal.

Inspect Our Work

We’ve already told you that we have integrated guarantees and quality checks to ensure that everything is spotless by the time we leave. But that does not mean that you should forget all about inspecting the place when you step into your homes. The last thing you need is to see a stained countertop the next day and find that there’s no way for you to fix it. Make sure that the moment you get home, you’ll do some random checks on all the problematic spots that you’ve asked them to prioritize. That way, if anything seems off, you could easily call our hotline and ask for a free re-clean on the areas that you’ve spotted.

Keep Your Lines Open

That way, if our professionals do have any questions with regards to handling any furnishings or fixtures in your home, we could immediately reach you. Although this rarely happens as we’ve ironed out all the details beforehand, it’s still best to not keep your phones silent, just so we could easily reach out to you when the need arises.

What Guarantees Do You Have?

When we said that we’ve integrated a few guarantees into our service, we weren’t lying. We ensure that the service we bring into your homes is nothing but the best, and we further that claim by implementing a 200% satisfaction guarantee. Now, you’ll never have to worry about your cleaners not getting it right. If you’re done inspecting our work and see an area that hasn’t been addressed, then all you have to do is reach out to our customer service hotline, and they’ll be there to assist you. Your cleaner would return to re-clean the area with no additional charges on your end. Call us if anything seems off, just so we could get right on it. Although we are still confident that by the time our contractors leave, every single corner of that place is scrubbed spotless.

Get a cleaning business in Raleigh that could ensure your money’s worth!

Do You Use Employees or Contractors?

It’s always all about the cleaners that enter your home. After all, they’re the ones who will be responsible for keeping your house or apartment in tip-top shape. You may start asking the administrative team all sorts of questions that could determine their decision. For example, does the company recruit contractors or employees? If they are employees, have they been properly trained by the management? If they are contractors, have they gone through any application process just to verify their experiences? With these questions, there may be an underlying assumption that employees are better than contractors due to the quality of their cleanup.

Patriot Maids use contractors. Every single cleaner under our portfolio has already gone through a thorough vetting process that includes state and federal criminal background checks and reference verification. All the cleaners that we’ve partnered with have a minimum of three years of experience working in the industry, so you can bet that they know just what to do with the dirt and grime in your homes. They offer great quality and efficiency, just what you should expect from availing of our service.

Do You Bring Your Own Supplies?

One of the problems with hiring a company that works with its employees is that they may require you to get your own supplies. Not only is there a right solution for everything, but there’s also a right brush for all those stains on your sink. However, the reason you’ve hired a maid service in the first place is so that you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that! After all, you already have enough errands riding up your plate, why add more?

Here at Patriot Maids, all of our contractors are already equipped with the necessary tools to keep your homes as pristine as possible. They even have a stepping stool to be used for their convenience. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything because they already have your back. If you’re looking for green cleaning products or are trying to stray away from a specific brand, do tell them in advance just so they could better prepare for your appointment. If anything, they are incredibly flexible to your needs and are willing to listen to what you have to say.

How Do I Schedule My Cleaning Services?

In Raleigh, Patriot Maids assure that their clients always get the best of the best in the most efficient timing. We may not do delivery services, but our booking process sure does act like it! Your time is important to us, and as such, you don’t have to accommodate our schedule for in-house consultations. Receive a price right away as soon as you’ve typed in the package that you want. It’s quick and simple. All you have to do is type in the number of rooms you need to be cleaned, the package you plan on availing of, and the date you want them to come. Quick and easy, you won’t have to worry about waiting at the customer service line.

Plus, it leaves a lot of time to do other different things. If you do have any questions, then you could easily reach us through our email at service@patriotmaids.com. Or you could also take advantage of our live chat function. That way our customer support team could answer any of your concerns in the fastest time possible. We will always put our clients first above anything else, and our guarantees and packages assure that.

Can I have the same cleaner assigned to me?

