Both you and your potential referral can earn up to $100 in savings.











How to Get Started

Step 1

Be a current or former client of Patriot Maids

Step 2

Tell the world (or your friends/family) about us and our wonderful service

Step 3

When your referral books online or over the phone, ask them to enter your name at checkout.

Referral Tier Levels


$50 for Them & $50 for You

When a referral books a one-time clean, both people will receive $50 credits applied to their accounts.


$100 for Them & $100 for You

If a recurring service is booked by a referral, they’ll receive a $50 credit applied to their account and you’ll get an extra $50 credit  after their 4th visit.

We try to keep it a simple process. When a friend enters your name at the time of checkout, you’ll get a $50 promotional credit applied to your account after their booking completes. An extra $50 credit will be added if they a book recurring maid service. 


Simply let your referral know to enter your name at checkout when scheduling a booking appointment.

When they successfully book a cleaning, you’ll get a credit applied your account.

Recap on Rewards:

If a one time clean is scheduled, they’ll get $50 off their first cleaning and you’ll receive a $50 credit in your account.

If a recurring service is book, they’ll get an additional $50 credit and you’ll an extra $50 credit after their 4th visit.

All clients are notified via e-mail or SMS for referrals.

Eligibility Requirements:

You must be a current client of Patriot Maids and your referral must be a new customer.