We’ve been talking about trust for quite some time because we believe that this is the epitome of every working relationship. Not only have you already grown to trust the cleaner going in and out of your door, but that same professional has already become knowledgeable of your everyday to-do list. They know just what to do and what not to do while servicing your house. You have already grown acquainted with each other, and we respect that. As such, you can have our guarantee that you will always be assigned to the same cleaner unless you’ve asked for any changes.

We know how important it is to trust someone different, especially if you’ve already found someone whom you can easily work around with. Plus, it wouldn’t be efficient to assign you somebody new when we already have someone who knows your home and your specifications from front to back. We value the relationship that you’ve built, while also ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

Do you accept rescheduling?

Of course! If you want to be there on your first appointment but can’t due to other commitments, you can easily talk to our customer service team to have that changed. As long as it’s not on the date itself, our cleaners would happily adapt to your busy schedule. There isn’t a contract intact as well, so you could easily change any details of the package you have availed. Perhaps you want to avail of the dish cleaning service or the laundry service. All you have to do is note that in, and our maids would jump right into the additional cleaning.

It also doesn’t matter if you’d be here or not, too. Maybe you have another appointment the next week that may prevent you from really coming to any of the appointments you’ve set up. You can simply leave the key under your mat or just leave a note on the website to inform the team as to where they can find it. Our team is still dedicated to making your house the best in Raleigh, NC, and your absence would not change that.

Can you cater to disabilities or illnesses?

We understand that there may be conditions that could prevent you from getting the deep clean that you deserve, and that’s fine. A good thing about having experienced contractors cleaning your home is that they’ve already faced the same circumstances from their many years of working in the industry. As long as you inform them of any of your specifications and preferences, they would be happy to work around your condition while still ensuring a healthier and cleaner home by the end of your appointment.

As we’ve said, your house, your rules. You’ll be the one calling the shot, and we’ll do our very best to follow through with it.

How long does a home cleaning take?

Every home is different, and the sizes of their rooms will vary. Although we can’t exactly give an accurate number, we could say that it would take us around an hour a room to make sure that every corner has been properly cleaned and addressed. However, if you are in a time crunch, then you can always inform our maids beforehand. Perhaps your parents are coming to town or your friends will be coming over for that much-awaited dinner party.

Our team could work around the time you’ve given us, as long as they’re reasonable, while still ensuring the quality of our service. You certainly wouldn’t need to adjust for us.

How much does a home cleaning service cost in Raleigh, NC?

We know that availing for the cleanup can be pricey, especially if you’re in Raleigh. However, we do understand the need of getting your money’s worth. That is exactly why we’ve integrated discounts into our system for any monthly cleaning option that you were to avail. Get your discount of 25%, 20%, and 10% on your next cleaning for your respective weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly packages. We appreciate your trust, so let us thank you.

What are you waiting for?

Book us now, and see why Patriot Maids offers the best cleaning services in Raleigh, NC!

Raleigh Fun and Travel Guide

Planning a trip down North Carolina? Then Raleigh would surely make it into your bucket list! Being one of the top-visited cities in the State, the City of Oaks never fails to dazzle its tourists and residents with its beautiful sights and lush sceneries. Step into their borders, and you’ll immediately be greeted with smiles and waves because this Southern metropolis doesn’t lack its Southern charm! It’s home to the brightest minds and the warmest souls, so when you’re here, get ready for the time of your life!  

The city has a place for everyone! Museums, universities, and even parks rest in the middle of the metropolis. You’ll always find a home anywhere you go and don’t forget the culinary delights just waiting for you in every block. Plus, you won’t have a problem looking for places to trek and hike either, because they all got it there, too! They even have a place for you to go skiing during the winter. Exciting trips like these can make you plan like crazy. After all, it’s only normal to want everything to go smoothly. You want to make the most of the time you’ve used up and the money you’ve spent. We get that, and that is exactly why we’ve created this–the perfect travel guide for your trip to Raleigh.

Exciting trips like these can make you plan like crazy. After all, it’s only normal to want everything to go smoothly. You want to make the most of the time you’ve used up and the money you’ve spent. We get that, and that is exactly why we’ve created this–the perfect travel guide for your trip to Raleigh. 

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Raleigh, NC

We hope you’ve readied your taste buds because, by the time you’ve gone through this list, eating will never be the same again. How could it when your standards have already been raised so far up to the clouds? Home to one of the most exciting culinary scenes in North Carolina, you’ll be sure to find dozens of restaurant options in the City of Oaks. From fresh seafood to heart-warming homemade desserts, you’ll find that Raleigh can please both your sight and your taste. 

Flexible to your needs, you may find yourself overwhelmed as to the many options guarding your way. Would you prefer a place with an award-winning wine cellar? A place for vegetarian cuisine? Or are you looking for a spot that could give you that fine-dining experience? With so many questions in your mind, we decided to make it simple and easy by making a list!

Want to see who’s in our Top 10? Here they are!

1. Angus Barn

Ever heard of residents saying that they’d have lunch at the “Big Red”? They most likely meant the beautiful ‘barn-house’ right down Glenwood Avenue. Opening its doors in 1960, the owners had a dream–to offer incomparable hospitality, to send out that rustic ambiance, and to give the best meal of their customers’ lives. Their dreams resided on a red building that’s settled far away from civilization that no one could’ve expected the success they’d reap in the years ahead. 

Now, the Angus Barn has become a place that’s cherished by many locals–both old and young. After all, it had created many fond memories for plenty of people around the city. From birthdays to parties, to even weddings, the Big Red was the focal point for everyone in the metropolis, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Once you’re there, be sure to try their scrumptious appetizers and their amazing steaks and ribs, because you definitely won’t be regretting it. However, one should never fail to mention its beautiful, award-winning wine cellar. Their wine tasting is just phenomenal, so if you’re looking for a night to get out and have some fun, this might just be the place for you. 

2. Fiction Kitchen

For vegans and vegetarians alike, finding a great restaurant that suits their preferences can be quite a challenge. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way, especially with The Fiction Kitchen right around the corner. Hidden in Downtown Raleigh is a vegetarian restaurant that could ultimately make you love those veggies. Have you tried some vegan pepperoni or some vegan pimento cheese? Then we hope that you’re ready to be surprised and impressed by the dishes they have to offer. Perhaps just the sound of its name and the sound of who they serve may seem intimidating for some, especially for those who rarely eat them, but no matter what your mind tells you, your taste buds would surely say otherwise. 

While you’re there, don’t forget to try the Mushroom Risotto and the Chef’s Salad, because this vegetarian cuisine will keep you coming back for more. Healthy, homey, and delectable, Fiction Kitchen is like a pop-up from a story book. It’s too good to be true! So when you’re there, make sure to give it a chance. 

3. Poole’s

Ashley Christensen is a culinary celebrity, known for winning the Best Chef Southeast award in 2014 as well as the Eater’s Best Chef in the Nation Award in 2017. However, every large shadow once came from just one dream, and it was that dream that had made her open her first restaurant in Downtown Raleigh. She wanted to give great food in that retro-chic charm setup, and what better way than to remodel the very foundation of Poole’s while still highlighting its roots. With red leather banquettes and that beautiful double horseshoe bar, Poole’s will make you feel as if you’re stepping back in time. 

The oversized blackboard will immediately greet you the second you walk in, featuring their dishes for the season. Expect to be surprised every once in a while, since they change their offerings daily to keep you up on your thoughts. Think you’ve already tried everything that Poole’s has to offer? Think again! 

4. Glenwood Grill

Every artist needs a muse, as every chef needs his inspiration. For Chef John Wright, his inspiration does not rely solely on one person, but on his surroundings. The beautiful mountain tops the sweet hums of the coastline–he wanted to draw from these beautiful sceneries and create a plate that could make your eyes tear and your mouths water. That’s exactly why he made sure to source everything from the farm to the table, to bring a sense of nature in every bite and a tinge of freshness with every spoonful. If you’re looking for something as organic as it is flavorful, then you’ve stopped by at the right place. 

Once you’re there, you might want to order that Lobster Mac and Cheese. Or in fact, order two while you’re at it because by the time you take a bite, you and your family would be fighting over the last spoonful! With its amazing offers for steak and seafood, you won’t be coming home hungry tonight. 

5. Alpha Dawgs Inc.

If you’re looking for a casual meal out with your friends, then Alpha Dawgs Inc. should be right up on your to-eat list. With their amazing hotdog sandwiches and their flavorful fried potatoes, you won’t be worrying about going out hungry, that’s for sure! If your friends are vegetarian and vegan, then you’re in luck, because they also serve a few other variations on these staples. Their main goal is to fuel their passion by helping their customers, making sure that they enjoy their meals from the minute they bite into them to when they’re about to leave. 

While you’re there, make sure to get the Philly cheesesteaks and even a few New Jersey burgers to start your day in the right direction. Alpha Dawgs’ objective is to promote customer satisfaction, and you can see that the second you walk in. From friendly services to delicious and affordable food, they continuously prove why they’re one of the best in the business.

6. Lee’s Kitchen

Looking for Jamaican food mixed with some good ole’ Southern home cooking? Then look no further than Lee’s Kitchen. Hidden in Raleigh Blvd, this small restaurant never fails to surprise and satisfy its locals. Although it may not be the most recognizable restaurant for tourists, it will be in the next couple of months. With its mouth-watering chicken and its flavorful ribs, you surely couldn’t make a mistake no matter what choice you make. Once you’re there, try out their Jerk Chicken or their Oxtails if you’re looking for some spice and flavor on your plate.

Getting your food to-go can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you have to wait through that incredibly long line just to take your pick. But getting them now wouldn’t be a problem, especially when Lee’s Kitchen has its special food truck! You can find their food truck just cruising down different parts of the city, so once you see that familiar yellow blocking your view, ready your wallets and tummies for the bite of your life.

7. Crawford and Son

Located in historic Oakwood, you surely wouldn’t miss one of Scott Crawford’s most popular restaurants. Its sleek black design and modern architecture can attract anyone from across the streets, almost fitting the historical venue. With his love for mixing and balancing the new and the old when it comes to both techniques and dishes, you’ll find that every bite you take here is unique and well-thought of. With its popular dishes like lobster chowder, celery root, and chicken jus, you’ll be finding a taste of home with every spoonful. Also, make sure to save room for dessert, because there’s a plate of sticky pudding waiting for you right by the end of it!

8. Guasaca Arepa & Salsa Grill

Sometimes, we tend to believe that tasty and healthy just don’t mix. Just the thought of broccoli and lettuce matching up to the likes of some good oily fries may be cringeworthy, but Guasaca finds a way to make everything work. Basing their dishes on South American cuisine, they offer something affordable and fresh out of the basket. This arepa and salsa grill offers the one bread you know and love–that’s right–arepa! You can have the freedom to choose your read-to-order arepas from the menu or make some yourself. If you have some creative kids on your sides, then they might be better off planning their own to satisfy the foodie in their hearts. 

It’s healthy and delicious, and it wouldn’t even puncture a hole in your wallet. It’s the perfect way to start the day off, so once you’re heading to the airport or the mall, be sure to grab some on your way.

9. Bella Monica

Nothing ever tastes as good as your grandmother’s cooking. There’s just something about the way she kneaded the dough and seasoned the bread that makes everything just right. You can’t copy it, and you certainly can’t buy it off the market. But maybe you can buy something extra similar. Corbett and Julie Monica had a dream–to celebrate their Nana’s memory by creating a restaurant that wholly embodies the homey atmosphere she gives and recreates the recipes she had made. There’s just a special type of comfort that greets you when you’re eating your Nana’s dishes, and you may be able to revisit those days as you head over to Bella Monica. 

Not only do they have the best pizzas and pasta, but they also have an even greater wine selection to match. A great place for families to reunite and for friends to hang out, this restaurant sends off that welcoming atmosphere that could just about warm everyone’s hearts as soon as they step in. There’s a reason why Bella Monica’s a crowd favorite, maybe it’s time you find out why.

10. Brewery Bhavana

Dim sum, desserts, and cocktails–the combination that no one had asked for yet everyone needs. If you’re looking for a little something that could please your taste buds yet not overwhelm your stomach, then their dim sum is perfect for you. When you’re there, you may find the menu a little bit overwhelming, given its limitless choices, so don’t hesitate to ask your server for their recommendations. However, you might want to try their Char Siu Bao and Jiaozi chicken dumplings. Not only are they hand-made every day, but they’re also served with some house dumpling sauce that you’ll grow to love. 

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Raleigh, NC

Have you already packed your bags and prepared a list as to where to go and eat? Brilliant! Now, a harder task is waiting for you in your next step–choosing your accommodation. Where you stay can make or break your trip. After all, you’d want to spend your night in a space you could actually relax in, right? Your hotel would be your home for the next few days, and you’d want something that could soothe you, not stress you out even further.  

Location is everything! One of the worst mistakes that travelers could do is to pick out a hotel that’s far from all the spots they want to go to. If you’re the type who never really minded the hustle and bustle, then you might want to pick out a place that’s in the center of all the places you have in mind. That way, you can save your wallets from that travel fee as well as save your sanity. From its location to the amenities that it offers, you deserve a relaxing spot to end your day, which is why we’ve also collected a list of luxury hotels that’s worth your check.

1. Mayton Inn 

As an artist, it’s hard to look for inspiration. That may be one of the reasons you’ve traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina. Home to great museums and even greater innovators and artists, you’re intrigued as to what this city has. Now, it’s more on figuring out where to stay. Lucky for you, the Mayton may fit your personality. This boutique hotel is not to be underestimated, because its 44 uniquely designed rooms or suites may pleasantly surprise you the minute you walk in. With neutral and colorful rooms waiting around your step, this hotel has it all! 

Not only will you be inspired by its set-up, but you might also fall in love with its location. Located at the center of different museums like the popular North Carolina Museum of Art and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, you’ll find yourself finding art inside and outside your rooms. By the time your stay has ended, your mind and heart would be bursting with creativity.

2. The Umstead Hotel and Spa

The city life can be exhausting, and you may find yourself wanting to stay away from the normal hustle and bustle you were used to. If so, you could turn to the right and see a hotel tucked away alongside Carolina pine trees, offering a space for peace and serenity for all its visitors. A way to escape, a way to relax, or a way to relieve–whatever excuse you may have in stumbling across their huge twelve-acre lakefront, you won’t be regretting a second of it. 

With its breathtaking views and even more beautiful interiors, the Umstead Hotel offers a different side of reality–one that embraces nature rather than act against it. Even your rooms have large windows to better display the natural beauty surrounding you. This romantic setup is perfect for any date you have in mind, plus, you might even enjoy some classy dinner at Herons. Their 2,500-bottle wine cellar is already waiting for you as we speak. 

There’s a reason why the Umstead was given five stars on its Forbes Travel Guide. Find out why by booking your stay. 

3. Hilton Raleigh North Hills

Just because you’re here for business doesn’t mean that your hotel experiences should be a drag. Find a place that could relax your mind and your briefcase, and that is exactly what Hilton Raleigh North Hills offer. Located right in the business district that’s a short drive away from the airport and the State Capitol, this hotel offers class and convenience with its location and its amenities. Enjoy their boating and sailing activities in their recreational center during your free time, or invite your own partners to the golf course. As they say, you work hard to play hard.  

However, just because Hilton is located in the business district doesn’t mean it should only be a place for entrepreneurs and managers. Its location is near Marbles Kids Museums and Raleigh Little Theater, allowing your kids to have some fun while you’re speaking to your investors. You may even want to take them to the PNC Arena at the end of your visit. While there are plenty of things to do inside the hotel, there are just as plenty of activities to do outside its walls too.

4. Aloft Raleigh

A stylish hotel for forward-looking tourists is a way that Aloft Raleigh markets itself to any potential tourists. This boutique hotel is located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, right across the NC State University, and walkable to Cameron Village, where you can do some shopping and some dining. If you aren’t looking to get a taxi to explore the Downtown area, then you could also enjoy their complimentary bike-share program. Grab your children and ride your bikes around the neighborhood. Once you’re exhausted from all that exercise, you can relax and recharge with their handcrafted cocktails and their lattes. Sometimes a little adventure goes a long way, and that’s what you’ll find here in Aloft. It’s a place where you can have fun and express yourself, so don’t forget that. 

Whether you’re running for your next meeting or are just waking up from that dreadful hangover, you’ll find that Aloft always has a special place for you.

5. Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

Downtown Raleigh is famous not just for its lovely art venues, but also its world-class museums, great Southern diners, and beautiful outdoor green spaces. If you’re looking for underground cocktail spots and underground breweries, then walking around town is the perfect place for you, especially if you’re looking forward to enjoying a good night with your friends. It’s where the parties are, which is exactly why Sheraton Raleigh Hotel is the place to be. Not only is it within walking distance to the bars, but also to all the art museums. Think of the hotel as a passageway to great parties and even greater memories. If there’s anything that this hotel teaches you, it’s that you don’t have to put a hole in your wallet just to have a good time. Company is always what makes your experience good or bad, but it’s the hotel that highlights your experience for the better.

6. Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel

The Triangle Area is a place for premier shopping, dining, and entertainment, and it’s one of the places that you should totally visit if you’re looking to spend your money for a good time. From the minute you’re strolling down the corridors, you’ll be seeing stores like Starbucks and the like waiting for you in every block. Your streets are always illuminated with popular brands and busy people, and if that’s the thing for you, then you’ll love Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel. The hotel has the location and the hospitality to make your stay memorable. If you’re readying yourself for a party, then you might find the Renaissance Ballroom fitting to your taste too. With its ability to fit around 600 people, you can finally have the wedding or the party of your dreams.  

Convenient, illustrious, and classic, the Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel would always be welcome to your needs.

7. The StateView Hotel, Autograph Collection

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere that’s slightly farther away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Somewhere you can walk around and bask in the peace and silence that the countryside offers. Did you know that you can have both? The city rush and the calming countryside? All you have to do is secure a booking at the StateView Hotel. Being a few miles away from the Historic Yates Mill County Park, with downtown attractions like the North Carolina State Capitol and the City Market near your reach, you can have the trail you’ve waited for. But don’t think the facilities aren’t enough to keep you entertained. With outdoor pools, fitness centers, and even bar areas, this hotel can keep you entertained within closed doors. So, rainy days certainly wouldn’t put a damper on your day.

8. Courtyard by Marriott Raleigh Midtown

If you’re a tourist, you may want to go to a place that’s a walk away from all the tourist destinations. If you’re bringing your parents along, they may tend to get more exhausted when it comes to walking a bit farther than just a few miles, which may put a damper on your days. That’s exactly why you look at the location, to prevent your exhausted faces from ever showing up in your family pictures. That is exactly what Courtyard offers–its convenience and its elegance. North Hills, Crabtree Valley Mall, North Carolina State University, Downtown Raleigh–you name it, it’s near the hotel. Not only will you finally be able to experience a refreshing start to your day by not waking up so early for a car ride, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the hotel’s amazing amenities while you’re at it too.

9. Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh 

Located in the Northern suburbs of Raleigh, Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh is located by the Crabtree Valley Mall, Downtown Raleigh, and the PNC Arena. With its location already right in the center of everything, you may think that the interiors are the most forgotten part of your visit, but the management made sure to keep everything under wraps. With large vanities, shower and tub combos, 24-hour snack markets, and even a lobby of computer servers at the hotel’s business center, you wouldn’t have any problem with having everything under wraps.

10. AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills

Also located at the heart of the Triangle Region, AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills already has everything on its list. Ever want to have a spa day with your girlfriends? Or are you ready to enjoy some upscale bowling? Have you ever dreamt of attending a few cooking classes? Then maybe this is just the hotel that you’re looking for. Experience a great combination of timeless designs and true authenticity as you admire its great interiors and detailed architecture. Spend a relaxing day inside and outside with your family, because you surely wouldn’t want to miss anything out. 

Top 10 Things To Do In Raleigh, NC

Now that you’ve ticked off the hardest parts on your guide, it’s time to switch on the track to something way more fun and exciting–actually planning out your itinerary! There are so many things to do in Raleigh, NC. You have museums that could boggle you and your kids’ minds. You have gardens and trails to calm the spirit inside you and for your long-awaited Instagram pictures. You even have some go-karts waiting for you right at the other end of Raleigh. However, with so many things popping up on your wall, it’s going to be so hard to just pick one right off the bat. And that makes the family voting so much harder. 

But that doesn’t mean you should go on that trip empty-handed. We know that a good trip wouldn’t be anything without building memories and pictures with your friends and family, which is why we made a list of our own. With museums, gardens, parks on our list, we certainly have a thing for everyone–yes, even your kids! By the time you’ve gone through with them, you would have everything checked out for the best vacation ahead. 

1. North Carolina Museum of Art

North Carolina Museum of Art is a public display of art’s importance in our society. For so many years, art had been merely thought of as pieces of beautification–one that is completely underestimated and put in the dark. However, in 1947, North Carolina proved them wrong when it had placed art first by appropriating $1 million for the purchase of these works of art. The first state who had ever used public funds because it had realized its importance, not just in beautifying the city, but in preserving the history and culture in every stroke the artist had done. 

Now, the NCMA still continues to acquire more artworks for their personal collection, while also providing its visitors new exhibitions every few months just to keep them up on their feet. Their recent exhibition would be “To Be Young: Coming of Age in the Contemporary” and the “Golden Mummies of Egypt”. It’s interesting how the former pays more attention to the narrative of society today while the latter concentrates on details from the past. The NCMA showcases that there’s art for everyone, even for you.

2. Visit the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve

Relaxing may be hard to do if your hotel is located in the middle of the city. The endless chatter seems to follow you around as you step out of the balcony and bask under the warm sunlight or cool air. However, maybe you can finally find peace in Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve. This 140-acre registered area offers trails for jogging and even studying nature. One of its interesting factors would be its great scenic overlooks, and excellent bird watching opportunities. It’s a perfect way to bond with your family, in silence and even in laughter as you hike up the trails and look around. 

There are three trails around the preserve–the Swift Creek Loop Trail, the Chestnut Oak Loop Trail, and the Beech Tree Cove Trail. Every trail would take you to a different part of the preserve–some to the creek, others to overlook, while others are headed to the parkland. Either way, you and your kids would surely be in for an adventure.

3. Visit the Marbles Kids Museum

If you’re out with your kids, they may get a little bored observing the wildlife and artworks all the time. They want something fun to do, and you want them to be educated in the process. Some may say it’s impossible to merge these two concepts, but Marbles Kids Museum believes otherwise. Opening its doors in 2007, they aim to wow the kids with their one million marble-filled walls, themed exhibits, and fun movies and documentaries. 

Not only can they have an opportunity to take a closer look at the insects, but they can also observe all the animal tracks along the way. If you’re looking for something that could get them to sit back and relax, then you’ll look forward to its 3D documentaries that could take your kids around the world without putting a dent in your bank account. Fun, educational, and affordable–a perfect place to take your kid.

4. Visit Pullen Park

Have you ever wanted to visit North Carolina’s first public amusement park? Then you’ll be happy to know that it’s located in the heart of Raleigh, NC. Although you may not be finding gravity-defying roller coasters just waiting for you right at the back, there are plenty of other things to do as soon as you walk down its trail. From colorful carousels, authentic train cars, and aquatic centers, your kids would be able to have the time of their lives. 

If they’re more on the artistic side, then you might even enjoy their arts center, where you’ll be able to learn pottery, jewelry making, and even bookmaking to widen your experiences. Enjoy a relaxing and fun day bonding with your family here.

5. Joel Lane Museum House

If you’ve listened to some history podcasts before arriving at Raleigh, you might already be familiar with who Colonel Joel Lane is. The Father of Raleigh had lived as a patriot soldier, a slaveholder, a Constitutional delegate, a judge, and even a university trustee. He fought for freedom and for rights, and you’ll finally be able to take a closer look into his life as well as the world of Revolutionary America upon entering his house. 

The Museum aims to bring American history to life by showcasing both its struggles and its victories during the revolution, emphasizing the life and times of Colonel Joel Lane and his enslaved workers. The house may not look as much, but the history it holds is infinitely priceless. Try giving it a visit.

6. Go to Historic Yates Mill County Park

Ever wanted to travel back in time? Well, you wouldn’t have to pay for a time machine upon entering the Historic Yates Mill County Park. Did you know that the Yates Mill had served as the county’s water-powered mill for more than 200 years? Not only was their mill important, but the ponds surrounding it were great for fishing, swimming, and even picnicking. It was the center for economic and social development during the colonial times, and through the years, the spirit of it was kept. 

Let your kids see how it’s like to live in the past as they witness the corn grinding process of Wake County’s last remaining gristmill. You certainly wouldn’t regret it.

7. Visit Juniper Level Botanic Garden

If you’re a plant lover, then you might want to take a visit in downtown Raleigh at the Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. This 28-acre field showcases more than 27,000 different kinds of exotic plants, a rare specimen of trees and shrubs that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Their philosophy is to promote botanical diversity by assembling the largest collection possible of growable plants in the region, and they’ve succeeded in doing so. Want a relaxing getaway while still following your plant life aesthetic, then taking a visit here wouldn’t hurt you at all.

8. Go to Triangle Rock Club

What started with marines who shared a love for adventure and climbing now became a facility where you can practice your mountaineering skills. If you don’t have any experience, then you don’t have to worry, because the Club has everything under control. They provide a one-hour course wherein they teach you the basics and help you get used to swinging along the ropes as you grasp one rock at a time. They provide all the tools, so all you have to do is listen and climb. Everyone deserves to have fun, which is why they’ve also partnered with Duke Adaptive Climbing to provide opportunities to individuals with physical disabilities in their area. 

If your family is looking for a great climb without ever having to face the disastrous elements of nature, then you might want to give Triangle Rock Club a visit. They even offer some fitness and yoga classes as a way to relax yourselves after that hard climb.

9. Rush Hour Karting

Rush Hour–the phrase that could render parents into a state of panic and anger. No one wants to get stuck at rush hour, especially if they’ve been looking forward to finally resting at home. But maybe Rush Hour Karting can change your mind. With this all-indoor, high-speed karting facility, they offer karts that can go almost about 40 MPH! If you think this right will span you just a minute of left and right, then you’re sorely mistaken. With around 1/3 miles of curves and turns, be ready to set your heart rates on fire with how fast you’re going. There are a few age restrictions concerning the adult drivers and junior racers, but if your kids meet all that, then you’re already in for a blast! 

If you’re getting bored with the karting, you may want to move over to their bowling alleys, mini-golf, and axe throwing. Release your anger in one swift throw, and hope that the blade actually sticks to the wall. Bring your friends over and have a round of adrenaline rush and laughter that could list you till the end of the night.

10. North Carolina State Capitol

The North Carolina State Capitol opened its doors in 1840, and it had been given many roles from the start of its opening. While some may see it as a building that houses the Governor, the Supreme Court, and the General Assembly, there are many more roles that some may have forgotten. For example, it had also become the center of military command during the Civil War, which later transformed to becoming a supply depot for bandages, haversacks, and uniforms. It had also witnessed multiple changes in the administration and in society. It saw how the African Americans had fought for their voting rights, how women fought for their full political rights, and how the civil rights protest also came to an end. 

Many fought, and they succeeded. Now, the North Carolina State Capitol stands tall. It shows how despite its many adversities, its structure remains strong, and its building remains tall. If you’re a history lover, then you might want to give this place a visit. 


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